The different kinds of men you can bring back home


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Every woman wants her partner to be a perfect guy whom she could probably take home someday. There some kinds of attributes and qualities she would have set in her mind and some of those she is definitely looking out for. Especially when she thinks of a future with him. The first and foremost attribute in a man or a prospective husband is the fact on whether she can bring him back home or not to her family. She definitely wants someone who can fit into her family dynamics and of course there are many more to the list. At least in India, this is how it works. The guy has not only impress the girl, but also should be able to impress the family.

He should be well educated, well-groomed and he should able to convince the parents that he will take care of their daughter. So, there is basically a list of things that comes around this. So, today I am going to tell you the different kinds of men you can probably take home without being afraid of getting rejected.

Top kinds of men you can take back home

1The family man

The family man

Well, the first kind in the list is the man who can actually potentially take care of a family. Meaning, if your man likes to spend time and enjoys family time, then it’s a feather in the cap for you. If he is living with his parents and he enjoys that, then probably your parents will know that he will take good care of you as well.

A family man is someone who tends to respect the opinions of elders and takes their wishes and concerns into his mind as well. Your family will definitely be happy to see a man who doesn’t act all snorty but listens to elders. They will instantly like him for his character. A big, happy family is definitely a benefit, isn’t it?

2The passionate man

The passionate man

This kind of man is an interesting breed among the other kinds. Well, yes, you are going to be floored by him in front of your family and your family will see how much he loves you. Even without having to tell them, they will see how your future with him would be.

Passion is something that is very important in a person’s life and if the man is showing you enough passion and love in front of your family, then they will know that you and him are serious about each other. They will definitely be wowed by the way he treats you. Now that the world lacks enough passion and love would see a different and romantic story in the form of you guys. Your family will never be disappointed by a man who can make their daughter smile.

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3The hardworking man

The hardworking man

It is a known fact that a man who tends to work hard every single day will make a great husband. He will give out those vibes of a person who can ensure a stability in life for both himself and for you.

The hardworking, kind of a man will definitely meet your parents because he is sure about you and the fact that he wants to get married to you will be seen in his face because he doesn’t want to waste his hard work just for the heck of it. The man will be able to establish everything he has done in his life to your family easily. He is what he is today because of his commitment and hard work. Who wouldn’t like a person who is committed to his work and life?

4The funny man

The funny man

Let’s say that even if the man you are dating doesn’t have enough material up his sleeves, he will be funny and make you laugh all the time. Your family could have probably had a slight issue with his job, status and other things. But they will know that he is funny and takes life and things easily. Which means that, he will not quit and will try harder every time he fails.

Your dining area will never be boring or there will not be awkward silences at all as he will keep cracking good and funny jokes. He will be a jovial kind of man who will get along with the family easily. Though he will not be the best kind of man, he will not be a boring-stubborn person. Your parents will understand him if they love you enough.

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5The successful man

The successful man

Well, this goes without saying because some parents might look for a man with good financial background because they basically want to give their daughter the best. Most families in India look for a US background person only these.

The successful kind of man will not only be perfect fit for your family, but will also have a luxurious life. This will impress your parents and you don’t have to worry about financial needs also. The successful man will easily impress your parents with his stories on how he built his business or how many cars or houses he has got. This is enough way to impress your parents. He is the perfect kind of man you can take home and get immediate approval on.

Let’s face that only if you are serious about the person, you are going to take him home and yes, there is a bit of pressure on all of you’ll. But the above kinds of men are definitely better than creepy young age boyfriends. If your parents are open enough and if your man is kind enough, you are all in for a happy family.

-Pavithra Ravi

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