Top 15 Everyday Fashion Hacks


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Everyday Fashion Hacks

Every girl looks for easy tips and tricks to make their life easier, especially when it comes to fashion and style. Some life hacks really help you to save time and energy. When you are in a hurry and you tend to make some or the other mistake. In order to make your lifestyle more comfortable there are many simple ways. So here are some of the everyday fashion hacks for every girl.

Everyday Fashion Hacks

1Iron With Straightener

Iron With Straightener

A quick fix to iron your cuffs and collar is to use your hair straightener. It works just like an iron and takes absolutely no time. You can immediately look elegant in your formal wear.

2Ring for Zipper

Ring for Zipper

If you have a pair of pants or jeans that have a loose zipper this is a really good hack. Put a key ring to the hole in the zipper, then pull the zipper up. Get into the button and shut the button. This is just perfect.

3Tape it Up

Tape it Up

Sometimes a shirt just doesn’t sit right. If you have a gap between two buttons, you tend to feel uncomfortable. You can use a double sided tape. Just take a little bit of double tape and use it to seal the opened space between your buttons. You can also staple the space with stapler. This is one of the everyday fashion hacks every girl needs to know.

4Makeup Fix

Makeup Fix

Do you always get makeup on your clothes? Then here is a quick fix. Take a shoe bag, cut one side open, turn it inside out and put it on your face. This way you can wear your clothes without makeup getting on your clothes. When taking your clothes off, put a scarf or a napkin around the neckline and then pull it out. If you still do get a makeup on your top, wet the stain a little, spray some hair spray on it and scrub it. Once it is dried, you can see how the stain magically disappears.

5Say No to Tangles

Say No to Tangles

Does your necklace gets tangled, every time you put in your jewelry box? The easy way to prevent your necklace to get tangled is to put them in straw. Take a straw and insert your necklace from one end and then take it out and clip it. Now your necklaces won’t get tangled and you can keep your favorite necklace safe.

6Smooth Zip

Smooth Zip

Is your bag zipper getting stuck? The easiest way to get rid of zip getting stuck, is to use a candle. Take a candle and run it along the teeth of the zipper. After that, you can see the zip just slides smoothly.

7Tight Pants for You

Tight Pants for You

Now our bodies are in such a way that we automatically lose or gain weight. You have one favorite pant or jeans which you cannot put on because you have gained weight around your waist or stomach. Here is a simple hack. What you can do is grab a thin hair band, loop it through the whole of the pant button and then twist it two times. Wrap it again and there you go. You can know wear your tight jeans without buying a new one.

8Clean the Heels

Clean the Heels

Every girl wears heels. If you use them very often, the heels tend to get dirty from inside. Here is a simple hack. You can use a baby wipe and clean your heels from inside and there your heels will get the new look.

9Strapless Bra Hack

Strapless Bra Hack

Do you feel annoyed when you are wearing a strapless bra, but your bra just won’t stay up. So, all you have to do is take one bra strap. Some strapless bras have insert space. What you can do is insert the end of the strap from one side, put on your bra and once you have your bra on, you need to wrap it underneath your bra and attach it to the other side. This will help you hold your bra up.

10Bracelet Clip

Bracelet Clip

Every girl struggles to put on bracelets. What you can do is take a paper clip, insert it on one end of the bracelet and hold it with your fingers. In that way, you have your other hand free for putting on the bracelet all by yourself.

11Lost Earring

Lost Earring

If you ever loose the back of the earring, you don’t need to throw it. Grab a pencil and take the eraser from the back of the pencil. Push it into the back of the earring and you are all set.

12Sneak the Sneakers

Sneak the Sneakers

Every girl loves white sneakers. But the problem with them is that they get dirty very easily. What you can do is take an unused tooth brush and a tooth paste. Take the toothpaste on the brush and wipe the dirt away. Don’t use too much of it. Then use a wet wipe and clean the shoe.

13Stain Remover

Stain Remover

Does your deodorant always stain your top? Instead of dry cleaning it, you can hack it by rubbing it with a pair of jeans. Take the top which has the stain. Place it on a flat on an even surface. With a pair of jeans or denim pants rub vigorously till the stain fades. After the stain fades away, wash it.

14Seal the Thread

Seal the Thread

Sometimes you have these little threads sticking out of your shirt button. It really doesn’t look neat. Take a transparent nail polish and seal them. This is the best everyday fashion hacks which will make your life more smooth and easier.

15Roll the Clothes

Roll the Clothes

When you are traveling, you definitely want to enough space in your backpack. What you can do is, roll each and every clothing you wish to carry and then place it inside a zip lock bag. This will help you carry all the necessary stuff in limited space.