Tips to beat tiredness during post pregnancy


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post pregnancy

Post pregnancy can be a huge problem in most of the women. This could lead to so many things like depression, fatigue, feeling nausea and so many other unknown things. You may feel exhausted almost all the time because you are doing much more than necessary. It could look fistful, but you need not be bogged down by this. You can sleep, work, help your baby and do all this when you are close to your baby itself. You don’t have to be away or feel awkward at all about your situation. Sometimes, all you need is a lot of help from others, which you shouldn’t be feeling awkward to ask. So, here are some tips that we have put down for you on how to bear tiredness during a post pregnancy stage.

Ways to be Happy during a Post Pregnancy Stage

1It is fine to take time

It is fine to take time

A lot of new mothers make the mistake of trying to handle everything at once. This even includes, reducing your weight to fit into new clothes and everything. You need to be patient when it comes to post pregnancy stage because your body has gone through a lot of expansion and you don’t want anything more to happen. Don’t have a deadline for yourself. Don’t have multiple projects like cooking, making dinner, going out etc., for yourself. Relax and make sure your importance is only the baby at first. It is fine to stay behind and watch others caring for you. This way you will develop a good relationship with others and this will give you a lot of time to spend time with your little one and by yourself.

2Get cleaned

Get cleaned

A lot of women don’t try to clean them up. They become very tired from the feeding/changing, they forget to get cleaned up. You need to take a good and refreshing shower in the mornings. When you take a bath, it makes you feel fresh and not sleepy or droopy all the time. You might not have a 8 hour sleep cycle since the baby, so a shower can help you combat post pregnancy sleep deprivation. It is fine to be by yourself for a while in the shower. You can take the help of the father or your mother to take care of the baby until you come back.

3Sleep close to the baby

Sleep close to the baby

It works like magic when you sleep while the baby sleeps. Also, it also works wonders when you put your baby close to yourself while both of you sleep. It is proven that if you put your baby to sleep in the other room or if you try to put the baby in the bassinet, the chances of the baby getting up are more than usual. If you keep the baby by your side, even if she/he moves, you can pat and put the baby back to sleep. This way you get even more time for resting and sleeping. Nursing the child and taking care of the baby’s good night’s sleep will be one of the many ways in which you can have a happy and sound night without disturbance.

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4Think for yourself

Think for yourself

Just because the baby is born, it doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you have done till now. You can still work out things as per your wishes. You just need to think of ways in which you can get restored and accepted back. Post pregnancy stage gives you a lot of free time, so try to come up with a plan action where you can plan for your career as well. Think of all the good times you have had in your career. That will put you on track easily, and help you bend the rules and go for it faster. We are not asking you to concentrate less on the baby, we are only asking you to concentrate on yourself also. There is a huge difference between the two statements.

5Visitor management

Visitor management

You need to see new people apart from just your baby and family. So, invite people at home so that they can come forward and visit you and the baby. It is important to take ‘your’ time, but it is also important that you don’t cut ties with the outside world. Invite your friends so that they can see the baby and enjoy the time with you as well. You don’t have to stay away from everybody. Even that can make you feel nausea.

6It is fine to ask for help

It is fine to ask for help

When you have just delivered, there can be a lot of help requests that you may get. Your mother-in-law, your relatives, your mom and your husband! These are the 4 ties that you can ask your help from. Your mother and mother-in-law know everything about childcare because they have nurtured you, so take their help. You need your husband for support, no matter what. Your husband is concerned about you for sure, so if he wants to help in all this, take the help and don’t deny it. A good husband will go through everything his wife is going through, so don’t hesitate to take help from anyone around you. This is your time, so don’t bother about who will think good or bad about yourself.

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7Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

A lot of women deal with fatigue. So, taking care of yourself should be the first thing you do to yourself. It is like a reward, so don’t worry or feel sorry to take care of yourself. Nobody knows what will happen to the body, so if you take care of yourself, you will able to provide the comfort for your child as he/she grows up.

Having a baby can be really tiring and painful and you may be filled with emotions, but remember that post pregnancy situation needs you to take a rest and be calm about all of this. You can fight through this and still take good care of that little one.

Happy parenting!

-Pavithra Ravi

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