Tips to boost self-confidence before an interview


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It is actually difficult in finding the right job for a person. There is always conflict between the mind and the heart and most of the times, the mind wins against the heart. Even though your heart says that you are going to rock the interview, your mind is clouded with a load of judgments on how you will perform your interview. Your mind doesn’t let you give, you the selfconfidence during interviews at all, right? Buthey, don’t worry at all. Because, with all that comes the possibility of you rocking the interview no matter what. So, there are many people who actually think that self-confidence is all about control of your mind. Yes, it is the control but it is also about how well you control your own mind and bring it to senses.

A person’s life is stressful when it comes to attending interviews. You don’t know how the interviewers would be, you don’t know how they would accept you. And most of all, you don’t know what will happen to you if you don’t know the answers, right? You are scared of what will happen next if you start stammering in between the interview.

Well, there are so many people who end up getting scrummed to the pressure that they lose their speech in between the interview itself. Think about this, if you love the job you are interviewing for your dream job, you get tensed and screw up, how do you think you will achieve anything at all? So, we are going to give you some tips on how to boost your selfconfidence during interviews before you attend your dream interview.

Interviews Self Confidence Tips

1Nervous tics to be avoided

Nervous tics

Every person has different kinds of nervous tics. Some may end up biting their nails or some may even keep tapping their feet. Both these are signs that you are scared of the interview and that you are afraid of what is going to happen next.

So, you should always make sure that you keep these tics under control no matter what. All you have to do is change your thinking or channelize your thoughts into something else. Maybe, listening to good music may help or try reading some book before attending the interview. When you don’t keep your tics under control, the interviewer will easily find out that you are being scared and afraid of the interview. That is the first step of confidence loss your boss will see in you. So, make sure you don’t lose your tics in the first place.



When you go to the interview, the waiting area is a torture. Yes, we understand that waiting area can be very difficult and disturbing considering the fact that you might be sweating or you might probably be worried about what you are doing. So, it is very important for you to breathe.

Breathing exercise is nothing but, just breath in breath out that you have to do to release your bad energy and take in good energy. The level of anxiety will mostly be high, so most of the times you don’t notice that your brain thinks something but does not answer what it thinks.

That is one main reason why you are not able to answer properly. So, you have to take deep breathes and release the bad energy out. This will let your brain focus on what you want and release the toxic energy outside. That is why breathing in and out is considered very important during important decisions, anxiety or during anger.

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3Never over think

Never over think

Well, what will happen if you don’t do the interview well? You wouldn’t get the job! Big deal, right? We understand that it could be difficult for you to talk like that about your own job. But that’s what it is all about. It is just about the maximum thing that might happen to you. Don’t care so much for something so small. If you over think and over analyse your situation, you are bound to make so many mistakes on the run. You should learn to embrace the truth that you might not know everything in an interview. There could be certain things that you may be blanked out about which is totally Ok. So, don’t over analyse your capabilities when it comes to interviews.

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4Divert your mind

Divert your mind

It always helps for you to divert your mind when you are in stress. How to divert your mind? Listen to loud music or soothing music. Go for a walk before your interview, take pictures of things you think is beautiful. Or, simply just sing loudly in your car or when you ride to the interview place. It all depends on your mind and your thinking.

So, always try to keep your mind occupied with something else when it comes to attending interviews. If you keep thinking the same thing, your mind is not going to be any better at all. Remember that!

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5Practice in front of a mirror

front of a mirror

It is always important that you practice your answers loud and clear in front of a mirror. Why a mirror? Because, you should be able to see how you answer with confidence. The most difficult questions are always to be answered with a smile. When you smile, your selfconfidence increases. In fact, you just have to think about it as self-assessment. Mirrors are a great way of telling you what is right and what reactions are wrong on your face.

Self-confidence is all about what you feel about yourself. So, don’t worry about anything and just attend the interview as it is. Enjoy the interview and do well.

All the best!

-Pavithra Ravi

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