9 Different kinds of stages in a relationship


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Stages in a relationship

There are a lot of stages in a relationship that a couple has to undergo in order to find the true path of success. Well, these relationship stages may look nothing like you imagined at all. There are some of the traits in a relationship that holds it tighter and makes you stronger as a couple. You might have been in a lot of relationships but they may be different from one another. One experience is never the same as the other. These stages as a couple will prove your compatibility level and let you know if you are on the right path or not. So, are you wondering in which stage you are in? Then, come on give this article a read and find out the different kinds of stages in a relationship.

Top stages in a relationship that you and your partner are in

1Stage 1 – Infatuation stage

Stage 1 – Infatuation stage

As this marks the first stage in any relationship because it is the intense attraction and an uncontrollable urge to be with each other that binds the both of you. You are sexually attracted to each other and like the small things like cuddling, holding hands, kissing and mainly each other’s company. You are not giving each other’s flaws any attention at all. All you seek is the love and the immense fun, but more often oversee the fights and the mismatches. You are basically in denial at this stage and that is fine because everybody has to go through this tunnel to get to the other side.

2Stage 2 – Understanding stage

Stage 2 – Understanding stage

Here is where you start to get to know the other person better and more. You are a bit mature in the relationship and you get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. You talk and talk and talk to know each other and mainly have long conversations about the past, present and future. There are a lot of topics that can cover in this stage like family, exes, education, career, love, life, intimate secrets and so on. Your calls go up to late night and there is no regrets in this stage.

3Stage 3 – Disturbance stage

Stage 3 – Disturbance stage

This is the stage where you have disturbances with each other, that means that you are having your first set of fights now. This is not the time when you regret anything as yet, but you will have your first big fight. You may think like your world is tumbling down, but don’t worry because fights and arguments are a sign that you are growing up in your relationship together.

4Stage 4 – Opinion maker stage

Stage 4 – Opinion maker stage

This is where you understand and assume each other’s interests. Basically, you wouldn’t know what to expect before this, but when you come to this stage, you know exactly what your partner would want or desire on a certain thing or topic. You start to create opinions and judgments about each other in this stage. You start to presume each other’s commitment level, interest levels and if they fail to match, you tend to feel bad or depressed.

5Stage 5 – Molding stage

Stage 5 – Molding stage

This is the stage when you try to mould yourself for your significant other and fix things between the two of you. This stage is all about giving and taking. More than anything, it is about sacrificing and convincing each other that this is the relationship to each other. Your behavior during this stage will be a little delayed, meaning, you are trying to reach other to each other, so understanding is important in this stage. Don’t worry, you will get through this easily and you will cross it gloriously.

6Stage 6 – Happy stage

Stage 6 - Happy stage

If you cross all these five above stages, then you have survived your relationship. The molding stage teaches you patience, the opinion stage teaches you how to forgive and forget, the past. You will be able to satisfy each other’s wants and meet the expectations. This is the stage where everything is blissful and you are happy about the decision you have made about each other. This is mainly the stage when you feel like you have deserved the right persona at the right time for yourself. It is a state of attachment for you both and you feel connected to one another

7Stage 7 – Doubt stage

Stage 7 – Doubt stage

There is benefit of the doubtin every relationship. This relationship serves as a doubt stage where you tend to develop doubts about each other. This could be happening only when you are in a relationship for more years. Some doubts creep in along the road and you tend to not believe your significant other. Of course doubts depend on how much you trust or how much you don’t trust your partner. It also depends on how well you are in a relationship. There are a lot of doubts about various things like your exes, relationship doubts, whether he loves you anymore or not etc.

8Stage 8 – Sexual stage

Stage 8 – Sexual stage

This is where you both start to give more importance to sex than anything else. Your sex life is on a boom here. It could happen the opposite way also, you never know. You can either be too sexually oriented, or you may get disinterested in the sex too. You are bored of the mundane sex you have been having, so you end up looking for various ways to make sex more interesting and nicer for you. You find ways where you can get creative with sex. There is a constant search for something new in your partner and yourself. Sex can make you close enough or far from each other, depends on the couple that you guys are.

9Stage 9 – The complete trust stage

Stage 9 – The complete trust stage

This is the stage when you are able to completely trust the other person for whom he is and you are happy with what he has to offer you. There is unbreakable trust between the two of you, which makes you feel all the happier. You guys now trust each other 100% and don’t give up until you fight for your relationship. Here is where both of you are aware where your relationship is going and exactly how you want it to be molded. You are stable and take decisions together about your future.

While it is happy and colorful, there are chances that you may not take your relationship very seriously and may take it light as air. You may not consider each other’s feeling and the crazy love which was there in the first stage will be constantly missed. This is very common, so you should know ways to make your long term relationship interesting and exciting.

-Pavithra Ravi