Reasons why he is distant in the relationship


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Distant in Relationship

There could be many reasons why your man isn’t feeling manly enough. Yes, it could be because of the relationship, because of something that he has been feeling or something to do with his appearance. There is not just one reason or one particular way you can find out about it. There are many reasons and they can be frustrating for the man himself. These are definitely nothing to do with you or your love. You might not be the reason why he is infuriated, angry, irritated and distant from you. If you still want to know why guys are distant in the relationship, then here are some of the top reasons that are on the top of every relationship.

When you find out that he is being distant in the relationship, the best thing you could possibly do is to just let go for a while and let him feel the peace. You may think that your man is the rock of the relationship and he should be handling everything. But remember that they are also people who wouldn’t be a superhero all the time. They need some space and they need to also breathe fresh air every time. There is no pressure to make him understand or make him answer why he is like this. Instead, just be normal and let go of all this. If he is distant, he shouldn’t be disturbed with bombarding questions. So, here are some reasons why is he probably distant in the relationship.

Reasons Why He is Distant in the Lovely Relationship

1He needs some breathing space

He needs some breathing space

Every man needs to breathe a little bit. Yes, he needs some breathing space in his life because all he sees is you and you only. Maybe this is because, you end up spending every day together. You wake up together, you eat, sleep, play, watch TV and do everything together. You might indirectly not be able to detach yourself from him. That is one main reason why he is probably feeling suffocated. Do you both keep chatting with each other till your fingers hurt? That could be the reason. Give him some time to be alone. Let him be separately independent for a while without having to impress you every single time. He may need a day or a weekend without you. Men tend to get easily bored and irritated than women. So, give him the much needed space and you take one too, so that your relationship will start looking nicer once you get back.

2Maybe he is with family

Maybe he is with family

You never know why your guy is being distant in the relationship. It could even involve spending time with the family. Some men don’t mind spending time with the family and not texting their respective girlfriends. That doesn’t mean they don’t love the girl in their life. It just means that they also value family as much as they do value love. This could happen mostly when they are with their parents or their family that too during the holiday season. India is a bundle of traditions and you can’t skip that at all. May be, he is spending time at his granny’s place and he is meeting a couple of his cousins. Leaving him alone or maybe letting him be himself for a few days during the holiday season isn’t wrong at all. He will value you more once he gets back.

3He just doesn’t want to talk

He just doesn’t want to talk

There are some men who tend to not want to talk. No, this isn’t on purpose, but they just don’t want to talk about anything or anyone for a while. They prefer and want to be left alone and not be disturbed with questions. Maybe, your boyfriend is just going through a phase where he just doesn’t want to talk about anything. These guys are generally very distant at this point of time. But don’t worry, they will come around of course. So, just wait for the right time and the right place. You will feel lonely for a bit, but that’s better than fighting over this issue with the guy, right? So, just chuck the feeling and you are happy and lonely for a while too.

4He is probably jealous

He is probably jealous

Having you been with your girl friends lately not giving your boyfriend the much needed attention? Well, that could be it! There is nothing more to this than the feeling of jealousy. May be your guy is feeling really left out and feeling jealous in his heart, but doesn’t want to tell you. Maybe, you haven’t given him enough attention or maybe you are trying to distance yourself in the relationship but failing at it majorly. So, all you need to do is, talk to him and ask him what is wrong. Maybe, he will open up once you get to talk to him.

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5He is just busy

He is just busy

Work could be a pain in the wrong place sometimes. Yes, he could just be busy and he is avoiding you because he doesn’t want you to know that he is busting at work. There could be many reasons why he isn’t answering your call when he is at work. So, don’t tense yourself up because work comes as a priority to any man. So, if he is busy, just leave him a message and get going with your life.

Remember that guys don’t want to be alone or distant at all. It is just a phase and they will come around definitely for you. So, stay put and tight. It’s all going to be fine!

-Pavithra Ravi

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