Ways to console your friend post a break-up


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Breakup Issues

Everyone’s been there, done that and gone through major breakup issues, but it just matters how you get out of that and make a good come back, personally. It might be the number of times you cried, or the ways you have tried to get out, but until and less you talk it out, there is no closure or clarity. When you have broken up, it truly feels like someone has reached through your throat, gone inside and taken out the tiny little thing – heart, and hit you right in your face for being a jerk! Everybody has had a fair share of post a break-up depression.What can keep you from crying the entire day and be a great charmer? Definitely none other than your friends. They are the true people who know everything about you and your relationship.

Is your pally-dally going through something like this? Be a good friend and just listen to her. If your friend is going through a break-up, know this: your presence and support is invaluable. Breakups are hard to deal with by yourself, which is why you’re there for your broken-hearted BFF. Are you expected to solve all her relationship problems? No way. Should you tell her that all men are dogs and that he didn’t deserve her anyway? Nope. It’s better to let your friend figure these things out on her own. Spreading a negative energy about the ex may turn both ways – Negative or positive. So, you have to choose words! . You can eat bad-for-you snacks with her. You can make this miserable time way more bearable by doing other things together. Is your friend going through a ba-haad time, then go ahead and do these things to cheer her up.

Post Break-Up Consoling Ways

1Zumba fun-

Zumba fun

It is always best to divert her mind and for sure, some fun for you. You can always enroll your friend into a zumba class you have been wanting to join for a long time. Try to get her into doing some action. Dance, is an amazing way to achieve that. Your friend may not want to at first, but force her into getting a great pair of zumba danceshoes and you will see her joining you soon. Yoga can be a great relief too. But since yoga is silence, her mind might not be diverted that early. One of the best ways to forget something is to have a new obsession with something innovative, interesting and energizing. Dancing can achieve that for you!

2Movie marathon-

Movie marathon

Movies can be a great release of emotions. You should always try to pick a good comedy-drama movie, which will help your friend switch her mood and emotions. A good-old comedy movie with a laugh of fun intended jokes and sarcasm, can be a great watch. Or if you are looking at encouraging the breakup, always make her watch a movie that has a good energy about breaking up with the wrong guy. This will help her realize her decisions. It is also apt to make her watch some feminist movies where the protagonist can shine, love, breakup, rise again to be a single and an amazing person. Sometimes, movie marathon can be a great way to keep your friend, off the same topic.

3One day trip-

One day trip

Plan a one day tripto some place she has always wanted to go. Try to map things like what she wants to see, what she wants to eat and where she wants to go. Just oblige. Take her, be a good friend and enjoy one day’s fun.

4Let her cry- It is Okay!-


It is okay if your friend is going to, crib, whimper, cry, wallow. It sure is allowed when it comes to breakout emotions. Don’t tell her to stop crying. Let her talk whatever she has in mind about her ex. Just listen, console, listen and repeat. It is always a good thing to listen to what she has to tell. You can add your 2 percent talk in between, but it is still okay to keep mum when she cries. Never add your negative thoughts already, because it is going to only upset her more or you do not even know if she will stay broken up. So you do not want to add oil to the burning fire.. It feels amazing to vocalize our hurt feelings, so give her the green light to do so if she wants.



It is always good to binge on food after a breakup. It feels nice, so let her do that. Let her just binge on whatever she wants. There will be a break-even-point when she might realize about the amount of food she has been eating. Until then, help her and accompany. Order a giant pizza on a Friday night and share or do a lot of restaurant hopping. A Cheese dripping pizza can do the magic. Order something that will take you through a guilt trip later. But for now, just concentrate on the big pizza that you will have for your friend. Read magazines, sip on some cold drinks and enjoy the food binging marathon with a couple of movies .

6Keep her away from harsh decisions-

harsh decisions

Share a few drinks with her. Sometimes a few pegs of wine or vodka wouldn’t hurt but that would be only if you think your friend can manage. But the problem with drinks could be the intensity it creates once you are a little tipsy, and makes them do stupid things like calling up the ex, or abusing the guys. Don’t let your friend do this! If you catch her trying to contact her ex, do your best to dissuade her. Obviously, she’s a big girl and can take care of herself, but you can be her guardian angel while her defenses are down



Shopping is an amazing way to take off your mind from something and invest in something else – Oh yes, dress, shoes, accessories, bag, junk and what’s not? After breakups, sometimes it just feels good to reinvent ourselves, even if it’s ever so slightly. A new shirt or pair of jeans can make her feel like an entirely new person. So, go ahead and shop for her and if something looks good on you, sneak in some clothes for yourself also!

8Tell her nice things-

Tell her nice things

This is when she wants to hear good things about her. After breakups, you need to pamper your friends. It is like pampering a kid after her first few achievements. This is such a situation where you need to spell out the beans for her and make her feel good and relive her memories with you. Tell her she is awesome and that she would stay awesome for all her decisions. Tell her not to forget that about her. It is nice when someone gives importance to you, so every time you see your friend bogged down, it is okay to tell her what you feel about her and her decisions.

It is always a nice gesture to be a helping shoulder to your friend when she is in need. This is when she knows that you really care for her. This is when she knows there is someone out there to at least mend things a little. Be the guardian angel and help her get out of the pain she has been going through.

-Pavithra Ravi