10 Amazing Ways To Disconnect With Makeup And Still Look Flawless


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Everything matters for a woman to look flawless. Her skin, outfit and attitude which cannot be bought. We also cannot say that you must be inculcated with these qualities or features. It comes with the practice and preparation. So, how well you are preparing yourself to look flawless?

The natural beauty is the real you. When you choose to look beautiful naturally, you can stay away from makeup. You must choose natural glow and no makeup look which saves you from side effects of cosmetics.

No makeup look is highly beneficial as you can save your time. It is also a pride of your natural beauty. Even to elevate your natural beauty, you need minimal makeup like kajal, lipstick and eyeliner. Of course! You need to protect your skin and applying moisturizer is not a part of makeup.

How to Look Flawless Without Makeup?

1. Wear best accessories

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You can wear accessories and make yourself look flawless even without makeup. The accessories elevate your natural beauty. Some of the accessories can be beauty enhancing which suits you. Also you should go with such pairing of accessories and outfits which can blend well. You will love your whole appearance with natural look and simple outfit with accessories. You also have the accessories which are trending and fashionable accessories to look flawless without makeup. Your ornaments, jewelry can win over your the makeup look.


  1. Minimal accessories for simple and classy look
  2. Go with statement jewelry

2. Get the Natural Glow

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You need to prep your face and then you can set it beautiful for longer time. Once you stop taking care of your skin, you will need the help of makeup. So, try to get the natural glow and also maintain the glow. You will need minimal makeup or just a sun screen lotion when you have natural glowing skin.


  1. Exfoliate your skin twice a week
  2. Moisturize your skin once a day
  3. Apply sun screen lotion to protect from heat
  4. Follow the home remedies like face packs

3. Keep Smiling

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You do everything to look pretty but forget to smile. If you not looking pretty when you look yourself in the mirror, then smile wide. Nothing can match the prettiness that comes with the smile. Your flawless skin and beautiful outfits with accessories comes next and smile comes first.


  1. Have that friendly smile
  2. Wear that wide smile
  3. Stay happy to smile naturally

4. Sleep well

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You keep on working all the day by stressing yourself physically and mentally. So, you need to rest your body and mind to look beautiful. Remember that it is impossible to look beautiful with dull and sleepy face. It is a need to have sufficient sleep to function normally. So, see that you sleep well and get that natural glamour. Lack of sleep can lead you to problems like hair fall and dull skin.


  1. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep
  2. Sleep in night hours than in day hours

5. Healthy Diet

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You need healthy diet to look pretty. You should not wonder, if they are is a direct link of diet and beauty. The unhealthy food like junk, fired and fatty food can make you feel heavy. It also indirectly and gradually effects your body and skin. So, you need to take care of your daily diet.


  1. Add fruits and veggies to your diet
  2. Eat dry fruits and nuts
  3. Go for low fat and low calories food

6. Burst your stress out

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You get stressed with daily tasks at home and work. But you need to recharge yourself with some cool and fun activities. You can do anything that makes you happy. You can travel or party with your friends to take off the stress. Have some quality time with your family or go for long trip. Watch movies and play games, you have many more fun activities to do.


  1. Do not over think
  2. Do not bottle up your feelings
  3. You need to meditate
  4. Take a break form your busy schedule

7. Self love

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Self love is first and foremost for any person. Until you love yourself, you cannot appear naturally beautiful. You get self confidence with self love and it is the best way to live your life to the fullest. Self love can make you feel complete and happy. Self love can keep health conscious and beauty conscious which is important for you as a woman.


You need self motivation
Think you are unique
Realize that you deserve the best

8. Do a suitable haircut and hairstyle

Don’t you think, your haircut and hairstyle can make you look better? Hope your answer is YES!

So, you need to have a perfect and well suited haircut and hairstyle to look pretty without makeup. You can also go haircuts and hairstyles that can make your face look younger. Hair lets you play as you want and it is a versatile property to look naturally beautifully.


  1. Go for the haircut which suits your face shape
  2. Do the hairstyle that matches up your outfit

9. Be well dressed

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Choose the perfect outfit that is suitable for particular occasion. See that your outfits are comfortable all the day. You can prefer the colours trending clothing colours. Also mind dressing with dignity and classy styles. The outfit you carry makes you look pretty and so you are asked to choose a comfortable outfit.


  1. Colours that suits you
  2. Outfits that fit you perfectly

10. Stay fit

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You need to stay fit to look beautiful. Fitness is not just about your size and shape but it is being physically fit and energetic. Maintain the fitness that can keep confident and naturally beautifully. If you want to get into shape, you can work on safe ways like physical exercises, proper diet plans.


  1. Sweat out
  2. Stay hydrated

You can make the best and flawless appearance without makeup. You may need minimal makeup just for enhancing your beauty. Learn to prettier naturally from these tips. We always say and believe that natural beauty is real!

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