Top 10 Wedding Night Lingerie Options for Bride

Wedding Night Lingerie

It’s not every day that a woman gets married. And after that hectic marriage ritual, you are going to start packing for your honeymoon. The first thing every woman searches for is a perfect lingerie for her special night. Packing for a honeymoon is not simple. You have to make sure you don’t pack unnecessary stuff. When it comes to wedding night lingerie, it should make you feel sexy and beautiful. Always choose a well-fitted lingerie which will set that stage for romance. A lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes for all different sorts of women. So here are some of the best options for your wedding night lingerie.

Wedding Night Lingerie



A babydoll is a loose fitting shoulder style that is normally worn as a nightgown. It is made with the flowy comfortable material. The baby doll is sweet and sexy at the same time. This can be a slightly sexier option for all brides for their wedding night lingerie. A Hollywood baby doll nightie is white and lacy. It is a short length and high slit which adds spice and allure. You can also pair some cute panties with your lingerie to look sexier.



It is a one piece garment that is quite like a short dress. It is very similar to a baby doll, but a chemise is more fitted. For plus-sized brides, a Natori chemise is a good option. The chemise is lightly blushed pink and has trimmed black lace.

3Lace Bra

Lace Bra

It is not compulsory that your wedding night lingerie has to be a nightgown. It can be a sexy pair of bra and panty. For any bride who wishes to feel beautiful inside-out, lace lingerie sets are the best choice.

4High Cut thongs

High Cut thongs

This is a must lingerie every bride needs to carry for her honeymoon. This underwear piece is the best choice when wearing under the tight-fitting clothing of any kind.

5Pyjama Set

Pyjama Set

It is not necessary to wear sexy lingerie on your wedding night. Some like to be simple. For them, the best choice is cute frilly shorts with a t-shirt or button-down in a loose cut. You will feel comfortable yet sexy.



A corset is the latest sexy garment that exists!! However, a corset will only emphasize your curves and make you look like a bombshell. You can buy a plain black satin corset or a flowery piece. You will surely make your guy fall for you on your wedding night.

7Lace Stockings with Belt

Lace Stockings with Belt

If you like experimenting or you want to blow his mind, stockings and a garter belt are just for you. This is actually every man’s fantasy. So why not surprise him on your wedding night?

8Satin Lingerie

Satin Lingerie

Satin is one such luxurious fabric he will surely love as it is very silky and soft. When choosing a satin inner wear, always choose darker colours. Dark shades in satin will double up the sexiness without any effort! You can also wear a satin robe to look perfect.

9Silky Robe

Silky Robe

A soft, silky robe is a must for staying comfortable on any honeymoon vacation. Whether you choose a classic black silk, sweet pink lace, or a warmer plush robe, you’ll have a perfect lingerie to wear after you take a shower. Robes are also the perfect choice when you are wearing a sexy lingerie piece for the first time. You can also wear the robe on top of corset or chemise.



Buying a tight-fitting, lace trimmed camisole is a good choice for wedding night lingerie. You can buy either a nude or pink color. It will look great on its own. You can also wear it as underwear with sheer tops.


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