Unexpected Mistakes In Yoga


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Unexpected Yoga Mistakes

Yoga is one of the most awesome activities to lose weight and be healthy. But remember that, you have a mat and know some yoga poses, doesn’t mean that you are doing it right. So, are you spending more time in working out but without any effect and thinking about the routine about the yoga regime? Is it effecting properly on your body? Are you worried about making mistakes in the yoga, and dragging your fitness? Then, here are some unexpected yoga mistakes, that is holding your fitness, and need the change immediately.

Some Yoga Mistakes

1Making Assumptions

Making Assumptions

It is for sure that you know your body well, than anybody else. But, you must always listen to your instructor, while working on any pose. As it can help your body. Assuming, whatever you can as well as can’t do, can be harmful for the body. Your instructor knows, what is doable for your body and what is not.

So, by just seeing the pose, you might think that you can’t do that, is wrong. You have to try at least, once in the expert guidance to know your capability as well as learning new things.

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2Holding Breath

Holding Breath

Holding your breath or breathing typically can be one of the most crucial parts in yoga. While working on a challenging pose, breathing comes naturally, as without oxygen, your muscle won’t get fibers, that they need to fire, as well as support the body weight and blend. This improper breathing during a yoga pose can also result in wobbly limbs. Some experts also say that while doing yoga, you must inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.

3Not respecting the body

Not respecting the body

This can also mean a whole lot of different things. In yogait means, taking a yoga class, that is too much intense for the body. Maybe, it can be pushing through postures, that don’t feel good in the body. It can also mean, that you are overworking or ignoring a injury, or even not hydrating or fueling your body properly for the preparation of the yoga classes.

When you are able to learn as well acknowledge and work within the current limits of your body, you can give yourself, the freedom to explore as well as practice with much intense depth and complexity that you can even overshadow a fancy yoga pose.

4Comparing with others

Comparing with others

You might find one super flexible yogi, who can seem to effortlessly master all the moves. But, remember to fight that urge you have to compare yourself with that person, because comparison can get you tripped in front of everyone else, and also helps in getting a crick in the neck. You are most likely to get fractured, and think that yoga is not something that’s made for you. Always remember that everyone is different, and yoga is all about training the individual body.

5Skipping Savasana

Skipping Savasana

In the oldest text of yoga, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, describes all the benefits of Savasana, that is, it can remove all the fatigue that is caused from the other asanas or poses, inducing calmness. In this place of the practice, most of your physical effort, you had put forth weaves into the vital layers, and make Savasana, something to look forward to at the end of the practice.

6Picking up the wrong spot

Picking up the wrong spot

How do you know that you are in the wrong spot in a yoga class and where exactly is the right place? Then the suggestion is the spot at the back of the class. Why? It is because, mostly you think that by being in front, you can see the instructor. But do you know, that most of the time the instructor is moving around correcting and helping other people form. So, by standing in the front you may be left behind, as you will be unable to see what you are supposed to do. The back spot can also make you, someone to follow over the side.

7Working with full stomach

Working with full stomach

In this case, you must remember that working out or doing yoga in a full stomach, can harm your body. A Full stomach can not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also the blood supply is funneled to the stomach to process the nutrients, from the food, which leaves the muscles shortchanged on the energy that they need for a successful practice. So, it is better to eat an hour before the class, as it can help in keeping the portion down, and can also help to deliver the nutrients to the muscles, before the strike of the first pose.

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