Ethnic Bridal Wear Of Kashmiri Pandits

Bridal Wear Of Kashmiri Pandits

Kashmir is the most beautiful place in India. It is also known as heaven on Earth. Kashmiri women are the most beautiful women of our nation. They have an “English blush and appearance behind their Eastern tan”. The hair shade of ranges from a brilliant red to brunette and eyes from blue, green, light black to even dark. The Kashmiri women help their men in shawl making, weaving as well as in many different craft works. Kashmiri wedding bridal costumes, or bridal wear of kashmiri pandits is usually a collection of the pheran, which is a long detached outfit, that hangs down beneath their knees. A white turban is being tied on the head, a tight shalwar and trim less shoes called Gur Gabi. A white material is clung to their shoulders like a stole.

Just like Kashmir, bridals are also extremely popular, stunning, and exquisite and they wear a true traditional dress for their wedding. Wedding dresses of Kashmir, are exceptionally popular throughout the world, particularly in India as well as Pakistan. Kashmiri brides often wear the weaved Shalwar Kameez, which is remarkably jazzy due to the adorned work done on them. Lhungi, Palav, Taranga, Pheran are some of the famous wear because of its bewildered, and dazzling weaved work and paint. These are some of the Ethnic Bridal Wear Of Kashmiri Pandits, that even you can try for your wedding.

Groom and Bridal Wear Of Kashmiri Pandits

Groom and Bridal WearThe traditional wedding attire or bridal wear of kashmiri panditsis called pheran. The groom in the wedding, wears a tweed pheran and a sword in his waistband and jootis or shoes in his feet. Grooms headgear is basically a turban (Gorda star) to which a peacock feather has been tied with a golden thread.

The bride’s pheran is made of the raffle, with ari or hook embroidered at the neck, cuff, and the edges. Over the kalpush, a long piece of starched as well as ironed snow-white cloth, which is about three centimeters in width and two to two-and-a-half meters long, is wrapped at the forehead in three to four layers. A zoojh or a white scarf is then wrapped over the kalpush and then it covers the 50 percent of the head from the back.

The bride's pheranThe scarf is then left hanging on the back of the head, to the braid till it reaches below the shoulders. It is basically made of fine cotton or even silk on the two sides and consists of silk or cotton net in the middle. The edges are very elegantly embroidered with golden as well as silk threads. A glazed paper is wrapped over this headgear and then stitched from behind. Over the glazed paper, a white transparent sheet of slolite paper is placed which is about the same width as that of the inner glazed layer and then stitched on the sides near the back towards the braids.

This slolite paper is generally placed with another piece of starched muslin cloth, called pooch, covers 60 percent of the headgear from the back, leaving 40 percent of the front open. This cloth is then left loose from the back reaching up to the knee joint or sometimes even lower, where it has the free end and is appropriately bifurcated as well as curled separately. Two all-pins with black and golden heads are then fitted into the headgear. The entire head attire is called tarang. Haligandun, having its loose ends embroidered, is tied to the waist of the bride. A best bridal wear of kashmiri pandits

Fascination For Gold

Fascination For GoldKashmiri women, mostly, have so much love for the gems that the headgear, ears, necks and arms flicker with shine. The Hindu women’s wear a dejharoo, a couple of gold pendants, that generally cling on a silk string or a gold chain which passes through the openings in the pierced ears at the top end of the flaps. The dejharoo is the mangal-sutra or bridal wear of kashmiri pandits. The entire Kashmiri wedding bridal costumes give the most masterful impact on the presence of Kashmiri ladies.

For the past years, a considerable change has been seen among the dressing sense of these Kashmiri women. Churidars, saris, shalwar kameez, as well as pants, are becoming the mainstream, yet none of these wears have a place with to the extent of the pheran. The bridal wear of kashmiri pandits, one thing is very basic i.e. their appeal for the decorations. With an awe inspiring decoration, the women of Jammu & Kashmir love to wear the headgears, pieces of jewelry, arm flickers, and hoops. An extra adornment for a pandit women might be “Dhareejo” which is a mangal-sutra for them.

Handloom For Wedding, A Tradition To Cherish Forever


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