20 Gorgeous Indian Hairstyles For Women Of All Ages


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Indian Hairstyles
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In a Country that holds the highest number of miss world winners in the world, beauty doesn’t have to be hard to find. Indian ladies are known all over the world for their looks and style. Especially the way Indian women wear their hair has inspired so many artists and fashion houses. A beautiful hairstyle can increase your overall appeal and make you look even more polished and smart. If you are wondering how to achieve the best Indian Hairstyles and how to pair them with different outfits, then your worry ends here.

We have for you, a list of some of the best and gorgeous Indian Hairstyles for women of all ages, and we tell you exactly how to pair them with different outfits and style. Read on to know more.

20 Gorgeous Indian Hairstyles For Women

1. The Classic Bun With Flowers

The Classic Bun With Flowers

This is one hairstyle that we have seen our mothers, sisters and elders sport on each and every important occasions. This hairstyle is the definition of effortless class. It is so easy to make yet it looks absolutely amazing and goes with anything you want to wear. Pair it up with a bunch of gajra or a nice red roses bunch on the side and you just cannot go wrong with this one. Definitely one of the Best hairstyles for Indian women.

2. The Side bun

The Side bun
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A little twist to the classic Indian hairstyle of bun with gajra, this is a great Indian hairstyle to sport with western wear, kurtis and even sarees alike. The side bun can be made more sophisticated with a nice french braid on the sides of a nice twisted section of our bangs pulled backwards and pinned up real low. Make use of this chic side bun hairstyle at your friend’s wedding or at a college function to look smart and yet classy and chic. Best Indian Hairstyles for a fashionable look with less effort.

3. The Messy Bun

The Messy Bun
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Well, this one is our hands down favorite just because it has a really chic vibe attached to it. What can be better, it is even more simple to make than the normal bun. It does not require precision and finishing touches. The messier you tie it the better it looks. Don’t forget to texturize your hair a little before tying this bun and this bun will look very professional and will also help ladies with silky soft hair to make it look messier.

4. Ringlet Bun

Ringlet Bun
Image Source: pinterest.com
Ringlet Bun
Image Source: pinterest.com

If you are looking for a hairstyle for an important function like your brother’s wedding or your own even. This can be a perfect Indian hairstyle for women with long hair. A nice bun with a classy twist of the perfectly crafted ringlets. This hairstyle will require salon professional’s help and cannot be done on your own. This hairstyle gives a very clean look and can be a perfect way to style your sangeet lehenga or cocktail gown for the evening party. This is one hairstyle that makes your hair look really pretty and it can completely glamourise your simple outfit and look.

5. The English Updo

The English Updo
Image Source: pinterest.com

Are you wearing a cocktail gown on your engagement? Or a nice indo western like a cape lehenga and you are totally confused as to what to pair with your most perfect looking outfit? Well, your search ends here, this is definitely one of the best looking hairdo to pair with a gown. Although this is not a traditional Indian hairstyles, but it looks equally amazing on the traditional Indian clothing. This is one of the most Beautiful Hairstyles that suits all face types and looks absolutely stunning on every dress.

6. The Indian Braid

The Indian Braid
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A simple braid is our go to hairstyle. It is simple it is cool and it is definitely one of the most comfortable and yet gorgeous Indian Hairstyles of all times, In the southern part of india this is an absolutely favorite bridal hairstyle. It is considered as one of the best hairstyles for Indian brides since it can be very easily dressed up with embellishments and flowers etc. The Indian braid hairstyle is also a perfect option on days of frizzy and puffy hair. Just tie them up in a twist and in the few hours your hair will also become more manageable.

7. Braid With FLowers

Braid With FLowers
Image Source: pinterest.com

Gone are the days when putting flowers on the braid was only for older ladies. These days women experiment with their braid and flowers look so much and the results are amazing. Be it the full entwined floral net embellishment or just small spurts of floral bunches. It looks absolutely stunning either ways. Even single flowers like jasmine will also look nice in your braids. Don’t be shy to experiment, they will look absolutely cute and chic. Pair it with your recent anarkali or even a palazzo pant and kurti, it will look equally great.

8. The Fishtail Braid

The Fishtail Braid
Image Source: pinterest.com

For women who have thicker hair, a normal braid can look too simple and flat. So, for such ladies we suggest instead going for a fishtail braid. The fishtail braid is a simple to make Indian hairstyles for girls with long and thick hair. This braid looks really good with western outfits and indo westerns.This adds a subtle charm and delicate beauty to your face. If you have a simple dress and want to really keep your hair as the attraction centre, make this simple indian hairstyle and pull your braid front from one side.

9. The French Braid

The French Braid
Image Source: pinterest.com

One of the most chic hairstyles in the list is this simple french braid. If you are wearing a long maxi, or an indigo kurti, with some bulky silver jewellry and nice bold kajal eye, there can be no other hairstyle that looks as good on you as the french braid with this ensemble. There is something about this hairstyle that screams ‘Bohemian’. This may look extremely complicated but actually is a really simple hairstyle to make. Use it in your parting and your hair will look even more bulkier and thicker.

10. Ponytail

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you love simple hairstyle you probably love this one to bits already. There can be no better way to amp your look in a way like a ponytail does. It is simple and yet classy. Especially for women with sleek long hair who want to wear a traditional silk saree this can be a great option

11. Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail
Image Source: pinterest.com

Ladies who love wearing bold smoky eyes, this can become their new favorite hairstyle. A messy ponytail is great to be paired with bright and loud makeup since it itself is very glamorous and classy. A nice little black dress or a simple white kurti too can be great to be worn with this hairstyle. This can look really great for college functions or new years eve party.

12. High Ponytail

High Ponytail
Image Source: pinterest.com

Nargis Fakhri shows us how to pair the perfect saree with a high ponytail. Well, we didn’t think it would look as good but believe your eyes. She looks absolutely amazing and we can’t wait for you to try it on and let us know if it worked for you too. We also love High ponytail for a nice brunch date out with your girls with simple jeans and Tshirt or a leggings and kurti too. This is oe hairstyle that will look great even with your early morning gym wear.

13. Loose side curls

Loose side curls
Image Source: pinterest.com

Try this simple Indian hairstyle for times when you cannot style your curls any better. This is easy to do and will look great on any outfit. The curls will make it look more traditional and classy. And since it is on the sides the hair will be better manageable.

14. Stiff Curls

Stiff Curls
Image Source: pinterest.com

Stiff and tight curls can be even more challenging to style. But the best thing about them is the drama. We absolutely love the dramatic kangana ranaut like hair to be paired with almost any saree, dress, western outfit and the likes. Just make sure you apply a nice hair serum and keep they hydrated. For ladies with straight hair, using temporary hair perm and your won’t need any other hairstyling tip.

15. Half Hair Up

Half Hair Up
Image Source: pinterest.com

One of the most popular gorgeous Indian Hairstyles For Women is this half hair up hairstyle. It has become the go to for so many women. Be it for work or at a wedding this can never go wrong. Accessorise this hairstyle with flowers and brooch for a more wedding worthy look. This is one Indian hairstyles a lot of celebrities have sported on million occasions with every time of dress imaginable. Well, give it a try and you’ll know.

16. Half Up And Curls

Half Up And Curls
Image Source: pinterest.com

If you love half up hairdo, this can be a great way to make your simple half up hairstyle to look glamorous and sexy. Just add curls. Be it beachy waves or tight spirals. The curls will make this entire combination look really sexy and classy. You can either curl it all up or just the tips. It will make your hair look absolutely stunning and we can bet on that.

17. Side Swept Hair

Side Swept Hair
Image Source: pinterest.com

Curly hair can be really tricky to style sometimes. We understand your plight ladies, and so we suggest you to try out this extremely simple hairstyle that will change your perspective towards your wavy and curly hair styling. Just use a simple bobby pin to tuck your hair from one side at the back and pull in the front all the remaining hair. Like the yesteryear actress Rekha Ji, if you too want to look timeless, try out one of our best Indian hairstyles for women of all ages.

18. Retro Curly front with bun

Retro Curly front with bun
Image Source: pinterest.com, hairstyles123.com

Not a hairstyle you can do on any occasion but definitely a jaw dropping one. You need a professional hairstylist a jar of hair gel and enough patience for this one. But if you love to experiment some day, we say why not.

19. Double french Braid with curls

Double french Braid with curls

Make a simple centre part and braid both side individually into a french braid. The remaining hair in curls. This is one of our favorite hairstyle in the list and it looks simply cute the way daisy has worn it. Have a shift dress to style? Use this as inspiration and you will get more than your share of attention we assure.

20. Twisted front With Low Bun

Twisted front With Low Bun
Image Source: pinterest.com

This is another really simple yet elegant hairstyles that looks absolutely great with your kanjeevaram sarees and anarkalis alike. Just make a parting or skip it altogether and twist the section to create a twisted braid look. Pin it up at the back and create a low bun with the extra hair. This is a perfect example of an Indian hairstyle that increases your elegance and charm.

We hope that this list of the 20 best Indian hairstyles helps you figure out what to wear with every outfit and style it with the perfect and the best Indian hairstyles of all time. Do let us know if you liked them and don’t forget to share it forward.

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