8 Common Beauty Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Face


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Beauty Mistakes

So, you follow your CTM routine (Cleansing, Toning Moisturising) religiously every day. You stick to all the best skin care brands, and you never cheat on your make up removal at night. You still find that stubborn acne and red spots on your face that refuse to stop coming back. Well, If you are reading this article you know there is something wrong that you’ve been doing but are unable to ascertain. Well, we are here and ready to help.

Here are the 8 most common beauty mistakes that can ruin your face and keep you from achieving your beautiful glowing ideal face.

1. You Take Hot Showers-

You Take Hot ShowersWe agree that there can be no other way to unwind the best, as having a hot steaming shower. But girl, if you’re doing this every day, you might just know the answer to your skin problems. A hot shower can be strip off all the natural oils present in your skin and make your skin dry and rough. If you just replace your hot shower water with a nice lukewarm temperature, this can go a great way in keeping your skin moisturised and supple. For days that you really want to indulge in a long hot shower, don’t forget to add a moisturizer to your skin as soon as you are out and dry, while the skin is still warm. This can replace the natural moisture and still prevent skin from drying off.

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2. You Use Bathing Soap On Your Face-

Although you may think a soap is a soap, for a soap that is meant for your body, there are difficult impurities to remove and so it tends to be harsh on your skin. If you use this soap on the delicate skin of your face you may end up with those chemicals making your skin dry and disturbing the pH of your face. These soaps are a great way to clarify the oil and dirt build up on your body but for your face, they can really affect the pH and cause your face to look dark and dull.

3. You Forget Changing The Pillow Case For Long-

You Forget Changing The Pillow Case For LongYes. One of the most common ways your face gets deposited with dirt and bacteria is from a dirty pillow case that you forget to change every few days. If you are in the habit of using the same pillow cover for a month before it goes to the laundry again then this may be a major reason why you break out every other day. Get into a habit of changing the pillow cover every 4 to 5 days and never let it affect your skin again.

4. Forget to Wash Your Makeup Brushes Often-

Forget to Wash Your Makeup Brushes OftenSo while you use every product right, you never compromise on the slightest details of your makeup application, you keep your brushes lying on the table for the entire day after applying your favorite foundation. This can cause the product on your brushes to attract more dirt and dust and with the existing dead skin cells on it, it promotes the growth of bacteria. This bacterium, in turn, gets transferred to your face the next time you use it again. Well, you never realised how much the hygiene of your brushes mattered until now, right? Always wash your brushes regularly and do not forget to keep them in proper cases after every use.

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5. Using the Wrong Skincare Products-

While it may not be rocket science to understand your skin type, a lot of times we forget checking our skin care cream or sun block to see what type of skin it is made for. Check out for the skin type mentioned on your skin care products to see if it suits you. If not, then probably it may be leading to the skin problems you keep experiencing. If you have oily skin and you are using a deep moisturizer or a sun screen made for dry skinned ladies, this is causing excess oil to build up on your face making your pores to clog, accumulate dirt and break out to acne.

6. You Don’t shower After Your Gym Session-

You Don’t shower After Your Gym SessionWell, who doesn’t like to sweat it out at the gym to achieve that perfect ripped body. But, are you skipping your post gym showers out of laziness? If yes, then you should know that the sweating post workout makes the skin very conducive to bacteria proliferation. Oil secreted can attract dust and make our skin easy to break out into acne. Take a shower, soon after your gym workout and keep all the skin woes miles away.

7. You Love touching your face-

You Love touching your faceA lot of time, you do not realize when, but you get into the habit of constantly touching your face. While you’re getting bored, Or while working in the office, Reading a book watching TV or doing anything else. What you don’t realise is, that your hands come in direct contact with so many different objects throughout the day and catch the most amount of bacteria from all of these. Like a door knob, currency notes, Public transport seats or even your office keyboard. When you touch your face, all these bacteria can transfer to your face and cause acne and other skin infections. Consciously make an effort to keep yourself from touching your face, also keep washing your hands in every few hours to keep the bacteria under check.

8. Ditching your Sun Block On Cloudy Days-

Although you may think it is logical to skip your sun screen on days when there is no sunlight, But, to your surprise, the suns UV rays can travel also through the clouds. Almost 80% of it. So, no matter the weather, if you are moving out of the house in the morning always apply a little bit of Cream with SPF and you shall be really happy with what it does to your skin. Again make sure it is made out for your skin type. Do not mix up this time ladies.

We hope you could catch on the habit that was keeping you away from your skin care goals and by correcting this minor little habit you can be your best beautiful. Forever.

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