Reasons why being single is the best decision in your life

Staying Single

You often think life is a race. The race that you have to win by settling down. Do you wonder about the other perks you actually get by staying single and enjoying the singlehood? Don’t despair if the perfect someone has yet to grace your lonely single life. The next time you complain about your single-boring-loathed life, read these 15 reasons why being single is the best or staying single is much cooler than being in a committed relationship.

Tops Reasons Why You Should Be Single

1Bed space

Bed space

Think of all the bed space you will get if you are in your single phase. Your significant other is going to take all the space in your bed when he sleeps with you. But when you are alone, there is no room for such mishaps. You will get the bed for yourself and you can sleep in any posture you want! Simple

2Your food habits

Your food habits

If someone- your boyfriend or even your friend, is around you, you have to be the best in front of them. You can’t have a giant bucket of chicken wings with a whole carton of ice cream in front of them. But when you are alone, your food habits can vary. It can be anything under the sun and no one cares about it because no one will ever get to know your 2 a.m. cravings.

3More money

More money

When you are dating someone, it can be very expensive as new dress, shoes, lipstick, Cologne and whatnot, that too when you are trying to impress someone. But to impress yourself, you just need a popcorn tub and a television. Think of all the money you will save and spend on yourself.

4Focus on hobbies

Focus on hobbies

Who will learn those 7 languages that you wanted to learn and continue your karate class, when you are in a relationship? If you are single, you get the time and opportunity to spend time on hobbies that you always wanted to learn.

5Nobody keeps a tab on what you do

Nobody keeps a tab

If you are single in relationship, you don’t have to answer or even bother regards all such questions like ‘Where did you go’? ‘When will you come back honey?, ‘I miss you hun, Do you too’? The only person you need to answer would be ‘you’ if you are in your single phase.

6Personal growth

Personal growth

When it comes to growth, being single can fetch more longevity and positive outlook towards life. If you are in a committed relationship, you still have growth, but it is not independent growth. You grow as a couple, but how much you get to develop your skills is subject to the person that you are.



When you are in a relationship, your boyfriend keeps complaining about the job, the time you come back, your salary or something that happened at your workplace. He hates your job more than you which will make you hate either your job or his attitude. If you are single, you don’t have to worry what who thinks of your job. Promotions, hikes, job satisfaction and time limit are never a concern.



Though, exerciseand relationship have to do nothing with each other, you are still bound to put on weight because in a relationship, you are either going out every time ‘some place nice’ or getting laid back and watching movies, sports or movies again with your dear boyfriend. Think of all the fat and flab you could have lost by now.

9Your friend time

Your friend time

Have you wondered those people who disappear into the black hole of couplehoodsuddenly after they get hitched or get into a relationship? That doesn’t have to be ‘you’. Friends are the most important relationship and to enjoy that, you need to be single. When you are a couple, there are time, space restrictions to meet your friends. How would your 1 a.m. friend understand this? Friendships are important relationships too, you know.

10The Compulsion on liking his friends

The Compulsion

You don’t have to like his friends if you aren’t in a relationship. Let’s face it, most of the girls have to compel themselves to like the guy’s friends just because they are your boyfriend’s friends. You have to hang out with them often. Only then, you get a golden star on the pink tiara from your boyfriend. Ugh! Isn’t all this just too much drama? Being single, you don’t have to deal with all this at all.

11A ‘NO’


Saying ‘NO’ can be easy when you are single or with your friends. Don’t want to go somewhere? Just a ‘no’ will be enough for your friends to understand. You can never use a No with a boyfriend or better half.

12If you are a clean freak

If you are a clean freak

If you are a clean freak who does things at a pace, and if your significant other has no issues with a week’s crap around him, it may get on your nerves. Being single can give room for doing whatever you want. May it be cleaning or making a mess.

13Shopping or not!

Shopping or not

Do you want to shop? Or not? Maybe! If you are single, you can keep changing decisions and ideas on what you want to do. If you are in a relationship, you got to go ahead and figure out what your significant other wants to do, always!

14The French fries will always be yours

The French fries

Sharing food doesn’t have to happen. There are those craving binge marathons that happen when you are single and not living with anyone. You can do that at peace. Nobody will judge you or ask you to share your food. It’s all yours!

15No arguments

No arguments

Fights, arguments, patching up, moving in, kisses, cuddles, crying and so many more, all of this comes in a relationship. If you are alone, it’s all the more better and less drama. No arguments, no love fights, no patch ups or break ups. You are on your own.

Having a relationship is a happy-committed life with someone. But, in a single relationship, you are your own boss and enemy. Nobody has to dictate you and the experience is worth it.

If you are single for a long time now and you are worrying about it, here are some things you shouldn’t worry for being single!

-Pavithra Ravi

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