Nauli Kriya For Abdomen Health And Perfect Curves


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Nauli Kriya For Abdomen

Nauli or Nauli Kriya is a basically technique for the abdominal massage in the ‘Hatha Yoga’. There are many tremendous benefits of Nauli kriya for abdomen. It is considered as one of the six purification method or Shatkarma in ‘Hatha Yoga’. The practitioners of ‘Nauli Kriya’ is believed to maintain good health as well as vitality. But mastering it is not easy for the beginners. It can take at least three months to a year to perfect it, depending on the body condition, your zeal as well as effort.

Nauli kriya is a powerful technique that can massage all the organs in your abdomen or the stomach, spleen, liver, urinary bladder, gall bladder, pancreas as well as other intestines. This helps to maintain a perfect health of the lower part of the organs.

The main key on perfecting Nauli, is its ability to isolate the rectus abdominis muscle (or in new form “abs” muscle) in the abdomen. These muscles can be found on the either side of the abdomen, by running vertically as well as parallel all the way from the lower ribs on top to the pubic region at bottom.

There are basically three basic types of practices in Nauli. When the muscles are being isolated to the left side, it is called Vama Nauli and when the muscles are isolated to the right side it is called Dakshina Nauli. When both the left as well as right muscles are concentrated, it is called Madhya Nauli.

Nauli must always be learned in the presence of a qualified yoga instructor. The best time to practice Nali is in the early morning when the stomach as well as the bowels are empty. After a heavy meal, you must wait for at least five to six hours before you attempt the practice. Try not to overdo the practice as it can cause indigestion as well as loose motion. In such cases, always discontinue the practice for some days and take guidance from the yoga expert.

Nauli Kriya For Abdomen

How to perform Madhya Nauli?

Madhya Naulia. First stand with your feet apart, then knees bent as well as hands holding your thighs.
b. Then take a deep breath and later force your breath out with a hissing sound.
c. Now contract your belly inwards as well as upwards, that is, towards the sternum. It is called ’Uddiyana Bandha’. It is the base position to perform all the Nauli kriyas.
d. While holding the breath and trying to isolate the two of the ‘abs’ muscles or the rectus abdominis muscles try to force them toward the center. Remember that there is no breathing involved. The breathing must stop when the air is taken out of the lungs, that is, ‘Bahya Kumbhaka’ in Yoga. This might take a bit of effort in the starting. The main problem comes in isolating the rectus abdominis muscles. For that you must concentrate as well as position your abdomen in the center for at least some seconds. This gradually develops with practice.
e. Now slowly breathe in and release this position. Then come to a fully standing pose. Then take few deep breaths slowly before you try again.
f. You can try this yoga according to the capacity.

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How to perform Vama Nauli ?

Vama Naulia. First, take the same stance as it is in the earlier practice. Then follow the steps from one to three as it is mentioned in the practice of Madhya Nauli.
b. Once when you have forcefully breathed out, then start performing ‘Bahya Kumbhaka’, get ready to do the Vama Nauli.
c. In Vama Nauli only your left rectus abdominis muscles are being isolated as well as pushed to your front. This can form a cavity in your right side and muscle protrusion on the left. Try to maintain this pose for few seconds.
d. Slowly try to breath in and release the pose and come to a standing pose.
e. Now take few deep breaths and repeat this process again.

How to perform Dakshina Nauli?

Dakshina Naulia. The procedure is basically same as in the earlier practice of Vama Nauli.
b. The difference is that instead of isolating your left abdominis muscles, the right abdominis muscles are being flexed as well as isolated.

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Benefits of Nauli

a. Nauli Kriya is basically an unprecedented abdomen massage. While performing this amazing yoga, the abdominal muscle is actually massaging all the organs. Nauli also represents the best of modality of fortifying of the abdomen muscle.
b. Nauli also constitutes an excellent exercise that can improve the control on the certain muscles that you use very rarely and only a few individuals are aware. The proper movement of the abdomen muscle can determine the healthier viscera, generating a more increased flow of blood in the area. This can also lead to a more better co-ordination of autonomous function characteristic to the abdomen activity.
c. The practice of Nauli lead to the acceleration of gastric secretions. The solar plexus can rapidly get decongested and the anxiety accumulated is natural.
d. However, the effects of this yoga is not at all limited to your digestive duct, as Nauli can guarantee an excellent health to your kidneys.
e. One of the most important organ of the body, the liver will get the benefit of a more stronger internal circulation as well as it will function more better.
f. The bile gets well massaged during the practice of the technique.
g. The pancreas will get more benefited by the practice of the Nauli. Even if the technique is unable to cure diabetes, it ensure a proper functioning of the gland.
h. With all the profound inhalations and exhalations, Nauli mostly contribute to maintaining the elasticity of the lungs.
i. Through the entire periodicity of the pressure during its practice, the heart is profoundly massaged. Thus, Nauli also constitutes as one of the best protection against the heart attack. Once you have fully master this amazing technique, you can control your breath and may even feel unusual flavor in the mouth.
j. Nauli make the practitioner immune to some diseases like; appendicitis, hernia, ulcer, constipation, indigestion, etc.

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