Ways to get over a breakup like a grown up woman


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Dealing with a bad post breakup session? Do you feel like someone has reached your heart and played twists and turns with it? Well, yes! That is how you are bound to feel. But the dumb trope of “women eating ice cream, chocolates and crying on your bed after a breakup” is totally out and sexiest now! In fact, believe or not, there is a lot to explore, concentrate and discover about yourself after a breakup. There is no better time than after a huge heartbreak for a total life renovation. There are a few great ways to just cut the emotions out or take a whole new route to it. Though, this may sound like you are going to have fun with exploring, remember that it is still a breakup and some things stay the same.

So girls, here are some really contradicting grown up actions you should do to feel better post breakup. Discover the best ways how to get over a breakup.

Relationship Advice to Handle Depression After A Break Up

1Block him everywhere

Block him

Yes, blocking your ex works like a magic. Blocking him on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and all the other 100 social media sites works just like a great boon to you. Maybe, you assume you are a reasonable and mature lady-human who can handle seeing the occasional reminder of him on your Facebook timeline. But when you see a memory that will eventually pop, that says “Ex’s birthday”, your hands will just be too itchy to actually call him up or at least leave a message on Facebook. So no! That is definitely bound to happen, so be a good grown up girl and block him everywhere. This might not make you forget everything, but this will at least help you to try and move on without looking back.

2Have a company

Have a company

It is good to have a company most of the times after a break up. Sometimes what happens is, you may want to be alone and most of the times, the loneliness is the one that brings more depression than anything else. Your friends do understand the importance of ‘post-breakup-consequences’, so they will also understand if you want some company. With the company of your friends, you can definitely not only feel secure, but also confident. So, have your besties at home when you need them and curl up with them. It is also best to have them when you want to get drunk, cry, binge or do something totally ‘not-you’. A company is better for you! So have one without fail.

3Throw your phone

Throw your phone

Throwing your phone for a few days, helps! Wondering how? Well, if you are going to have your phone with you and wait for texts, it is stupidity. So make sure you take conscious efforts to tell your friends to take away your phone and throw it in the volcano, if possible.

Sometimes, you also want to ‘drunk text’ your ex. That is another big NO! You think that your ex will reply with a ‘heart smile’ or ‘I love you too, let’s get back’ messages which will never work. So drunk texting is equal to another mini heart attack. So, throw your phone and indulge into something you have always wanted to indulge.



This goes without saying! Whether you are breaking up for the very first time or for the fifteenth time, SOCIALIZE!This comes in handy in a lot of places. Socializing not only means going to parties and dancing with strangers. Though a lot of girls think that is the next to-do part, most of the times, it also depends on what you want to do. Take socializing to the next step! Try to go out with friends and take an adventure trip where you go out and meet random people. Take a class somewhere far where you have to travel for at least 5 miles. Take the local transport. Observe people and photograph what you think is different. Create a hobby with strangers and enjoy the feel you get from that.

5Do not go to mutual friend’s parties

Do not go to mutual friend’s parties

Yes, it is extremely tempting to go to your ex’s best friend’s party and play cool in front of him. No, do not do that! You may think the idea would turn out to be really cool and you may play the ‘Ms. Cool’ there, but trust yourself. You will come back with another broken heart and lots of pain!

6Do not crib on social media

Do not crib on social media

One other NO of all times, is to crib on social media. Please! No one wants to hear or see your crib messages or statuses on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter! Spare the details for your friend and crib to them. That makes more sense than social cribbing!



Just cry, wail! It is fine to cry and get over the burden that has been keeping your heart very heavy. Take a sad-cry trip by yourself. Yes, make it interesting! Go to the middle of the lake in a boat, alone and cry! Make sure no one is seeing you and just shout out whatever you have in your mind. It helps most of the times.

8Do the don’t’s


The best part about breaking up is getting to do everything you have always wanted to do and never had a chance to do, because your beloved ‘guy’ would have stopped you from doing it. So, do all the don’t’s now! It is much simpler and easier when there is no one around you to dictate you with what you should be doing. Feel like going out at 2 in the morning. Hell ya! Then do it!

9Relax, just RELAX!


Take long showers, go for walks, meditate, dance, party, sleep, binge,watch movies! So many productive things to do after you break up. So, just do them! It helps you get back in action and run forward! Some guy is not going to keep you from doing your work. Love yourself!

-Pavithra Ravi