All That You Need To know About Protein Powders For Women

protein powder for women
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Have you always been thinking about consuming protein powder? Are you worried if women should consume protein powder or not? Do you worry that it is going to make you fat and bulky? Well, there is one way to know for sure. Read this guide to all the information you need to know about protein powder for women. The advantages as well as side effects if any. Here is all the scoop that you need to know about protein powders before you start consuming it.

What is Protein Powder?

What is protein powder
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Protein powder is food supplements consumed by a huge number of athletics, weightlifters, mixed martial arts professionals and most commonly bodybuilders. They are also capable of assisting in weight gain, fat loss and improve the performance of athletics.

Is Whey Protein Powder Good For Women?

Is whey protein powder good for womenWhey protein powder is something which is more than protein powder. It contains ample amount of amino acid which is essential for our body. Researchers have shown that they help in improving the strength of our body and grow muscles and also lose the extra amount of body fat.

Protein Powders For Women

Protein Powders for womenProtein powder is an ingredient which when consumed helps us to increase the consumption of nutrients. It finds its application in various health-related issues, for example, repairing of the muscles after workout sessions, helps in burning extra fat, helps in keeping the stomach full for a longer time and many more.

In present days markets have flooded with protein powders and all of them promise to show extraordinary results. But it is our duty to gain complete knowledge about a particular product before investing in it. There are both vegans as well as non-vegan choices for the protein powder. We can simply add it to our shake or smoothie and watch it do wonders.

There are protein powders manufactured by companies keeping women in mind. Women on an average require 10 to 20 grams of protein per meal in their diet. The proportion of protein present in the powder differs from brand to brand. Hence we must check the label to confirm the proportion per serving. It will be incorrect to assume that a vegan protein powder that has been prepared from plant-based product has less protein content. Thus in all cases, we must follow the instructions mentioned on the products.

Benefits of Protein Powder

1. Muscle Formation

Muscle formationWomen must maintain protein consumption daily as with the increase in age deficiency in protein will lead to joint problems, osteoporosis, and many more problems. If we want to grow muscle or retain it we need to include the protein powder in our daily diet.

2. Lose Fat

Lose fatWe can replace our meals with protein powder occasionally to lose weight. This helps in losing weight faster than any calorie-reduced diet plan. Protein helps in improving the metabolism of our body. Consumption of protein offers more satisfaction than fats or carbohydrates.

There have been several types of research and studies performed on the working of protein powders. Several results show that women who were obsessive had replaced their meal with approximately two shakes of protein powder along with very low-calorie diet and lost fat faster than those who did not participate in this study. But we must first consult our doctors before replacing even one meal with protein powder.

Protein Powder Benefits For The Skin

3. Whey Protein Makes The Skin Look Younger

Whey protein makes the skin look younger
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There are many anti-aging products present in the market which offers remedies for younger skin. All of us want to possess health skin and look young for a longer period of lifespan. Though aging is a normal process and cannot be avoided still we can try some remedies to slow the process. Surprising a bath in whey protein or soaking into a tube of water that has whey protein can be really helpful as it helps in regaining the pH value of our skin and rejuvenate our skin.

4. It helps in Achieving Healthy Skin

Our skin’s characteristic of being elastic in nature comes from a particular protein structure called the collagen. The more protein we intake the more will our skin get rejuvenated and strong. This is possible as possible as increased protein consumption will, in turn, increase the percentage of collagen in our body which in turn will ensure that our skin stays healthy and the elasticity is maintained. The amino acids present in protein powder also make the skin firm.

5. Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Protein powder for weight lossWe can start consuming protein powder in place of our daily diet. This will help in cutting down our daily calories and will, in turn, assist in reducing weight. But before replacing meals we should surely consult the doctor as it may have an adverse effect on our health. If we are already having a wholesome meal with balanced resources we need not have to consume protein powder.

6. Protein Powder For Weight Gain

Gaining weight does not always mean the healthy body. To have a healthy body we need to increase weight by gaining muscles and not unnecessary fat. Protein powder helps us to achieve this goal of gaining lean muscles. But only drinking protein powder will not help as we need to do regular workouts to see results.

Protein Powders Side Effects

Similar to all other products protein powders can also show some side effects.

1. Protein Powder Can Disturb Our Digestive System

Protein powders side effectsThe protein powders are normally extracted from milk. The most used supplement whey protein is also derived from milk which makes it high in lactose content. There are several of us who are allergic or cannot digest the lactose easily as it contains natural sugar. Thus consuming the protein powder can lead to diarrhea, bloating, vomiting or abdominal pain in many cases.

2. Unnecessary Weight Gain

The Protein powder, when taken in more amount than necessary, will increase weight. Thus reading and following instructions is necessary. In this case, weight is directly proportional to fat thus eliminating the complete benefit of protein powder. We need to work out hard to see the effects of protein powder but failing to meet the required amount of exercise needed will only add up to the fat as the extra calories I the protein supplement is stored as fat by our body. In such a case we are most likely to gain fat faster than usual as fat gets stored daily.

3. Alters Sugar Level In Blood

Alters sugar level in bloodThe basic fact is that protein powders taste awful and to make it tasty manufacturer add additional flavors like vanilla, chocolate and many more. These flavors are artificial sweeteners which in turn affects the sugar level especially when consumed on a daily basis. Now on the contrary whey protein brings down the level of sugar in the blood. This fact might be of real concern for people with low blood pressure as well as diabetes.

4. Disorder Of The Kidney

Protein powder emits ammonia as a by-product which is then transformed into urea and gets eliminated as urine. Thus an increased consumption of protein powder will, in turn, produce more urea and the pressure gets concentrated on the kidney as it eliminates large volume of urine and also calcium along with that from the body. In long run, we might develop renal disorder if we continue consuming protein powder for a longer period.

5. Bone Problems

We know that proteins are the building factor for bones and muscles but an increased consumption can show adverse effects. It stars weakening our bones. There are few of these protein powders which increase the acidity level in the blood and thus have adverse effects on the body. These are especially those protein powders which are derived from eggs and other non-vegetarian sources.

6. Hair Loss

Hair loss
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The main component of hair is a protein known as keratin. But consuming more protein is not the correct path to have healthy hair. We then replace our meals with protein powders we start lacking vitamins, carbohydrates and other elements which are equally necessary for healthy hair. This may lead to hair loss and even baldness.

Protein powders are not synthetic, they are derived from natural sources so all those who worry about putting unnatural powders into your body may stop worrying. Protein powders are healthy and safe for women to consume. And like anything else, an excess of protein powders is also not good. So if you stay in your required limits and consume it as recommended by your dietician. Protein powders can be extremely helpful in improving your health.

Include these protein powders in your diet especially if you want to develop strength and stamina. And with this protein 101 guide, we are sure you would now know what it would do for you. Hope this article was helpful, if you think we have missed out something, do let us know and we shall include it in here.

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