Yoga Exercises for Puffy Eyes


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Yoga exercises for puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are very common and anyone can have it. Reasons maybe ample but repeated re-occurrence of puffy eyes can be related to improper sleep routine, poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress and continuous screen time during the say. These can be corrected and prevented with a little effort and adopting little healthy choices in diet and fitness.

Puffy eyes can be embarrassing and difficult to conceal with makeup. They deglamorize your look. There are a few yoga exercises for puffy eyes which will not only help in curing but also preventing them if continued for long.

Causes of puffy eyes:

Puffy eyes may be caused by a multiple reasons and may stay as is, for long or keep fluctuating between swollen and flat. Some times they are a result of a bad night or tiring days work. But some more serious causes can make them stay puffy for long. The causes need to be thoroughly examined for puffy eyes, to help in treating them effectively.

1- Improper sleep:

Less or delayed sleep or insomnia is the most prominent cause of puffy eyes. A bad nights sleep causes your eyes to get swollen and look lethargic. As during stress our body releases cortisol from adrenal glands that changes the salt balance in our body. Due to this our body retains water and eyes swell up.

2- Allergic reactions:

Sometime allergic reactions or pollen attacks can cause eyes to swell up. Seasonal allergies are known to cause puffy eyes. When our body experiences allergens it releases histamines into our system. When this histamine reaches near skin it causes hive like reaction around eyes thus causing puffiness in eyes.

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3- Too much screen time:

Be it laptop, mobile, TV or any other device; spending too much time on them causes the eyes to swell up and appear puffy. Do not stay on the devices continuously, take breaks else it will result in puffy eye bags.

4- During menstrual cycle:

Women mostly have swollen body and eyes during periods. And PMS is the main cause for puffy eyes. Bloating, eye swelling and cramps in addition to mood swings are all for a few days of the month until your periods.

5- Consuming too much alcohol:

Alcohol dehydrates our body and makes your eyes dry too. Our eyes being very sensitive part on our body, it starts to show puffiness and gets swollen.

6- Thyroid:

People with hyperthyroidism often have puffy eyes as fat accumulates around eyes and thickens. Both the upper and lower lid of the eyes can show puffiness

7- Staying in heater:

Our body absorbs heat in cold climate, and during winters staying in heater for long makes our eyes puffy and swells them up. It causes our eyes to become dryer and sensitive. As heat parches mucous membrane in our eyeball causing thickening of tissue in our eyes. Eyes get more irritated and show a lot more restlessness.

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Yoga exercises to reduce puffiness of eyes:

Yoga is a miracle remedy for each and every ailment. Yoga guarantees peace of mind and strength in addition to prevention and cure. Yoga asanas and breathing exercises help in channelizing the bodily energy for the benefit of the body.

1- Pranayama:

PranayamaKapalbhati pranayama and anuloum viloum pranayam are two of the most wonderful asanas which help in facial exercise and enriching breathing. They are known to act for detoxification of our body. Passive inhalation and active exhalations in addition to holding muscles to strengthen core muscles helps in easing the swelling and curing puffy eyes

2- Paschimottasana or seated forward bend:

Paschimottasana not only gives stretch and strength to body but also regulates in opening the fat blocks in our body. This helps in releasing positive energy in our body and increase blood circulation too. Proceed paschimottasana on empty stomach and deep cleanse your body too. It also improves spinal strength and helps in reducing puffy eyes, in addition to adding glow and radiance on our face.

3- Eye yoga asanas:

Eye yoga asanasA- Eye rotation: Blink your eyes a number of times by moving the eye ball left to right and top to bottom. Also move them diagonally and continue for 5 to 7 times.

B- Move your eyes in clock wise starting from top center and coming back to that point again. Push your eye ball on all the sides making a circle.

C- Close your eyes and massage the corner of your eyes with the tip of your middle finger first in clockwise then anti clockwise direction. Relax and repeat again 5-7 times.

D- Close your eyes and rub the puffy areas with your index finger. Continue pressing with your finger for around 3-5 minutes

E- Palming: Focus ahead and bring your right hand in between. Now view the right hand with both your eyes. Move it away and again focus ahead at a distant object. Now bring your left hand in front and focus. Repeat 10 times.

F- Focus shifting and distant gazing:

Allow your eyes to rest and begin with focusing at a distant object and stay gazing for 5 minutes. Then alternate with focus shifting, by looking at a moving pendulum or any object with rhythmic motions. Continue these alternating two exercises for 15 minutes

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yoga exercises for puffy eyesThe above compilation on yoga exercises for puffy eyes is based on experiences and learnings over time. There have been some miraculous benefits of adopting yoga asanas and exercises to treat puffy eyes. In addition these yoga asanas also help in enriching and strengthening our body and facial muscles too. Do not overlook the puffiness in eyes and check with your health-care provider for immediate attention in case of severe swelling. Eat healthy and take proper rest and adopt a healthier lifestyle.