Fashion lessons to learn from Deepika Padukone


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Deepika Fashion

Deepika Padukone Fashion – Not only is she a tremendous actress, but has also always been the queen of fashion. She has won many awards for her sense of style and has been most of the times the best dressed actor in the Bollywood industry. She has definitely come a long way from her experiences and we are going to learn a bit more about fashion lessons from Deepika Padukone. This style diva has grown more in the fashion arena and has made all of us proud even in her international events. So, here we are listing some fashion etiquettes that we can steal from her.

Top Fashion Lessons to Steal from the Actress

1Highlight your assets

Highlight your assets

Well, to start off with – Deepika always concentrates in accentuating her body parts when she decides to wear an outfit. Within a few years we have seen her transforming from a normal girl-next-door girl to a style diva. The inner beauty should also be accessed when you look for clothes. So, learn this tip from her. Always make sure that you bring out the best feature of your body and highlight it. If you think your legs are your best feature, try to show more of it and have a pencil fit whether it is a skirt of pant so that the look is amazingly highlighted. Your wardrobe choices should change according to what you think looks good on you. It is important to think from the other’s perspective when you dress yourself. So, choosing clothes highlights your asset is the best way to start off.

2You can never go wrong in a saree

Deepika in saree

Deepika wears her love for the traditional wear almost all the time. She just finds the season or a reason to wear a saree, because she knows that a girl can never go wrong in a saree. Sarees are the most elegant yet sexy looking piece that will hit the right statement. A classic saree with a trendy blouse and a few accessories should make you look more than perfect for an appropriate occasion.

3Mix your prints

Mix your prints

If you have noticed her closely, her dressing sense is impeccably different. She doesn’t bother to match two block prints which may look shabby on others, but the way she carries it is the difference that makes her stand out. Being matching matchy is never a taboo if you know how to mix-match or match your clothing according to the blocks, patterns and colors. If you want to wear an off shoulder top, you can definitely match it with a floral skirt with the right color and pattern.

4High heels or no heels

High heels

Wearing no heels is as trendy as fashionable as wearing a high heeled uncomfortable shoe. If you are already taller and not comfortable wearing a heel, don’t wear one! Deepika in one of her interviews had mentioned that she likes flats more than heels since it makes her more comfortable. Fit your comfort into your body first and then you can try and think about fitting the heels in which you are barely comfortable.

5Nothing wrong with jeans

Nothing wrong with jeans

The poster girl doesn’t mind wearing more jeans when it comes to her promotional events, because she believes in making the jeans look trendy and accessible. You can definitely learn this from her. Everyone loves jeans because it is comfortable, easy, rugged and you know that it is also dependable. So, if you are going out on a trekking or if you are spending long time walking, you don’t have to wear a LBD or a skirt. That may not even match the occasion you are in. Pairing a comfortable jeans and a rugged jacket would make you look casual and not mad up.

6Power off shoulders are the ‘In’ thing

Power off shoulders

This season is all about power off the shoulder tops. Making you look extremely beautiful in an off shoulder, this could be the best party top. You can always go with a crop top and a mini skirt. Deepika wears a crop top or off shoulder more when she needs comfort, mostly while traveling from one place to another. The diva makes sure that her off shoulders are more baring and neatly worn without prints.

7An On point messy hairdo works

An On point messy hairdo

While all of us love to see her in her wavy open hair, a puffy ponytail makes her look hotter than usual. A fuss free hair do is what you need when you are going out casually. This will make you look super cute.

There are a lot of fashion lessons every girl can learn from Deepika Padukone who is not only a celebrity, but is definitely a simple girl like you are. So, don’t leave your confidence! Dress up the way you want and rock the day!

-Pavithra Ravi