Reasons why you shouldn’t judge someone right away


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Stop Judging

Everybody judges! No matter how good, bad, cute or ugly you are, you are judged and you judge too. It doesn’t matter what but the heart and the mind of a person are programmed in such a way that judgment comes in right away even without a second thought. So, why do we humans judge someone, so much right away even without even thinking for a second? We are so blanketed under our cloud of thoughts that our mind doesn’t stop the judgment and start thinking of something immediately. Heart and mind work hand to hand, but when you don’t know anyone, mind tends to take the upper side by asking the questions ‘Why and What’ while heart wants to shout for a wait! Your inner turbulence doesn’t stop, but there is a way to stop this and the answer is acceptable. If you accept situations and people the way they are, then everything will come along very easily. So, know the answer immediately! What should you do to avoid judgments? Accept the people and situations the way they are. So, we have actually put a list of reasons
why you shouldnt judge someone right away.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Judge Another Person Without Knowing Him

1Everyone has a story

Everyone has a story

There are two worlds for a person and anyone, no matter who, is handling his own battle in both the inner and outer worlds. It wouldn’t be nice if you just judge a person by the way he talks or by the way he looks because looks and talks are just secondary of any person. You don’t know what he is going through inside and how many problems he is dealing with. Even if he isn’t dealing with anything, there will be something that he must have in mind. There is a story behind every individual, there is a secret and there definitely is something called history! So, don’t just judge someone because of the first screening process.

2Patience is important

Patience is important

Well, everybody can be judged and can judge someone, but becoming someone’s confidante is very difficult and impossible unless you understand that person perfectly well. Remember how you became close to that one person whom you never liked? Well, at least I did! You just need to talk out and understand what is happening or what is going on in his mind. So, if you are patient, then try to talk to the one you have judged continuously. You will know a lot more than you think about that person.

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3Past importance

Past importance

For you to judge someone you need to know who they were or what they did before you entered their life! If you don’t know them, then you can’t judge because they probably have a bitter past or a past that they can’t share with you for various reasons. Every person is different from one another. Your meaning of the hurt or past may be different from another person. So, before you judge a person, at least know him entirely.

4Waste of time

Waste of time

Well, judging someone is a complete waste of time, potential and resource. You are playing mind games in your head and for what? You are not benefitting by judging someone or proving to them that they aren’t worth the wait. Naturally, it doesn’t prove anything to anyone. You are only losing your shine and your respect is lost in front of others. Instead, think of all the time you can save and work on yourself and behave the one that others would like you to be.

5It spreads negativity


If you keep judging someone, you will never be able to see the bright side of the person even if he wants you to see that side of him. It spreads and germinates what is called only unconstructiveness and negativity. Your decision making process will be demolished and you may be branded as the person who judges no matter what. That way you will stop seeing the happy side of a person and become alone.

6It will destroy relationships

destroy relationships

Most of the relationships anybody has stands brick hard on the trust that they develop with each other. If you start judging someone even after you build a hard rock trust and honesty. If you start doubting or judging your friend, then you are not a good friend, you are not a good human being and you are not even a good person. This will destroy major relationships and leave you alone.

People will try to judge you, but you don’t have to be people here. You can always be the upper and bigger person and try to avoid judging anyone. It’s after all, is stupid and silly to do that, isn’t it!

-Pavithra Ravi