Reasons why you shouldn’t forgive your guy for cheating


There are some obvious reasons why you don’t get back with a person who cheats on you. Well, if you don’t know them, you should definitely read this and find out the various reasons why you should not forgive a cheater or shouldn’t trust a person who has cheated more than once. A lot of people though sometimes don’t take cheating very seriously. No, I am not saying that as soon as your guy cheats on you, you have just flee from his life. That is definitely not what I am trying to say. I am just saying that cheating is something that can break a person’s trust forever. This could cause relationship issues and one can never regain that trust easily. Being cheated on hurts, takes a very long time to get back on feet and most importantly, it is difficult for you to regain the lost love. But women actually do take back the guys who cheat on the girls. Why is that? Because the love shown is just too much and women end up thinking that they will not find anyone better than the present boyfriend.

If your guy really feels bad for his mistakes and feels sorry for what he has done, it makes sense that you give him another chance. But if he keeps repeating the same thing again and again, it just means that he is taking advantage of you and you shouldn’t give in to that. The problem is that, this is a toxic cycle and will continue to happen again. The guy will try to convince you and will try to make you believe that he isn’t the cheating kinds. But, ladies, it is important for you to open your minds and eyes to the right thing. So, we are putting up some points together on reasons why you should not forgive a cheater boyfriend, if he keeps cheating on you.

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Forgive If the Guy Cheats

1It is a vicious cycle

It is a vicious cycle

It will definitely happen again – it’s that simple. Yes, ladies in most of the cases, if the guy cheats on you and you take him back, it gives him a reason to cheat you again. It is an easy way out for them to beg you and get forgiven over and again. After all, one mistake done once can be easily repeated with utmost care the second time.

How do you know they are not cheating behind your back? It is important that you don’t let them take advantage of your naive nature. Remember that if you have planned to take him again, don’t be over shocked if he does it even the second time because that might bound to happen.

2The trust is just gone

The trust is just gone

Well, let’s say that there are some kinds of relationship that thrive only because of trust. So, if you end up being cheated, do you think you can trust him the way you used to trust before? Don’t you think you will still have something in your mind that will keep questioning their activities continuously? Even if they aren’t doing anything wrong, you will never be able to accept them like before.

Trust is very important for any relationship and that too when it comes to being in love. Yes, you could convince yourself saying that he isn’t doing wrong. But by time, you will start doubting everything. It will really take a very long time for you to trust the person again like before. Just understand that somethings will never get back to normal.

3Mind block

Mind block

Let’s not forget that you will have a continuous mind block that he has been with another woman before. Whether it was just a kiss or sex, you will feel sickening and the thought will never go from your mind. You will start to realize that you cannot take out their image of having sex or kissing the other girl from your head. This could disrupt your love with him and you might never able to get closer to him physically. It taunts you, and it will be an extremely hard task for you to get over the mind block.

If you are taking him back, please give yourself a lot of space and try to come to terms with the fact that he slept with another woman. Try to forget all that. Otherwise, even your life will be a living hell. That is why it is better to not forgive a person who has cheated you.

4You deserve better treatment

better treatment

Remember that every woman deserves a man who is true to her no matter what. Yes, you will start to realize that you deserve better treatment, good hearted person and most importantly, better love. You deserve someone who is truthful to you and someone who wouldn’t go behind your back for any cheap pleasures. He should be committed to you and should respect the person that you are. A person who doesn’t acknowledge any of this, is definitely not fit to be your boyfriend.

Let me tell you that it is very difficult for you to live the rest of your life with a person who will probably never gain your trust, be back biting you. Even if he turns out to be the good guy, trustme, you will not feel comfortable around him for a very long time. The uneasiness will keep pondering your mind. Don’t have a life with regrets at all. If you think it isn’t working out even after giving it time, it is better to break the relationship. But if your guy has changed and looks like a new person, then good for you! Either way, just be careful with whatever you decide.

-Pavithra Ravi

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