12 Types of Fashionable Cardigans for Woman


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Types of Fashionable Cardigans

Do you love winter season? Do you like wearing woolen clothes, having hot soup or tea? If you are more of the “winter” girl, then there are the variety of woolen clothes to choose from. Who said you cannot look elegant wearing winter clothes. You can wear a sweater and still look beautiful. Most of us think that a cardigan is nothing but a buttoned-up woolen sweater. But there are actually many types of cardigans which you can buy this winter season. Here are some of the different types of fashionable cardigans you can opt for.

Types of Fashionable Cardigans

1Open Cardigans

Open Cardigans

The open cardigans don’t have any hook or buttons. They are open and come in the form of Draped cardigans, where the neckline and the hemline drape around your body.

2Tunic Cardigans

Tunic Cardigans

These cardigans are usually long but are mostly buttoned from the front. Some are just long, but don’t have buttons.This is another type of fashionable cardigan one can wear.

3Zipped Cardigans

Zipped Cardigans

These cardigans have zip in front. They also have pockets and are normally a great backup for jackets.

4Long Cardigans

Long Cardigans

Very similar to the open cardigans, Long cardigans are often long enough to reach your knees and often have a zipper or large buttons in the front. The buttons add more value to your dress and are the perfect choice if you are lean or skinny. They end up being the perfect substitute for Long coats and are easy to carry as well.

5Cropped Cardigans

Cropped Cardigans

Generally made up of thin and lacy materials, cropped cardigans go perfectly with nightgowns and long dresses with printed fabrics. They often have a hooked or a buttoned front.

6Belted Cardigans

Belted Cardigans

Do you love wearing the dress but cannot wear it in winters as it is too short and you will feel cold. If you are missing your favorite summer dress, the belted cardigan is the best choice and a good alternative for your dress. Belted Cardigans are usually open in front with a belt. Belted cardigans are an excellent choice for those who have a good-toned body. If you are too fat or plump avoid wearing belted cardigans.

7Jacket Cardigans

Jacket Cardigans

These cardigans either have an open front or a zipper which gives a rough look of a jacket. You can get a casual look, by wearing it on top of your jeans. Some cardigans even have hood these days to give a sporty look.

8Cardigan Vests

Cardigan Vests

If the weather is not so cold and you don’t want to wear a cardigan then, here is a better option. Cardigan vests are a good option and you won’t feel hot also. You will feel as if you are wearing a top to look trendy.

9Striped Cardigans

Striped Cardigans

There are various motifs that exist in cardigans. The cardigan with striped motif still been an aid of women. The stripped cardigan is going to make the appearance look more cool and fashionable. Cardigan with stripes is perfectly paired with a variety of fashions, ranging from sporty appearance, girly, or cool.

10Patterned Cardigans

Patterned Cardigans

To get a more elegant appearance, a patterned cardigan is an excellent choice. Especially if you don’t like motif cardigan and want to try a non-motif cardigan. Just use this patterned cardigan when you wear plain clothes, you will surely look more attractive.

11Wrap Cardigans

Wrap Cardigans

Select only wrap cardigans to cover your body in a variety of weather. Wrap cardigans are perfect when paired with a mix of boss t-shirt or tank top. You can also wear this type of cardigans on a casual jeans or skirt.

12Shawl-Collared Cardigans

Shawl-Collared Cardigans

A collared cardigan is quite different and unique. It just looks like a scarf wrapped around the neck. A collar cardigan hanging also helps to warm the body. So, when the weather is quite cold outside and you want to still look fashionable, shawl collared cardigans is the right choice. This is another type of fashionable cardigan you can wear if the weather is too windy or cold.