Perfect Clothing Colors To Wear for Your Skin Tone


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We know the colours rule fashion and trends. You may love the model and design of the dress but not when colour is failing to do the magic for you. If you are loving an outfit and want to live in it, the colour plays a major role in your beautiful appearance.

The colours are magical and they can turn out to be a disaster when they don’t suit you. If you want your fashion look well dressed and perfect- then your colour selection must be choosy.

The woman who understands fashion keeps the colours in mind that suit her. If you are still not sure about which colour suits you, then it is nothing wrong. Here is a colour guide that you must check out.

Colours That Suit Your Skin Tones

Some women fixate on the same colours for any kind of dress. It is not madness for colour but she knows what is good on her. For this, you need not have a high colour and fashion sense. A simple guide like this makes it clear, which all are your colour.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way! Just the women, the colours are beautiful on their own. But the blend with skin tones is a tough play. You can go fashionable within a low budget wearing a suitable colour for your skin tone.

The colour that you are wearing can’t be dominating your skin tone. The too vibrant colours are not for everyone when you apply this colour rule. The light colours make people look pale out or dull and this says, light is also not everyone. So, a particular skin tone must go with few suitable colours. Let’s see, which colour suits you better and which are not for your skin tone.

Colours For Warm/Dusky Skin Tone

Dusky skin tone women are sexy when confident and style accompains their appearance. The warm skin tone is attractive with the colours that blend in.

You have to get out of this thought- light colours are only perfect for dusky skin tones. This is a wrong rule that makes you make fashion mistakes with your clothing. The colours with the undertones that match your skin tone are the best for you.

1. Brown

1, 2

Brown is the colour that is made for your skin tone. This is a bit more to make you understand but it is all true. Compliment your skin tone with brown shades which are a bit darker. Dark and a bit light brown colours work well for warm skin tone women.

You can wear a tee and a brown coat over it for western outfits. You are lucky to have the standard colour in your list. When you want to set an outfit for a formal occasion, then brown helps you greatly in styling.

2. Olive

1, 2

Olive deserves more attention that it has. It is a fashionable colour for suitable skin tone. You can rock wearing a formal outfit where you include olive. It is not to make you look pretty and feminine. This is a colour you must choose for a dynamic appearance.

It is a standard colour that you can prefer for formal and casual outfits. You can team up olive tops with black or white pants. Olive green is simply stunning in western outfits like maxi dresses, shirts and tees.

You can have a look at the olive green outfits that are the most trending style we collected for you. This says how well it suits the women with dusky skin tones.

3. Dark Cream

1, 2

Do you think cream is an attractive colour? It is an attention seeking colour and looks spectacular on dusky skin tone. The colour goes too pale on fair skin tone. So, this colour is all yours.

The cream Indian ethnic wear is well designed. You can have a look at the image, if a dusky woman is posing like a star in a cream outfit. For a huge occasion that is coming your way, you can choose a cream colour outfit.

4. Orange

1, 2

If your goal is to keep the cliche away, then pick an orange colour outfit this time. Orange outfit goes well with dusky skin. It is not a flashing colour on your skin tone. Instead it makes you look sweet and lovely.

If you feel orange is not for you, then go for a peach orange. It matches your dusky undertones very well. This is not the colour that makes you shun but calls you back. If you still believe it, check out the above image of peach orange outfit. The woman looks super cool with the stylish outfit that came in trendy colour.

5. Black


Black is a universal colour but it is great for the dusky skin people. You look classy in black colour outfits. It is also open for you to team up black outfits with accessories and footwear easily.

As it is a blending colour, it goes well for any occasion. Black is the colour everyone ends up with. So, make this routine colour special for yourself. You can wear the black tops with gray pants. Again don’t make it a cliche outfit with the combination of white. Black also looks great with yellow. Here is how you can style with black- wear a yellow and a black over it. You look super attractive in this combination!

6. Red


Did you just keep your red dress away! You must try it again to believe that red is a wonderful colour for dusky skin people. Give it a chance once again and red makes you more positive than anything else.

Agree that you look bold but also remember that unique is always bold and sexy! You are a level headed with a red colour outfit. But pick the right accessories to prettify your red dress. Black accessories are great with red outfits. Also choose black footwear for your red dress. You have the fashion so evident in the sample image that is put up for you.

Colours For Neutral/Medium Skin Tone

The blend of dark and fair is a neutral colour. This is a lovely colour with the nicest clothing colours. Not light or not dark, the colour must match your skin tone more or less.

You have a clear list of the colours that are suitable for your skin tone. Women with neutral skin tone w\ill fall in love with the outfits that come in these colours. First try them and appreciate your pretty skin shade.

1. Blue

1, 2

What not is beautiful with this colour? Blue turned sky and waters are simply pleasing. It is a nature colour and favourite for many. The light blue colour dresses impress the neutral skin tone women anytime.

Light blue is a pleasant and sober colour. It gives you the positive vibes for a special day. It also sets your mood along with the fashion. As it is a simple colour, you can select the accessories that prettify your outfit. You can elevate your classy shade in you with this colour. Check out the outfits in blue for your reference. Blue colour will never fail for women with neutral skin tone. And it is visible in the above images of blue dresses.

2. Rose


Rose is the queen of the floral world! Now, you must try to be the rosey girl with a rose colour outfit. The young ladies must go with this pretty colour.

The occasional outfits like gowns, frocks and skirts look prettier in rose colour. When you are going to shop for a special outfit, look for this colour. You don’t have to give it a second chance as the colour is pleasing and you want to dress up pretty with this classy feminine colour. The above pictures are to impress you with the best of rose colour outfits.

3. Jade

1, 2

Are you looking for a unique colour that fits your skin tone? Here is a trendy colour – jade. Even if you are not a fan of green shades, you will become one after trying on a jade colour dress.

This colour is quite natural and calmly adds style to you. This is a colour that you must fix an ultra posh shade that you want to bring out. Modern women must always stick to trendy colours. This colour is trending for formal, casual and rocking outfits. The ethnic party wear outfits are alluring as well.

4. White and ivory

1, 2

Let white colour do the magic that it always does. I know, we see white as a routine colour. But it is never a boring colour if you can master the combinations. White and gray outfit is an ultimate combination for formal outfits.

If you are looking for a white outfit for party wear- then wear a white top with a silver shimmery short skirt. You can style a white shirt with a floral long skirt is another favourite for many women for street style.

5. Lemon yellow

1, 2

Lemon yellow is a classy colour that only suits the particular skin tone. If you are new to this colour clothing, then you will be amazed to see yourself in it. The colour is pale but is it an highlighted colour when it comes on you.

Here the colour is mesmerizing and your skin tone as well. Free up yourself before trying the shade. Generally, women don’t love yellows but it is the heart stealing colour. For you to try this style, you need to have a glance of a few stylish outfits. Raise your eyes up and look at the lemon yellow outfits that women stroke a pose in.

Colours For Fair/cool Skin Tone

Have you chosen all bright colours like maroon, fuchsia and dark green for your skin tone. Fair women think that the bright colours make them look prettier.

Imagine the light colours and you will love it more. So, see which colours are for the cool skin tone. And also know that, some bright colours dominate your beautiful skin tone. Try out these new colours for your cool skin tone.

1. Coral

1, 2

Some colours deserve favouritism! Coral is one of those colours that women love to give full attention. This is a fancy colour that designers prefer for ethnic or western outfits.

We don’t have to describe the greatness of this colour in fashion. The fashion ladies, add the coral colour tops with bottoms. You must be knowing how to accessorize and makeup for a coral outfit.

It is a flexible colour that goes with many other colours- white, black, blue. You can also make a mix and match of the coral shade for a lovely outfit. It is fun with fashion for fair skin tone women when coral is the colour of the outfit.

2. Lavender

1, 2

I guess, you have a collection of lavender outfits as your is fair skin tone. It is so obvious to have a collection of dresses in the same colour when it fits you that well.

Fair women look as beautiful as lavender flowers in a lavender colour outfit. This is another special colour that is great on super special occasions. The unusual dresses like gowns and frocks look prettier with lavender and its shades.

3. Royal Blue

1, 2

The fans of royal blue are many. It is a happy colour for fair skin tone. When you want to look fantastic and not routine, this is the colour you must choose.

You can dress up in a royal blue dress and accessorize it with diamond jewelry. I would ask you to prefer this colour on special occasions like night parties and ceremonies. When you want the special attention on date nights, you will get it as much as you.

As it is an unusual colour and not the one which you can for casual, make it all special. The footwear and accessories can be contrast colours like silver, light blue. It is all wow when royal blue steals your heart.

4. Gray

1, 2

If you are bored with the girly colours like pink and lavender, then you must go in gray for your fair skin tone. This is a lovely colour that over do the style of your dress. You can wear a gray formal shirt with black pants for office.

Gray outfit like you do the styling as you want. The footwear and accessories all must be simple. You look stylish with the blend of gray and simplicity!

Check out the fair lady in gray outfit. This gives you confidence to go in the perfect outfit. And moreover, gray is a trendy colour with combinations like pink, black and white. Take inspiration to go chic with this simple colour, gray.

5. Pink

1, 2

Have you ever felt that the light pink is for you? If you felt so, then your eyes told the truth. This pretty colour is for your pretty skin tone. It blends into your skin tone well. It is not a colour that dominates or stands out hiding your skin colour.

This is an ever trending colour for fair skin women. Causal or special, pale pink is great for you. The combinations like pink with silver or gray are just out of the world! You can try the other trending colour combinations with pink. You feel complimented and comfortable in pink outfits.

6. Maroon

MaroonDo you want to go desi with the suiting colour? Then, I would suggest you maroon. The kurta and other ethnic outfits in maroon are perfect for you. You can make it traditional with the ethnic accessories like golden earrings and bangles.

Trying a wetsern maroon outfit makes you feel special. Though the dress is simple, the colour is decorative on fair skin tone. A maroon floral one piece outfit or a gown is angelic for fair women. You can have the look of maroon for your skin tone for both ethnic and westeen outfits.

A colour that is suiting your skin tone could be the dream dress you always wanted. Try these colours and then, you will know what more to experiment in fashion. You will see yourself as a woman with the perfect colours.

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