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Knowing how to apply all the makeup perfectly is important. But knowing how to remove the makeup is equally important. With all the waterproof and smudge proof cosmetics that we have now, just washing our face does not work. There are makeup removers available in the market which makes it easy to remove makeup. Some people like to use the safer and natural methods, because the instant makeup removers can damage the skin over time. It’s interesting that putting on makeup and removing it almost needs the same amount of effort. After having a long day at work and the last thing you ought to do is remove your makeup.

Ways to take off remove makeup without remover



Use any moisturizer to remove makeup. This is the most common material which is always available for use. We all defiantly have products like Vaseline body lotion or Nivea body lotion, these can be one of the simplest materials which helps to wipe out your makeup neatly. All you need to do is, take a cotton ball or little cotton according to your requirement. Then spread some of the lotion or moisturizer around it and wipe out your makeup gently.

2Some Baby products

Some Baby products

Baby oil, can be a gentle remover of your makeup. Since baby oil has gentle ingredients, it also works the same way.

Baby wipes, also remove your makeup gently. There are makeup removal wipes, but they tend to make your skin dry and also irritates your skin. Baby wipes do the opposite. They hydrate the skin and keep it soft.



This method may take time, but it is one of the best ways. Best, because it not only removes the makeup, but also cleans the whole face. Steaming your face will unclog the pores allowing you to wash off your face using the regular cleanser and lukewarm water. This totally cleans your face removing the makeup and also the dirt.

4Hair oil

Hair oil

Yes! You can totally use any of your hair oil to remove makeup. Some people prefer moisturizer over hair oil because using oil can give them a burning sensation in their eyes. But, coconut oil or olive oil is also commonly used to take off makeup. Use the cotton ball procedure here also.



When we talk of cucumber and facial care, the only thing that comes up in our mind is two slices of cucumber on our eyes. Well, using cucumber paste mixed with your hair oil, preferably olive oil is also a good makeup remover. This mixture allows you to have a smooth removal of makeup.

6Honey and baking soda

Honey and baking soda

Adding up honey and a little baking soda, removes your makeup and exfoliates your skin too. Use a small bowl to mix up both the ingredients, then, take a cotton ball and gently rub off your makeup. The properties of honey and baking soda gently removes your makeup. Once you wash your face you feel fresh.



Some milk mixed with little almond oil, will also remove your makeup. The combination of milk and almond oil allows your skin to get moisturized and also glow. Apply the mixture on your face wait for some time and then wash it off. Your skin gets rid of the makeup and is also soft and glowing.

Removing the makeup before sleeping can be a task. But, the result that these natural makeup removal methods give are the key motivators. The soft and fresh skin that you would get after using one of these methods, would make you obligated to remove your makeup.

By- Roseleen Aind.

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