8 Extraordinary Statement Sunglasses For Women


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Sunglasses can save your eyes from dangerous UV rays. You need a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright sun. After eye protection, the second reason can be style. Sunglasses give a stylish and posh look. You can make over the coolest style but some of the styles are not instant.

Covering your eyes is not only a need but love for fashion. Sunglasses can do an instant style and make you look stunning. All you need is a trending pair of sunglasses. You also have spring sunglasses which are pretty cool. Let your styles be unique with statement sunglasses.

Let the sunglasses join with your other accessories and make the fashion fun. The colours and frame shapes are many. The choices are wider and open, for you to pick any one. Switch the style by adding some colour. The statement sunglasses come into the picture when you love to make the style statement.

Wear the Statement Sunglasses- Easy Way to Make A Style Statement

1. Heart shaped sunglasses

Heart-shaped-sunglassesHeart shaped accessories are loved by women. It makes the perfect statement sunglasses and let you also make a style statement. Heart shaped sunglasses come in various colours and they look stunning with gorgeous outfits. You can wear glasses for a stylish look. The sunglasses come in pretty colours like pink, purple. There are a variety of frames in heart-shaped sunglasses. The designs and colours are pretty to wear and good to cover your eyes.

2. Bright colours

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The bright shades of sunglasses give you a funky look. Let your love for colours and designs go high. You get colourful shades with plastic and metal frame. You also get the multicolour sunglasses with a mixture of some pretty colours. The bright colours can match your voguish look and you can add some accessories to highlight your whole appearance. In the above image, you can look at the women with bright shades and neck accessories. She is a stunner with statement sunglasses along with the rest of the style.

3. Sunglasses with dark lenses

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The full dark lenses look extremely stunning with western outfits. The dark shades elevate the skin tone. The dark shades look amazing with the light colour outfits like cream or white. The shades dominate the dress in a stunning way. It is a chance to fall in love with your outfit and sunglasses together.

4. Jewelry sunglasses

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The sunglasses with jewelry is a super innovative idea. The ideas of statement sunglasses is clearly shown in jewelry sunglasses. The diamonds, beads and pearls around the sunglasses look beautiful. You also have floral and butterfly designs. You get that feminine look with the jewelry statement sunglasses. You can shine along with the sunglasses as the frame is attached with bright stones and pearls.

5. Pointed Cat Eye

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Pointed cat eye sunglasses are stylish with the shape. The cat-eye shape is adorable and you look like a cool cat wearing glasses. The lovely frames and the colours of the frames make the cat eye glasses look voguish. With cat-eye sunglasses, you make an adorable appearance. The statement glasses with cat eye shape are trending as women’s fashion accessories.

6. Over Sized Shades with Coloured Frames

Over-Sized-Shades-with-coloured-framesOversized lenses with coloured frames are a wonderful statement glasses. Oversized sunglasses is in fashion and preferred by modern women. The way the oversized sunglasses cover your eyes make you look bold but elegant. You are a dynamic lady with oversized sunglasses with coloured frames. The frames come in bright colours. You can choose the trending colours like yellow, green and purple.

7. Vintage double beam glasses

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Women newly fall in love with vintage styles. The sunglasses also too9k the vintage style with a thin frame and glasses. Moreover, the double beam looks more like vintage. The delicate frames make you look stylish all the way. Pose to make a style statement wearing the vintage statement glasses. Vintage styles are classic and origin style. So, feel good wearing the original style.

8. Triangle Shaped Sunglasses

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If you want a classy and stylish look with wearing sunglasses, then you can pick triangle shaped sunglasses. The thin metal frame and the shades come together to make the statement sunglasses. Get obsessed with the unique statement triangle sunglasses. You are going to represent yourself as a fashion lady wearing the triangle shaped sunglasses.

Every style makes the style statement to raise fashion. Surprise yourself with some trendy styles. You need to get the fashion updates and accessorize well. You can wear them in summer and spring for eye protection and to light up the fashion. You are going to rock with colours, shades and designs wearing the trending statement sunglasses. Hope you got the trending styles of statement sunglasses.

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