9 things good dancers do differently


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Great Dancer

Most of your friends are great dancers. It is easy to get all jealous about them and think what they actually do every day that makes them perform so well with grace. Yes, every dancer has his/her own style and your dancer friend has it too. She/he has been doing something on every day basis that is not a secret at all. Do you want to be a great dancer like the one you look up to? Then here are some easy yet amazing tips for you to become a better dancer. Know more on what good dancers do differently by reading the following tips.

Top Things That Keep Them As Good Dancers

1They don’t ask for excuses

They dont excuses

When it comes to dancers, Oh sorry! Amazing dancers, they just don’t ask for excuses. ‘My leg’s hurting’, ‘let me take a break for a day’, ‘I am not okay today’, ‘no mood’! Such statements never are uttered by them. If you want to be a great dancer like them, you got to gain momentum in your dance practice. To gain a proper momentum, you should not give excuses to yourself or others. It is very important that you practice every day without fail.

2Dance by yourself

Dance by yourself

Dancing is not done for others. Whether there are people looking at you or not, whether they love your dance or not, you need to make sure that you are dancing for yourself and by yourself. Constantly depending on a dance partner could wreck your sessions. You will be capable of greater things if you practice to dance alone on the dance floor.

3Use a mirror

Use a mirror

It is very important for you to know that you use a mirror when you dance. Watching yourself dance will determine where you are going wrong and what other improvements you need to do. When you are dancing in a group, it is always nice to look at yourself and dance. Comparing yourself with others may not work always. You can also use a camera. Set the camera at a considerable distance and start dancing. At first, watching yourself on camera may look weird, but once you start practicing that way, you will start seeing the positive side of it.

4Find a mentor or join a proper dance class

join a proper dance class

When you start dancing, the first things come first. You need to find a great mentor for yourself who can teach you how it is to dance perfectly. Practice makes your dance perfect and who better than a mentor can do that. Right? They will support you, guide you when you are making a wrong move and challenge your own skills which will make you improve.

5Overcome challenges

Overcome challenges

Great dancers don’t do what comes easily to them. They set their goals for higher standards. If you also want to become a great dancer, then try to set your goals to the next level. Overcome challenges and try styles which you haven’t liked or tried. The most satisfying thing in dance is to break that challenge that you have always been afraid of.

6Avoid negativity

Avoid negativity

Dance is always positive and being positive will make you look better on stage. Whether it is talking about someone behind his or her back, making fun of someone’s dance moves, or letting someone talk about you. Any of these is termed as negative energy. Stay clear of all these. Free yourself from all the negative energy so the positive self can shine on you.

7Trust yourself

Trust yourself

Trusting oneself is the first most steps to becoming an amazing dancer. Whether or not you appreciate what you do, believe in yourself and trust in what you do. Just practicing doesn’t give results. Trusting and having faith in oneself is the key to becoming a great and successful dancer.

8Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback and suggestions is one of the things every good dancer learns. You need to make sure you know your errors and where you go wrong. In order to know that, you need to ask for people if they like what they see. That is what stands out and will make you improve your skill as a dancer.

9Go for it

Go for it

When you know it’s time, go for it! Do stage shows and start small. You cannot become a great dancer overnight. A lot of hard work, commitment and sincerity go into the dance. So, you should always try to be the best when it comes to dance. Just go for it if you feel like.

Excellence is not very far when you know the route. If you want to be a great dancer, there is nothing stopping you but yourself. Grab a piece of paper and take another look at the list above. Ask yourself “Which of these have I done well? Which have I been slacking on?” For each trait you think you can improve on, write a few ways to do it. As soon as you take action towards improving your dancing from good to great – you’re sure to see results. And you’ll have no one to thank but yourself!

-Pavithra Ravi