20 Gorgeous Blouse Designs for Lehenga-List of Latest Designs

Blouse Designs for Lehenga
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Women only call themselves fashionable when they are able to make the right pairing of tops and bottoms. The colours and combinations matter for them when its about styles, dressing and accessories. The last moment adjustments may make everything look imperfect. Perfection comes from knowledge and fashion interest.

Women need to have favourite designs and styles in their list. The collection that you have in your favourite list makes your selection work easy. We are letting you have the favourite list of blouses for your lehengas. Your bridal or special occasion lehengas are worthy of being paired with a fashionable blouse.

The designs of blouses for lehengas are multiple. Few become your favourite and few suit you. But the easy checklist that you have for the designs must be updated based on the fashion and trend. Here are some of the latest blouse designs for lehengas.

Blouse Designs for Lehenga – Pretty Woman’s Choice

1. Full Sleeve Blouse Design for Lehenga


Full sleeves for your blouse for lehenga is an evergreen style. The full sleeves is a decent and stylish look. You can also get a vintage style wearing the full sleeves lehenga. You can get netted sleeves. Full sleeves with ruffles look fashionable for a lehenga. Full sleeves with short tops are is a wonderful style.

2. Brocade Blouse Design for Lehenga


Brocade blouse is a beautiful design that highlights the blouse shape. Brocade blouse is pretty design with unique and wide variety of styles. The fabric that you choose for brocade blouse design also gives an attractive look. Brocade blouses come with the lovely work and designs of kundan, stones. The light lehenga with brocade blouses are trending.

3. Golden Work Blouse Design for Lehenga


The golden work on blouses are suitable for many lehengas. The traditional look that your blouse gets with golden work is eye catchy. Your golden work adds the attraction that glitters and appears unique. You can also choose black and golden combination for your blouse to pair with a lehenga. You can also choose the maroon and golden combination which is an attractive design of blouse for lehenga.

4. Blouse With Back Design for Lehenga


The back design makes the blouse looks elegant. For a blouse there are many back designs with varieties. The simple designs can make your blouse look pretty. Lovely designer blouses are trendy with back designs. Back designs of blouse can have the stones and zari works. Embroidery at back also looks breathtaking.

5. Velvet Blouse Design for Lehenga

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The vibrant colour of velvet blouse and silver work on it looks fancy. Stone work also look attractive on velvet blouse. Let the patter of the blouse go trendy with fashionable necklines. Velvet blouse can be worn for the evening events, occasions. The sumptuous designs on blouse makes it a bright blouse with calming effect. The combinations you choose for velvet blouse must be alluring.

6. Boat Neck Blouse Design for Lehenga


Boat neck blouse is the super cool design from years. The design of boat neck is descent with simple variations. Boat neck blouses are suitable for all type of lehenga. It is an ever running fashion Indian traditional outfit with modern colour, combinations and patterns. As boat neck is simple and decent design, you can choose to add embellishments, embroidery work to the blouse. We suggest you to keep the blouse with minimal work. The minimal design makes the blouse look dignified and fashionable.

7. Off Shoulder Lehenga Blouse


An off shoulder blouse for your lehenga is a pretty cool idea. If you want your traditional outfit modish, you must choose a latest design. You can choose a pretty neckline for your off shoulder blouse. The neckline can be ruffled or with pleats. Such trendy patterns around the neckline for off shoulder blouse makes it attractive. You can stay in fashion and tradition with such simple ideas for blouses.

8. Backless Blouse Design


Backless blouse is not a unique style. You can have knot style and keep it fashionable. Keeping the blouse backless is elegant and graceful style. Backless blouse is a modern style that is perfect to team up with a gracious lehenga. The angelic look is easy and possible with such breathtaking designs.

9. High Neck Design


High neck is a classy and timeless design. A lehenga with high neck blouse is perfect pairing. You can make the pairing more stylish. The high neck designs modified necklines are all trendy. High neck blouse that paired with a blouse can be of lace work, border to make it even more fashionable. High neck blouses can be your choice when you want appear simple but still fashionable.

10. Net Blouse Design

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You can get net blouse with floral work designs. Net blouses are highly fashionable with lehengas. The tiny and pretty work on your netted blouse elevates and makes your blouse look wonderful. Netted blouse can be with elbow length sleeves, mini sleeve, full sleeves or sleeveless. Netted blouses make you feel light and extremely fancy for a lehenga. It also make your appear like fashion lady.

11. Cape Blouse Design


You can choose the sheer or organza fabric for your cape style blouse to match your lehenga. Cape style blouse let the design get elevated. The borders of the capes can come with designs like embroidery, golden to work and lace work. Cape blouses with minimal work look stylish and it can also be a long cape. Capes flow with trendy designs.

12. Collar Blouse Design


The collar neck look stunning with variety of fabrics. Collar neck makes your lehenga look fashionable. You can make the collar style stand out choosing a different colour from the blouse. The collar can be embroidered or with stones and make it shine. The collar can be highlighted with the lovely sequins and embellishments. The high class look become highly gorgeous.

13. Halter Blouse Design

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Halter neck is the style that makes your blouse look chic. Halter neck blouse with minimal weight sequins looks pretty. You have embroidered neckline that makes the blouse look royally beautiful. You will love every bit of your blouse when it is halter and it is trending style for Indian traditional outfits. A bridal lehenga with halter neck looks all pretty and can be worn for wedding rituals and reception.

14. Jacket Blouse Design


Jacket blouse is is a super cool style with designs around the blouse. Jacket blouse looks modish which can be paired with fancy lehengas. You can rock in the style which is fully modern. You can also choose long jacket blouses for your lehenga which is trending. Jacket blouse with full sleeves makes your lehenga look highly classy. You can make the blouse gorgeous with fashionable necklines. Jacket style for ethnic wear is an extreme Indo western outfit idea. The designs can be paired with a bridal lehenga as well.

15. Peplum Style Blouse Design


Peplum style blouse are more tredning with Indian traditional wear. To look fashionable and more stylish, you can choose a peplum style blouse. Let the style highlight you with tradition and fashion. The outfit will be suitable for big and special occasions. Peplum blouse take a beautiful turn with ruffles and edged designs. You can also have high low peplum top that is the most trending style for a lehenga. Choose the fabric that suits Indian styles and traditions.

16. Sleeveless Blouse Design


A sleeveless blouse can look outstanding with the necklines and golden stripes. Sleeveless blouse suits a slim fit lehenga. The back can be designed with embroidery. A sleeveless blouse with a keyhole looks fashionable. Sleeveless blouse with dori is also beautiful and makes it elegant. The straps of blouse can be of lace work or with zari stripes. A sleeveless blouse with high neck is lovely fashionable design. The design we love and suggest for a sleeveless blouse is with polka dots. It matches a traditional lehenga and makes a lovely outfit.

17. Spaghetti Strap Blouse Design

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Spaghetti straps adds the western style to your tradition outfit. The spaghetti straps can be of golden or any a contrast colour of the blouse. You may love attach the glorious designs at neckline which makes the blouse decorative and unique. You can also choose to add a design at waist line.

18. Cold Shoulder Blouse Design


Cold shoulder blouse with embellished sleeves is all pretty. The sleeves can be adorned with the sequins. Cold shoulder blouses can also be attached with chains at the sleeves. The design makes your blouse look attractive. To make it more captivating, you must choose a vibrant colour blouse for minimal embellished lehenga.

19. Crop Blouse Design


Crop style blouse is trending with lehengas. You can a stylish outfit for your special events and evenings parties. As the blouse is cropped, you can attach the hangings at waistline. Tassels and hangings at the waistline for a crop blouse is an attractive design. The crop style blouse can have the neckline and waistline with the golden stripes which brims with traditional look.

20. Flared Blouse Design


A flared blouse look is an impressive fashionable design for lehenga blouse. Blouse can come with halter neck or high neck. The sleeves can also be of fully flared. If you look at the above image, the blouse is flared and designed with halter neck. It is an eccentric style which must be added into your list of blouse designs. If you are bored with the routine blouse styles for lehenga, you can pair up your lehenga with a flared blouse. You can bloom with a flared top with fashion and elegance.

Flaunt with the pairing of lehenga and trendy blouses. Choose the blouse design that suits the occasion. You can be well dressed with these latest ideas of blouse designs for lehenga. The list of blouses make your blouse selection and design simple. Many of the blouse designs are suitable for bridal lehengas as well. Pick one and go flawless with fashion and style.

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