Personal hygiene mistakes you are making without knowledge


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Personal Hygiene

A lot of us make personal hygiene a part of our routine that we follow every single day without a doubt. Many fall into the routine and don’t even know if it is right or wrong. The hardest pill to the superficial is that all of you who are following a routine are doing it the wrong way. Many of the things that you are doing from your childhood are in fact affecting your body and your health. This list of things that we think as personal hygiene is what is making our body and health even worse every day. So, here’s the list of personal hygiene mistakes you are probably doing without your knowledge.

Top Personal Hygiene Mistakes You Make

1Brush and floss after each meal

Brush and floss

Did you know that you should clean your teeth after every 10 minutes? No one can possibly do that. Right? But, most of us think that brushing and flossing one or two times a day is enough to keep our mouth clean and neat. Every time you talk, eat or even drink water, you have a bad breath in your mouth. You can’t avoid that. But what can you do to prevent smelling bad is that, you can brush and floss after each meal of yours. The meal is a significant amount of food that you take. Thrice a day after each meal is what we are talking about. It keeps your mouth clean and neat.

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2Hand for sweat

Hand for sweat

A lot you may hit the gym for at least an hour or two. After hours of exercise the easy mistake most of you do, is wiping your sweat using your hands. That in fact is a huge dirty mistake. You are holding so many machines, while exercising god knows what kind of germs stick to your hands. No one realizes this at all because this is a daily action. Personal hygiene would be if you can have a small towel or even grabbing your shirt for a quick wipe is better than using your hands.



Did you know that there are probably hundreds of viruses in the mattress or carpet that you sleep and walk on? Norwalk virus is one of the most famous ones that is found in your carpets. Cleaning and vacuuming helps. But that said, doing it every day or insanely every time after you walk on it doesn’t help at all. The bacteria are still stuck under the layers. It is always better to seek professional cleaner for the same which will help you kill most of it.

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4Sharing nail cutters

Sharing nail cutters

Not many of you might know that nail cutters are the easiest way to transfer bacteria from your hand to others. But the truth is that, families and friends do that even without knowing the negative repercussions of sharing nail cutters. The skin that is cut or the nail that you cut will have ample bacteria content which will travel from one hand to another. The transfer of germs is definitely not good for your personal hygiene. Have a small nail clipper for yourself and don’t share that with anyone to prevent traveling of germs.

5Save your germs

Save your germs

A study determines that an overly clean or hygienic environment is the one that attracts easy germs into your body since the environment is exposed to eczema and asthma disease. It is like over bathing. When you do over bath or keep applying hand sanitizer, the chances of drying up all the germs are high! When you dry up the basic amount of germs in your body, the skin cracks and is exposed and vulnerable to more germs. So, save up your germs.

6Urine is good

Urine is good

Awkward isn’t it? It could be highly awkward to know that urine is good, but urine contains a fungal component that helps you kill the bacteria. That said, it doesn’t mean you leave your hands unwashed after peeing. There are a number of hand Sanitizers or lotions that have a content of urine in it, which also helps in improving the quality of your skin.

So, remember that all that you have done might not be right till now. But once you know that your personal hygiene is at risk, try to change if you are doing it the wrong way!

-Pavithra Ravi