Traditional Bengali Bridal Jewelry


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Traditional Bengali bridal jewelry

Bengalis has always taken their pride in their culture, which isvery evident throughout the cuisine, art, and the craft, music as well as the lifestyle of people living there. The attires and the jewelry items reflect the tradition of Bengal. Gold is also one of the most prominent metals that are being used for carving jewelry items of Bengal. Weddings, as well as other occasions, are one of the best places, you can see some huge array of Bengali jewelry of latest and some antique designs. It is because Bengalis believe that happiness and prosperity thrive in gold. Bengali brides mostly wear a lot of gold, especially during any marriage ceremony and continues to wear some of them, through their lives. While not all the jewelries in the Bengali culture are made from gold, majority jewels have gold featured in them. There are other jewelries that are made from silver, ivory, and many other lesser known metals for jewelry. So here, are some traditional Bengali bridal jewelry to know more about.

Beautiful Traditional Bengali Bridal Jewelry

1Gold Bangle with Wax Filling

Gold Bangle with Wax Filling

This particular item of the gold bangle is very unique because it is filled with wax. Mostly gold is soft and is also highly malleable in nature. The wax in it is added just to provide some extra strength and some durability to the bangle. Married Bengali women, wear these types of bangles everyday to maintain their tradition. In Bengali it is known as ‘Gaala bhora bala’. A traditional Bengali bridal jewelry, for a traditional marriage.

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2Sculptured Gold Bracelets

Sculptured Gold Bracelets

In West Bengal, art and craft always had held very great importance in the culture. Use of the sculpture is also very evident in all facets of people’s life, which also includes jewelry. Gold bracelets, with beautiful sculptures or sometimes even old paintings, are called ‘Chur’ among the Bengalis. Both unmarried and married women can wear this type of gold bracelets.

3The ‘Half Cut’ Bangle

The ‘Half Cut’ Bangle

This type of gold based bangle is called ‘Bauti’ in Bengali and its design is made in such a way, that this bangle is actually ‘half-cut’ instead of full bangle. This design can reduce the amount of gold used in the making a bangle. They are also cost-effective and apt for any regular use.



Bengali gold bracelets have its own charm. In Bengal, a gold traditional bracelet is called ‘chur’. Although they do come in pairs, depending on the need and the budget, you can also buy one ‘chur’. As for the gold, that is being used in making a ‘chur’, the quantity of the gold can go up to 50 gms!

5Gold Bangles with Cut Design

Gold Bangles with Cut Design

This type of gold bangles which are being used as a special ‘cut’ design is generally known as ’Beloyari’ in Bengali. Its inspiring design has led the gold craftsmen in Bengal, carve these bangles incorporating the women folk of the region.

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6Gold on Iron

Gold on Iron

In Bengali, tradition married Hindu woman is supposed to wear an iron bangle on their ‘left’ hand. It is also believed that it is to promote the husband’s well-being. Nowadays, you can find gold being embedded in the iron bangles in Bengali known as ‘Shona Badhano Loha’ and is also commonly sighted among married Bengali women as part of their ritual.



Bangles can also be crafted in metals like gold and silver. Thick gold or even silver bangles, which is mostly worn by married Bengali women are called ‘Kankan’. These bangles have auspicious feature and exquisite designs in the endpoints.

8Conch Shell with Gold

Conch Shell with Gold

‘Sannkha pola’ or conch shell bangles are a mandatory item for married Bengali women to wear. Nowadays, with the advent of modernization in the traditional conch shell bangles, craftsmen are using gold on them. This form of conch shell bangles is known as ‘Shona Badhano Sannkha-Pola’. Amazing gold designs, on the conch shell and the red lac based bangles, are very common in Bengali weddings.



This type of ornament has its origins from the Mughal times. The traditional ‘ratnachur’ have five finger rings which are attached to armlet. These connecting areas usually have designs of the lotus, the sun or even the moon. However, women in Bengali and other Hindu marriages, these days use the most updated designs on this ornament.

10The ‘Flower Motif’ Chain

The ‘Flower Motif’ Chain

It is a gold based chain which in Bengali is termed as ‘Bokul Mala’. ‘Bokul’ is a very prominent flower found in the region and the flower inspired the designs of the gold chain. Many married Bengali women wear this type of chains on a regular basis.

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