How To Care For Pregnant Working Mother’s


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Working Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is a full-time job and when you are also a working woman, it becomes difficult to cope up with the job and health and in this case you have to take care of the babies health too. There is no harm in working full time, but pregnancy months are the most cautious months in a woman’s life. Remember that your pregnancy days will decide your baby’s healthy life.

It becomes difficult for a pregnant woman to concentrate on only one task. As being pregnant even the child requirement is fulfilled through the mother. While being happy with the add of new member in life, you might also have to face some challenges in the office too. Here are some tips you can try while you are working pregnant women.

Tips Of Working Pregnant Mother’s

1Eat healthy meals everyday

Eat healthy meals everyday

Try to eat nutritious snacks like raw vegetables, yogurt, dals, cheese, fruits, milk, egg products, sprouts and soya. As with these foods are ideal and beneficial for working women. It can beneficial for pregnant women to consume calcium every day. Omega-3 and folates can also be important supplements. You must remember to keep your mental health as well as your physical health in check. They are also necessary to have proper development of the baby.

2Keep healthy snacks available at work

Keep healthy snacks available at work

Try to have some healthy snacks handy in the office like crackers, popcorn, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, cheese and fruits throughout the day because low blood sugar level due to hunger can cause nausea. There are some medications for morning sickness is available, if this problem becomes serious, you can get them by consulting your doctor. You can also try some different natural home remedies available. Also, most of the time prefer to be hydrated by drinking barley water, iced water and lemon juice.

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3Stay organised

Stay organised

You can try on keeping a notepad handy and write down all the reminders of proper diet at work. You can also make a list of doctor appointments and responsibilities matching your work schedule. This you can keep with to yourself, be it in home or work. Also try to stick to the schedule to get yourself excessively tired or overworked.



Consult your doctor and try to get enough supplements of Vitamin C from fruits and vegetable juices or other supplements.

5Get good night sleep

Get good night sleep

For a working pregnant woman a good night’s sleep is also important and essential to have an ensured good blood flow to the baby. Plenty and a quality sleep is also beneficial for the baby. If you are working from home or in a leave or on weekends, try to take naps in between like before dinner or around lunch. It can help you relax from the workload and helpful, even for the new born baby.

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Try to indulge more in exercises like yoga, consulting with your doctor and yoga instructor. It might help you in work stress relief. You can also try walking around the office, it can reduce the possibility of Varicose veins, swelling of legs and feet and blood clot. Try to avoid heavy work, exercises and lifting. Also try to follow some minor exercises after coming home from work.

7Do not smoke

Do not smoke

We all know that smoking is injurious to health and smoking while being pregnant can be more dangerous. Smoking is not only harmful for the mother, but it also injurious to the health of the baby. Sometimes smoking can cause premature births, infant deaths, abortions, low birth weights, etc. If you are a chain smoker then try quitting smoking as much possible and as early as possible.

8Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol

Just like smoking, even drinking can cause harmful effects for the mother and the baby. So it is best to stay away from alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause severe damage and birth defects in the baby and even can small amount of alcohol can cause these defects.

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9Take breaks during work

Take breaks during work

Be sure that your schedule has fixed time to do the work. Like fixed time to take breaks or relax in between work. It might help you in being stressed in work overload.

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