10 Stunning Ways to Style A Sequined Saree


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If you just want to style the same way for all the sarees, then your closet wouldn’t have all types of sarees layering one upon one. Every saree style deserves and syncs with different blouses, accessories and footwear. The hairstyle is also a style accessory when coming to a makeover look. The popular and fashionable outfits keep you more focused on the styling and the way you look. If we pay a little attention, we will see sequined saree trending now.

It is enough to learn or note a few fashion tips to style a sequined saree. Then you will play it well every time you wear a sequined saree. Here we have given away the styling tips and ways to style a sequined saree.

Once you highlight your hairstyle and other times, take a chance to show off your pretty necklace. To know more, continue to read.

Styling Sequined Saree

When you have the tips to style your outfit, you do it effortlessly. You also pull off the look with confidence. So, Have these ways to style a sequined saree- on your fingertips and nail it!

1. Sequined saree and messy bun

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A messy bun is more like an accessory if you do it well. Let it look messy with wavy bangs at sides and secure it elegantly. If you are asking this is all about styling a sequined saree, then a big “Yes”.

If you are styling your sequined saree with an embellished blouse then a messy bun is what you are left to do. Just flaunt with a sleek messy bun, comfortable footwear and some pretty lip shade that suits you.

This look is great for parties and events too. If you are attending a social event wearing a traditional sequined saree, then a high tight bun suits better. And for a party wear sequined saree, a messy bun is the classiest!

2. Diamonds


Are you still preserving that diamond set? It’s time to unveil your diamond set or diamond accessories if you are going in a sequined saree. If you are not wearing diamonds for sequined saree, then why do you need them?

Just have a look at the designer sequined sarees by Manish Malhotra, Sabyasaachi, Ritu Kumar- all look the sequined saree with diamonds. They style it that way as it is beautiful.

Shining saree with diamonds is the ultimate style. Rest, it’s your wish to add other styles. Hairstyle, you can keep it simple and a suitable pair of sandals or heels is everything you need to finish it.

3. Long earrings

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Long earrings are dramatic! If your saree is beautifully crafted lightly, then heighten the earrings lengthy. A few women only feel adorned wearing long earrings. No matter what long earrings are their favourite with any dress or saree. Such women must for a simple sequined dress so that they can doll up with long earrings with all the freedom.

As your saree is simple, you can wear the diamond woven, golden long or pearly earrings hanging down your ears. And you are not overstyled but smartly balancing your style.

Belive me, you look elegant!

4. Sleeveless blouse


If you want to look modish in a saree, then a well tailored sleeveless blouse can do it all for you. Mostly sequined saree are flowy and falling which appear sleek. The lightweight sequined saree really goes with sleeveless blouses.

Again in sleeveless, you have deep cut blouses, backless blouses, knot style and halter houses too. All these designer blouses are a running fashion with fancy sarees. You can also pair your sequined saree with a mini sleeves blouse as well.

When you are going for a romantic date with your husband or boyfriend, then you can style your sequined saree this way.

5. Wavy loose hairstyle


When you are dressing up in a special outfit, you become conscious about every bit. From hairstyle to footwear, you want everything to look unique. I agree, unique is special. But it is not that particular for hairstyles.

Wavy loose hairstyle or securing it with a glitter hair pin is gorgeous. You need not work much on your hairstyle to style a sequined saree. Look at the above image, the lady is alluring with wavy loose hair.

Highlight your accessories or pair your sequined saree with a well designed blouse and then this simple hairstyle is perfect. You will not be left with anything more to style. Look at you and you look already stunning!

6. Velvet blouse

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Wearing velvet outfits is rare. Even though you have a breathtaking velvet dress, you must wait for the right occasion to wear it. When your dress doesn’t suit the occasion, then it is the major fashion disaster. Agree?

But, you don’t have to wait to wear a velvet blouse. Pairing a party wear sequined saree with velvet saree is just the appropriate styling. Velvet blouse is vibrant, shiny but not standing out overtaking the shiny sequins. It is the sheen that noticeably styles your saree.

If you want to believe this by seeing than just reading or listening, then you have the images attached. Have a look at how glamamous the women are looking.No doubt, it is a head turning style!

7. Minimal accessories


If your saree is crafted beautifully with sequins from top to bottom then it is the accessory you are wearing all over you. You don’t need more bold accessories to elevate your beauty.

Keep your accessories minimal with heavily embellished saree. The sequins are already styling you enough and also adding the sheer that is needed. A styling tip from my side is to tuck diamond studs with a heavy sequined saree.

8. Simple blouse

Src, Src

If you are someone who loves to adorn with accessories and to wear a fully embellished saree then simple blouses must be your choice.

Why this? Fine, now just imagine your appearance in-heavily sequined saree, fully woven jewelry and an embellished blouse. This is too heavy or too bold. You will not feel it heavy on your body but feel over when your style reflects in the mirror.

Somewhere, you must sober it down to look elegant, feminine and flawless. Styling in every possible way makes it look messy. That is the reason fashionable women keep it less styled- either accessories or outfit and sometimes hairstyle.

9. Classy footwear


You must be waiting for footwear in the list. It is last but not the least when it comes to styling for a special appearance.

There is no particular styling tip for footwear. Anything that you are comfortable in would be good for a saree. Wearing high heels or dramatic sandals is not necessary. It is always better to keep it simple and classy.

Footwear with shiny single or double straps is my preference for a sequined saree. You can also wear slightly shimmery ballerina shoe heels with your shiny saree. But again only if you are comfortable.

10. Draping style


There are various draping styles from olden traditional wear to modern. The suitable draping style for sequined sarees is cowl style, single pallu style, pant style. These are saree draping styles that you can try with your sequined saree.

These styles make you appear slim and elegant in an embellished saree. You are more into fashion with these draping styles. It shows off the beauty of sequins when the saree is not fully pleated or gathered.

I must say, even casually draping a sequined saree would look prettiest. So, you need not be too focused on draping it unique or exactly into a trendy way.

Now you will know why you need bits of fashion sense to style a sequined saree. It is simple to style and appears elegant in a sequined saree. Anyways, most of the style is already woven in the saree itself, rest of the styling is an addition. So keep that addition simple and pretty to look great in a sequined saree.

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