Bust Myths For A Luscious Thigh Gap

Workouts For Thigh Gap

A thigh gap is the epitome symbol of a tone and slim body. It is the clear space under your crotch between upper and middle thighs. A thigh gap means you are largely devoid of fat. But to create a gap in the inner thighs is one of the most difficult for some of us. Whereas for some it is no less than climbing a Mount Everest.

Some of us do so many crazy things to get a thigh gap. Whereas some of us can go to any extreme level of workout and dieting in getting that perfect thigh gap. Here are few exercises or workouts for thigh gap, as well as a few myths surrounding thigh gap, we all must know.

Perfect Thigh Gap Myths And Workouts

1Few Effective Workouts

Before starting any workout, remember to warm up your body. Warming up is one of the best ways to get a fit and effective work out body. There are plenty of workouts available on the internet, you can try.

Here are five workouts to help you in getting a desired thigh gap.

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2Plie Squats

Plie Squats

Try to stand straight with your legs wider apart than your shoulder width. Toes must be faced outward. Go lower core as much low as you can with your back straight in a proper form. The thighs must be parallel to the ground and maintain tension in your inner thighs or buttocks. Then rise back up while maintaining tension in a starting position. Start to add weight when you become comfortable.

3Pilates Leg Lifts

Pilates Leg Lifts

In this workout lie on your side with legs stretched. Try to lift your leg slowly as much high as you can, it will target your outer thighs. Then slowly pull back your leg and start with another leg. Try to add weight whenever you feel comfortable.

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4Bridge Raises

Bridge Raises

At first lie on your mat with legs bent, with feet and hip width apart. Take a towel or pillow and put any of them between your knees. Try to slowly lift up your hip until the line from hip to shoulder is straight. Slowly try to lower your hips to the start position. But do not rest until you complete your reps.

5Inner Leg Lift

Inner Leg Lift

Lie on the right side, bent your left leg and try to stretch out your right leg. Try to slowly lift your right leg as high possible. Keep your feet flared outward to give inner thighs a burn. Maintain tension in the core and inner thighs, slowly lower back to the start position. Try not to rest until your reps are done.

6Lateral Lunge

Lateral Lunge

Stand straight with legs apart. Try to slowly step on your right with right foot. Try to squat as low as you can straighten your left leg. Slowly come back to the start position. Repeat position with the other leg. Use weight when you becomes comfortable.

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Here are three popular myths surrounding thigh gap, you should know before you start working out.

8Do Not Try Supermodel Size Thigh Gap

Supermodel Size Thigh Gap

Every woman body is different their bone structure is different. Since, everyone is differently formed, there is a few percentage of woman who can never achieve thigh gap. No matter how thin and toned legs they have.

No matter if you can achieve thigh gap or not, the point of this workout is to be fit and healthy. There are also lot of diets you can follow. By this you can be healthy from inside and feel good of yourself.

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9Need A Supermodel’s Body To Get A Thigh Gap

Body To Get A Thigh Gap

Thigh gap appears just because of the decrease of the layer of fat from your inner thighs. The less fat, the more thigh gap. Which sometimes means, the more skinnier you are, the bigger gap you might have. However, every woman’s body is molded differently, inner thigh fat will play a huge role in how large your gap will be.

Do not try to be anorexic to become like a supermodel, you just need to be toned and slim.

10Avoid Building Muscles

Avoid Building Muscles

A Lot of exercises with weights can transform and block thigh gap into muscles. Try to do a leg workout with streamline to achieve a sexy lean look. Remember to stick to the low weight and number of repetitive workout regiment to not develop massive man thighs.

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