Reasons why you should listen to the inner voice


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Inner voice

Everyone wants to be successful and do things of their own choice. To be a successful person and understand that you are your master, you should be able to decide for yourself. How do you decide if the things you are doing is right or wrong? That is when, you need to listen to your inner voice and seek for answers. Well, yes, did you know what Buddha described our mind as? He said that the mind is a monkey that lets you chat, scream and decide endlessly without any inhibitions, but the only way to stop that or make decisions is by actually speaking to your mind.

Inner voices are of two types. One that tells you what to do in the right direction, though it knows the difficulties and the other one that gives you easy ways to fix it. Choosing between these two could be difficult, but your inner voice can help you with this. All you need to do is find out what your inner voice tells you to do. We are going to tell you why you should probably listen to your inner voice and decide for yourself.

Why Should You Talk To Yourself?

1You recognize your voice

You recognize your voice

You know your voice and more importantly, you grew up listening to yourself. So, you definitely know what tone your voice tells you things in and you can feel it too. You know how to talk to yourself. Do you want to scold yourself, do you want to encourage yourself, do you want to feel irritated or motivated? Whatever it is, your voice can do it for you and that is why inner voice is effective. Listen to your voice and decide for yourself because no one else can be better at explaining than your own self.

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2Confidence is the key

Confidence is the key

When it comes to confidence, you need to know that no matter how much you second guess yourself, your inner voice will protect you from it and make you succeed in whatever you do. When you talk to yourself, use your confident voice because when you use that voice, you are tricking your mind and making it hear what you want to hear. So, cross the bridge without the fear of failure. You are making a choice here.

You can either be confident about it or you can be a wuss and not really bother taking up your own voice. Lets face it, if you are confident in your decisions, I don’t think there is anyone who can pull you down. Confidence is hot and sexy!

3Not everyone cares like you do

Not everyone cares

Let’s face the fact that not everyone cares like the way you do for yourself. You never know who is thinking good or bad for you. Of course you can take all the help you want from others, but when it comes to choosing or making a decision, you are faced with just answering your own doubts. The only person you can believe is probably you and no one else can give you the best of opinions that can concern entirely only the good. Of course, your parents are there to guide you, but how much do they know about your needs. It’s you who can answer your doubts and solve your own problems. Your inner voice is your help here.

4Safety issues

Safety issues

Your inner voice can actually save you from situations you never even imagined. Yes, let’s say that you are traveling in a car and you feel nauseous at first and you feel like something isn’t right. Since you know the driver and you know that your friends are comfortable in the behind, you probably keep quiet. But after a while, you really don’t feel good about it.

You ask the driver to either go slow or ask him to pull down. He doesn’t listen to you at first and ignores you. But you are persistent and you really shout this time and tell him to stop the car. He sulks and your friends ask you what’s wrong, but you just don’t know what’s wrong. You get down and ask your friends to get down as well. The driver shouts and wails and once you pay him, he drives off with anger. Next day, you read in the newspaper that the same driver hit some other car and met with an accident and the other passengers in the car were severely injured.

This could be one of those moments when your inner voice could have saved your life. So ladies, listen to your inner voice and if it is asking you not to do something, just follow it and don’t do it. That’s better for you and for the people around you.

5Because it’s your life

Because it’s your life

Well, end of the day, it all boils down to your life and what you want. Nobody can actually tell you what you should have and what you shouldn’t. So, you don’t need to have anyone’s approval. Your conscience and the voice inside is what you should be worried about. You have a moral sense and your mind will not let you do wrong things to yourself. So, if you think that your mind is guiding you in a particular way and your inner voice is telling you something, listen to it and don’t disobey your voice.

Of course it takes time and practice to understand what your voice tells you to do. It isn’t easy and won’t happen in a jiffy. You need to trust yourself and your gut for all this. But once you find out the ways to cope up with that, things get easier and you will start trusting yourself. It’s your life and you know the best for yourself.

-Pavithra Ravi

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