Tricks that can give you an upper hand during an interview

remember during an interview

Job interviews are always the toughest part of a grown up’s life. A job interview, whether you are attending the first time or whether it is your 100th time, one thing remains the same – stress. No matter how much you try to eat out the stress before the interview, it never really comes in as a success. You end up either screwing up somewhere. Every one of us wants to put out the best in us and show only the best of what we have in front of our interviewers. You definitely can’t control how the interview will turn up. But, you can very much at least control the way you give your best at it.

There are some things that you can actually do remember during an interview that can control the way it shapes up. There are some ways like your body language, modulation, the way you look and many such tiny and simple tips that can help you and give you an upper hand during an interview. So the next time you step into an interview hall, check if you possess these qualities in you. For now, go ahead and read up the different tricks that can be very handy during an interview.

Top Tricks That Help you During Interview

1Do not fidget

Do not fidget

You should remember that your phone at all times during or before the interview should be inside your bag. Well, why? Because a phone in your hand will make you look fidgety and messy. It will also give out a sign that you could be inattentive. The thing with the phone is that everybody tends to check it for messages, mails, google, time and so many more things. So, you need to keep away your phone to avoid distraction. So either keep your phone on silent and throw it in your bag or try to switch it off totally. This rule applies even if you have a kerchief or a tissue. Don’t fidget with your rings or your accessories because even then it will give out the wrong message.

2Shoulder movements

Shoulder movements

Always remember that when you are in an interview, your body language is as important as your answers that you give out. Yes, body language in most cases are noticed as a priority. If you have a poor body language, the interviewer would probably judge you for the way you present yourself. So, always remember to have your body shaped in the way that shows that you are confident but not over confident.

Always have a balanced and square shaped shoulder movement. Don’t keep your shoulder blades behind and your chest in the front. That will show that you are probably over confident about the interview. You don’t want to get rejected for having a little less knowledge of your body language.

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Smiling in an interview shows that you are pleasant and you are approachable. When someone interviews you, the first thing they see is your face and then comes everything else. When you enter the interview room, always remember to smile because when you smile, you will give out the fact that you are determined and you know what you are there for. That will definitely make you and the interviewer feel comfortable with you and your presence.

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4Groom yourself

Groom yourself

Keep it a practice to groom yourself before you attend an interview. An unshaped eyebrow or an un-waxed hands or legs will give out the impression that you are slouchy and irresponsible and you cannot take care of your own self. That will only put you behind. You need to look presentable with not just your clothes but also with the way you carry your face. Too much makeup or too less makeup isn’t a good idea. Always go for soft makeup – an eyeliner and a lipstick should do. Try to stick to soft perfume or deo.

5Carry a pen

Carry a pen

Always carry a pen when you are attending an interview. Why is pen so important when these days it’s all computer generated? Well, this is because sometimes interviewers may ask you to fill up some forms or write down something just to check if you have a pen. Yes, though everything is computerized these days, there are interviewers who still prefer the old method of interviewing. So carrying a pen isn’t a bad idea at all. During an interview, anything and everything you do matters.

-Pavithra Ravi

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