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Beach body is not an easy thing at all to procure. But it isn’t the hardest one too. While summer is just approaching and you may have to hit the beach, you should also think about vacation plans and make beach visits in your bikini. Swimsuits are the best and the most embarrassing ones when it comes to outfits because you are bound to show more than necessary. Don’t keep pulling your swim suit here are there to hide anything. Just get a kick ass body shape before you hit the beach. Wondering how to lose all the extra weight that you gained over Christmas and new-year? Well, don’t worry! We are going to give you some easy lessons on how to procure a perfect beach body shape and flaunt it in the beach. You don’t have to feel sorry or work your ass-off at all, just follow these basic steps and you will easily get your beach body back.

It is all about resistance, balance and the urge to get back in shape, right? When most women hit the gym to lose the extra weight, all you have to do is to follow our guide to getting into perfect beach body shape. How? Here it goes!

Top Tips to Get the Perfect Beach Body Shape

1Make a schedule

Make a schedule

Do you think you are a person who can work on proper schedules? Then why wait for anything? Go ahead and make a schedule or a list of things you would want to do during the day. Make a schedule that you are comfortable with. You need a plan and the best way to make a plan is to make a chart of things you want to do. Do you exercise and workout in the mornings or are you an evening person? Where all do you think you can lose weight? What all small changes you can make in your diet that can make you lose the extra weight? Make a schedule where you can also sweat for everyday. Walking time, jogging time, the number of crunches you can do and so on. This will make you determined and you will feel fresh everyday when you look at the chart. You can write down your weight on the first day and then track it down to the number of days you are working out. The happiness comes when you find out how much you have lost in a week, isn’t it?

2Have a mix of everything

Have a mix of everything

Only workout may look and feel very annoying and boring after a while. Try Pilates, Yoga, running, jogging, exercise, swimming, dieting. Or you can also spilt the time of your workout accordingly. If one day you walked for an hour and did 30 minutes of exercise, the next day can be 30 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of exercise. When you mix it up, you won’t know the pain in doing the workout. You can also add swimming for 30-40 minutes a day. That way you will be able to enjoy your summer in the cool water too. You will also get a prior hand experience in the beach, isn’t it?

3Cleanse your body

Cleanse your body

You can clean your body now and then in a week. Doing the cleansing process once in a week is something that you can look forward to when you think of losing the extra pounds. Look for diets online like the general motor diet, which makes your body lose all the toxins and help you to regain your body’s mobility in no time. That way you can avoid all the unwanted food that you have been eating and can eat good food like more fruits and vegetables, oats, milk and diet foods. It will help you maintain a good regime and will help your body clean itself without drastically changing anything. It could be difficult to start off with something new, but if you try to lose weight, you will gain the momentum and the motives right.

4Find a partner

Find a partner

Working out alone could be very boring and you could easily get de-motivated in the process. In fact, facts and researchers have proved that if you workout alone, you tend to feel tired faster and sooner. So, having a workout buddy will always work for such times. Look for a person who wants what you want and only a workout relationship with you. Or, you can also make your friends workout with you. That way, you can talk about everything in the world and still workout without getting bored at all. You will have the motivation to go to the gym everyday if you are with the right kind of people. If someone is there to motivate you, you will not miss a workout session or might not have an extra cheat day.

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5Goal priority

Goal priority

Goal is something that you can’t let go off. If you set a goal of reducing 10 kgs, then try to challenge yourself and your friend that you will lose 10 kgs by so and so months. When you set a goal, achieving it is easier. You can otherwise keep your dress as your goal size. Take out an old dress and try to fit into it. If you aren’t able to fit into it now, then set a goal that you should fit into the dress in 3 months. That is your goal and walk towards that. When fashion is involved, you may tend to do it more vigorously. You can write it down on a chart or stick it on sticky notes on places that you feel like cheating. The fridge, your room is some places where you can stick these notes to remind you that you are on a diet or on a workout session.

Here are some beach workout videos

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