14 Edible Flowers and The Health Benefits You Must Know


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The pretty flowers are just the beauty accessories to make floral crowns and bracelets. The local flowers are the best wedding decor in India.Apart from this, the flowers are edible with health benefits.

Don’t let the flowers dry as fresh flowers are great and add flavours to your beverages. But all the flowers in your garden are not edible. Here is the information to check which is the flower that you must consume for health benefits.

The list of edible flowers here are very much available for you. A few local flowers and a few are rare to find. But don’t let them go waste when you find some. We have provided the information on how the edible flowers are beneficial for your health and well being. Have a clear read for the additional information.

Health Benefits With Edible Flowers

1. Hibiscus

HibiscusHibiscus flowers are a good source of antioxidants like vitamin c. A few researches also showed that hibiscus helps lower the high blood pressure.

You can make tea from hibiscus flowers without using sweets. This is a wonderful morning beverage without calories.

The bloomed hibiscus flowers contain hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties which help prevent diabetes.

It has the ability to serve as an antidepressant. You can have a cup of hibiscus tea to soothe your menstrual cramps. Hibiscus flowers can reduce the risk of growth in cancerous cells as it has protocatechuic acid.

2. Violets


There are many varieties of violets which can mislead you. You need to identify the edible violet flowers which are super good for your health.

The beautiful violet flowers contain the anti inflammatory properties. It has a compound named rutin. The rutin content in violet aids in boosts the blood vessels health.

You would never let the edible violets fall off to waste knowing it is potassium rich flowers. Make violet flower tea or add the flavor to make it healthy for you. It helps your heart health and muscle function.

Violets are added to salads and wraps which make the meal interesting and yummy.

We make it clear about violets- only select the edible ones. Have proper knowledge and get the flowers from the right sources to consume it directly.

3. Marigolds

MarigoldsAre happy to see marigolds in the list of edible flowers. Indeed, you must be. The house gardens in India are dedicated to growing marigolds. If you are doing it as we said, then you must know why it is a great idea.

Marigold is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory medicine at first. You can have fresh marigold petals brewed in your tea and sip it in the evening. It reduces the mouth ulcers and the best home remedy for this common problem. It also cures the sore throat.

You can make it a habit of consuming marigold tea as your evening tea. It heals your skin from conditions like itchiness, wounds, burns, and rashes. The flower works like Ayurvedic medicine.

4. Rose Petals

Rose-petalsThe delicate rose flower is the favorite for many. Rose is not just a beauty but also extremely kind towards health and wellbeing. It helps soothe skin and reduces skin infections. Rose petals are a treatable medicine for chronic headaches and to set your irritating mood. The extract of rose petals is anti inflammatory to work best for various other common health issues.

You only heard about beauty benefits with rose petals so far. The vitamins like A and E help your skin to be youthful and glowy. Apart from this rose petals are known as ancient medicine to treat menstrual disorders and digestive problems.

Rose petals are of 95% water content but loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. This makes them less in calories count. If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, unsweetened rose petals tea is a brilliant method.

Rose petals are often mixed with herbal teas for health benefits. Just find good herbal tea to have a healthy tea drink and to intake the benefits of rose petals. You can also make delicious desserts with rose petals. Eating rose petals can boost your mood.

5. Lavender

LavenderAccording to many researches, lavender tea is great for digestive problems. It gives you instant relief from issues like nausea, stomach upset, and intestinal gas. It is also known to work in reducing abdominal swelling.

It has powerful medicinal properties that treat anxiety and depression. When you are suffering from restlessness or insomnia, the must try a remedy for you is drinking lavender tea. You can intake the lavender oil smell which calms your mood.

Lavender flowers consist more of vitamin A which is required more for eye health. It prevents eye problems like night blindness, dry eyes, and infections. You can consume lavender to see improvement in bone health.

You can use dried flowers and buds which are completely edible. This edible herb can be a mesmerizing flavor to your dishes.

But you should mind the dose of lavender. Again also check with your doctor before consuming lavender if you are currently taking any high blood pressure treatment. Lavender interactions with high blood pressure medication is unsafe.

6. Chamomile

ChamomileChamomile tea is a known treatment for many health problems. If you are having sleepless nights or fatigue, then make it a habit to drink chamomile tea. It also treats problems like insomnia. When you have a hectic day, you can just rely on chamomile tea during bedtime. It relaxes your tired nerves and muscles.

You can use chamomile oil to heal the wounds and cuts as it is potent of healing properties. The suffering with periods of pain is too hard sometimes. The next, just take a few sips of chamomile tea to treat the cramps and low mood. This allows your muscles to relax and reduces the periods of cramps pain.

Not just tea but you can try adding the chamomile flowers in salads and sandwiches. Learn the chamomile recipes that are healthy and tasty.

7. Papaya Flower


Papaya flowers are naturally inculcated with vitamins like A, B and C. Papaya flower is helpful in removing the toxins from the body and simultaneously aids in weight loss. You must keep consuming papaya flowers adding in the salads and other dishes which can help you lose weight faster.

If you are suffering with digestive problems often, then start including papaya flowers in your diet. These days the respiratory problems are increasing for which flower of papaya is a workable treatment. You must consume the flower along with honey and take it 2-3 times a day to have instant relief from breathing problems.

8. Dandelions

DandelionsDandelion is a nutritious flower with loaded vitamins and minerals. You can also gain a sufficient amount of fiber. Your body needs antioxidants to avoid the negative effects that are caused by free radicals. For this purpose, you can take dandelion flowers as a source. It also consists of beta-carotene and prevents cell damage.

Dandelion flowers also may fight inflammation as they contain compounds like polyphenols. As it reduces inflammation, it also keeps the injury and illness away.

9. Banana Flower

Banana-flowerThe nutritional values in banana flowers are high. It is an antioxidant flower. Many Indian traditional dishes use banana flowers. Banana has a chemical compound which is known to treat infections. The flower consumption is a health benefit as it holds back the bacteria attack if any. Though these benefits are yet to be proven, it is seen in some cases.

Many women face menstrual cramps which can be controlled with banana flowers. You can add a cup of cooked banana flowers and mix it with yogurt. This way, the progestogen hormone reduces during your menses. Eventually, it also reduces the over bleeding and pain.

If you want to know the vitamins and minerals which are rich in flower-it A, C, and E. All these vitamins are essential for women’s health. It also has minerals potassium and fibers.

Taking the right amount of banana flowers can reduce blood sugar levels. It is also said that it cures the anemia problem with an increase of hemoglobin levels in the body. You can have banana flowers when you feel depressed. It acts as anti-depression medicine naturally without any side effects.

Another great benefit that women must know-banana flowers is healthy for breastfeeding mothers. The new mothers who are not able to feed their babies due to less milk production must eat banana flowers. This is a known treatment for the milk produced in new mothers.

10. Moringa Flower


You can take calcium and potassium dose with moringa flowers. Juice extracted from moringa flowers is known to treat urinary tract infections. It is also an ayurvedic medicine to cure a common cold. The nutritional values in the flowers increase the milk production for new mothers to breastfeed for their babies.

The moringa flower extract reduces edema. It also helps reduce the inflammation which is also proven in the laboratory. Moringa leaves help in curing the swelling and injuries. It is a traditionally effective method to treat illness and injuries.

11. Pumpkin Flower


Pumpkin is widely used for cooking deserts and other traditional foods. You only heard the goodness about pumpkin seeds? The flower is equally beneficial with the loaded benefits like B vitamins, vitamin A and C.

The flower is a familiar treatment for the common cold and it also greatly boosts up the immunity. Another health benefit of eating pumpkin flowers is, it improves fertility.

Vitamins A and C are also a part of this flower and include minerals like phosphorus and iron. It improves bone health and eye health. As it is a healthy and easy option to reap various health benefits, you can consume the flower.

You must select yellow and orange pumpkin to gain all the nutrients you want to intake.

12. Lotus

LotusThe entire lotus parts are good for health. Seeds, leaves, and roots are edible including flowers. It is mainly known to treat blood clot problems and inflammation. It contains medicinal properties. You can make some tea out of lotus flowers to treat gas problems, cramps, and stomach inflammations.

Lotus flower made tea is relaxing and soothing. It reduces anxiety with its properties holding within it.

It is also used to reduce diarrhea in the Chinese method. The potassium content in lotus can regulate blood pressure. For this, you can simply lotus roots for 10 minutes and consume them draining the water. You can gain a daily dose of nutrients with lotus flowers, leaves, and roots.

The alluring fragrance of the flower can make it pleasant for you, adding in foods and teas. From now you can have a healthy beverage with some dried lotus petals.

13. Jasmine

JasmineJasmine in a garden makes it beautiful with fragrance and view. The health benefits are as powerful as the powerful fragrance. Traditionally in many places, jasmine is used to make herbal tea. It enchants the fragrance and makes it delicious.

Coming to the health benefits, it is a workable medicine for liver problems which are caused by cirrhosis. It is a wonderful remedy to enhance mood and mental alertness.

Generally, diarrhea effects in abdominal pain, and jasmine flower can soothe such pain. Simply sprinkle some fresh jasmine flowers and brew the tea to experience the benefits of the flower.

14. Bokful


Bokful is a favourite flower for Bengali as they make super yummy dishes with it. You may not identify this flower with the name bokful. So, you can have a check with the hindi name agasthi flowers.

The health benefits are of a list with agasthi or bokful flowers- it cures night blindness and perfect eye vision as it is loaded with vitamin A.

You must try it for a healthy looking foot. Cracked feet is a suffering for many which is curable with this flower.

Not only flowers but the leaves also contribute to health. Leaves are used to reduce arthritis problems. If you are unhappy with stomach infections and digestive problems often, then try bokful flower. It contains the fibers which clear the stomach issues like constipation, digestion. It also prevents abdominal infections.

Tips To Consider When Consuming Edible Flowers

● You must identify the edible flowers as most of them are of variety spices with the same name and appearance.

● Wash and clean well before using the flowers.

● Eat the flowers in the right way following the right recipes.

It was always healthy fruits but now it will also be healthy flowers. Pick and use the right flowers to gain the health benefits. Gaining such interesting knowledge about natural resources can contribute to your health. Most of the flowers are available for you to find and eat.

Happy diet with flowers!

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