Diet Tips for Glowing Skin

tips for glowing skin

Every women, teenager or college going student wants glowing skin. Now it is very natural, we all live in cities where there is so much of pollution which affects the skin. After a certain stage, we all feel our skin is not glowing enough. What is the reason? Of course, bad air, toxic water and a bad diet. If you have a proper diet, it will surely lead to a good healthy skin. Diet plays a very integral role in glowing skin. So, here are some of the diet tips for glowing skin.


glowing skin
  • Drink a lot of water is the most important tips for glowing skin because water helps to hydrate our skin. It also cleanses our body. So, drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily is really going to help you to have a glowing skin. This is the most important tips for glowing skin everyone must follow.
  • Consume a lot of foodsConsume a lot of foods which are good for the liver. Why the liver? Because the liver is the cleansing agent of your body. So, if your body is cleansed, if it’s fresh, then your skin is going to reflect the state of health. These are some of the foods you need to incorporate into your daily life:

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  • Meethi Sprouts (Helps to clean the liver)
  • Coconut water (it decreases the pit of the body)
  • Vegetable Juice (Multivitamin juice containing aloe vera 2tbsp, pinch of Triphala powder, amla juice 1tsp, cucumber juice, tomato, a piece of ginger)
  • Sprouts (Moong/ Chana)
  • Berries, Oranges, Yogurt, Milk
  • Tomatoes (it has anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and C. It will help to get rid of free radicals and gives a glowing skin)
  • Carrot (1-2 daily)
  • Apple (helps in digestion, and improve immune system
  • Banana
  • Use papaya scrubUse papaya scrub or a moong dal scrub on your face. These are natural face scrubs instead of creams.
  • Have food on timeHave food on time. If you don’t have food on time if you are hungry or starving then skin starts showing it first.
  • almond, walnuts, sesame seedsDuring winter have nuts like almond, walnuts, sesame seeds.
  • oily skinIf you have oily skin, reduce intake of oil, which will help in glowing skin.
  • Eat low carb foodDry skin could be the result of a couple of things. It could be thyroid. Eat low carb food in your diet.
  • Use olive oilUse olive oil for preparing your meals, but in the limit.
  • Drink a glass of turmeric milkDrink a glass of turmeric milk for 7 days before going to bed.
  • proper sleepSleep for at least 7-8 hours. This will help your skin glow. If you don’t have a proper sleep, your face will become dull and you will get dark circles, acne etc.


Avoid drinking Tea
  • Avoid drinking more than 1-2 cups of Tea/ Coffee daily
  • Don’t eat Fatty Food or Fried Food
  • Avoid using Chemicals on your face
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Don’t have too much of salt in the night because if you have too much of salt next morning your face will become puffy
  • In summers avoid egg
  • Avoid drinking more than 1 glass of Alcohol
  • Avoid Sugary, spicy and processed food

3Diet Chart

Diet Chart

Morning: After you wake up drink a glass of warm water with lime & honey


  • Glass of milk (180-200ml)
  • Cereals like Cornflakes, Muesli, Poha, Bread
  • Protein Foods like sprouts, peanuts, fish, chicken, Egg whites, Cottage Cheese, Chicken

Midday Snack:

  • Glass of buttermilk, coconut water or lemon water
  • One fruit or a fruit salad


  • A bowl of Cereal like Roti/ brown rice
  • A bowl of protein like Dal/ Chicken/Eggs/ Fish
  • A bowl of vegetable salad
  • A portion of curd

Evening Snack:

  • A cup of milk/ tea
  • 2 biscuits


  • A bowl of Cereal like Roti/ Rice
  • A bowl of protein like Dal/ Chicken/Eggs/ Fish
  • A bowl of vegetable salad

Follow all these tips for glowing skin to look beautiful. Brides can follow this routine at the time of their wedding for getting glowing skin.


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