Summer Fashion Accessory Tips

Fashion Accessory Tips

Summer is here, and as the warm wind of summer blows your hair all you can think about is how to tone up the body as well as what you can wear on the beach. With a perfect summer dress comes the responsibility to wear a perfect accessory with it. Well it can be confusing as well, because unlike winters most of the body parts are visible and on the verge of filling up, there is a chance of over accessorizing. So here are some summer fashion accessory tips that you can try this summer and live a fashionable life.

Fashion Accessory Tips

1Flip Flop

Flip Flop

Flip flops are one of the best as well as most popular summer wear. It is one of the most fashionable statement every summer or can say all year around. You can never ignore flip flops that are these gorgeous. You can wear these amazing accessories with your favourite floral dress or your jeans. Some types of flip flops can also go with your traditional wears like kurtis or salwar. Try to buy some of the designer types like the images above, as it can give more glow to your attire.

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2Summer Hats

Summer Hats

When summer is here, then one of the most common accessory to wear with anything is the hats. If you don’t like to hang on with umbrella, then hats can be one of the best alternative. With a positive mark on that it can help to protect your hair from the sun burn.



Sunglasses are all time favourite for all the seasons. You can wear them anywhere and anytime. Sunglasses can help to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. So be sure to wear them whenever you go out in the sun.



When wearing skirt or a dress or even sari then what can be the best than decorating your feet with an anklet? It is one of a stylish way to show your fashionable side. Try to never miss out on this one as it can really add an extra value to your look.

5Faux Gold Arm Cuff

Faux Gold Arm Cuff

Well, its faux but if you want you can even buy the real gold. Gold has always been the style statement among us. It can add more glamour to your look. You can wear it with your black dress, or with jeans or if you are wearing something in dark colors. Well, because gold glows more in dark. But if you are wearing something in light colors like white or peach etc, then you can also try your arm puff with it. As it can help to look more different.

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6Fancy Rings

Fancy Rings

Fancy finger rings have always been in demand since ages and it can also look beautiful with your beach attire or dresses that can help to glorify your look. But try to keep it simple as well as fancy. Silver rings are among one of those trends that can really go with your summer attires. Just like the image, you can wear different types in one go or even wear the single ones.

7Leather Shoulder Bag

Leather Shoulder Bag

Bags have always been a necessity, no matter wherever you go. So why not convert them into a style statement? Well, then leather bags are one of the most stylish as well as fashionable way to mark your style statement. You can wear these leather bags with anything, be it a dress, or saree or jeans. You try them anywhere on any parties, or office or even your university.



Sneakers can help you to glam up your casual attire. It can go mostly with western wears like your floral dress or jeans or even your skirt. You don’t even need many accessories when you wear them.

9Choker necklace

Choker necklace

Choker necklaces are among one of the latest fashion trend and you cannot ignore the fact that they look best on everybody. You can wear them with your favourite dress or jeans or skirts or sometimes even with kurtis. Try to go more on lace choker necklaces, it helps to accentuate your neck as well as help on styling your look.



During summer, something that can really help to protect your face from tanning and hair from breaking is the one and only umbrella. There are many different colours as well as varieties of umbrellas that you can choose from many collection matching your attire. May be it is not that fashionable, but it can really help to protect you from the harmful UV rays.

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