16 Trendy Matte Nail Art Designs – Add The Glam To Your Nails


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Matte Nail Art Designs

I always get confused whether to wear glossy or matte. Then I tried matte first and felt this is my best choice for this time. So, if you are confused to wear glossy or matter nail art, look at the matte designs.

Matte nail art is trending. And that is how the designs are plenty. You will love the colours and shades when they are painted on matte nails. The art of making your nails captivating is not tough when you designs like these. Many of the designs are simple to try. Matte nail art is can never mess your nails. Instead, matte keeps you classy and modish.

You can make your matte nails look cool with some of the designs. To see how matte nails look attractive with various designs, you need scroll down. Matte texture only suits with few of the designs. The design must stand out and the matte look must be elevated.

Matte Nail Art Designs For You To Experiment

1. Water Droplets


Water droplets designs makes your nail art stylish and attractive. The way the droplets emboss on your matte nails is beautiful. If you want a simple but fashionable design, you must try this,. This is a design that can be varied with various colours and shades.

This matte nail art looks cute on short nails. The cute short nails are open for all the designs. So, you can choose such simple but adorable designs.

2. Pastel Hearts


You can go for pastel colours on matte. If you love pastel shades on matte but stuck with the designs, then try heart designs. The pastel hearts on matte nails is the prettiest nail art. Wearing this design of matte nail art, you are going modish. It will be the most attractive part of your look for the day.

3. Gold Embellishments


The gold embellishments on matte is an outstanding nail art design. Simply, attaching the golden dots on your matte nails attractive. You can choose a vibrant matte shade to stick golden embellishments. Black and red matte shades with golden embellishments is super attractive.

You feel no mess but classy with this matte nail art design.

4. Black and Grey Glitter


Black and grey glitter are trending in nail art. These colour shine in a unique way on matte nails. You will fall for this nail art as it is bright and stunning. You can choose this nail art for special and night occasions. Your party wear outfits go with subtle glitter nails. This nail art design let you have that party wear look along with your stunning outfit.

5. Block Design


Block design looks elegant in matte. The nail art that can make your nails look fashionable. You can have beautiful colours blends for block designs. You can go for black and white matte nail art. Nail art is never restricted with shapes and shapes. So, wearing this simple nail art design, you go high in fashion. It can be called as a geometric nail art.

6. Cheetah Prin


If you love fauna prints and designs, you must definitely try this nail art. The cheetah print nail art is the stylish and attractive design. The design can be in pretty colour and combinations. You will love the print and shades on your matte nails. This stunning design gives you fashionable nails. It can be a special design that looks funky with your super cool western outfits.

7. Moon Design


You can go for moon design that makes you matte nails look like charming sky. Let the colours do the magic on your nails. The light colour moon on dark matte nails is all attractive. The look is super cool with the full and half moon designs. The simple design can set your nails in fashion.

8. Blooming Flora


Women love floral design for feminine essence and feeling. Let the feminine design go unique with blooming flora. The floral designs with lovely colours on matte nails looks pretty. You will get the attractive and classy nail art. You can go for4 this nail art for special occasions.

9. Black Leaves


Generally leaves are greenish. But what is unique showing up the reality in art. Art is all about creations. So, go with beautiful black leaves on colourful matte nails. This nails is the most prettiest. You are also wearing something unique and attractive. As shown in the above image, you can have black leaves on pastel yellow for design elevation.

10. Tiny Bear


Are you a bear lover? Then you must try this cute bear nail art for you matte nails. Your matte nails look adorable with black and white tiny bears. You can get the bears on your alternate nails to keep art minimal but fashionable. This is a funky nail art you can try to match your adorable outfits.

11. Angular Stripes

Angular-StripesAngular stripes nail art is a trending design. The coloured stripes look spectacular on matte texture. You can also have some of the trendy designs along with the angular stripes. In the above image, you can see the nails printed with the pretty roses over the black and white stripes. You can love the shades and designs that can make the matte nails art look elegant.

12. Glitter Stars


Glitter stars look magnificent on the matte nails. Let the base colour be black and glitter star on black look stunning. Your nails are taking the brightness of stars. The stars silently shine on and they grab the attention wherever you go.

13. Delicate Leaves


You can get the design of delicate leaves which are elegant. The delicacy is a kind of elegant. Leaves always made the art beautiful. The beautiful shaped leaves can sit and make your nail art a fashionable one. Live in fashion and love your style of stepping out. You can also keep the nail art minimal by designing your alternate nails with the delicate leaves.

14. Stone Nail Art


Stone nail art is the most attractive one. The art of fixing the stones on nails is simple to do but it looks beautiful. The beauty of the matte nails enhances when the little shiny stones are attached. The uneven attachment of shiny stones makes the matte nail art fantastic.

15. Golden Flakes on Matte Nails


Golden flakes and matte is a glorious combination. The nail art looks pretty cool and this amazing nail art is as simple as a play. The golden flakes elevate your matte nails by shining. You can make your nails look simply attractive. You can wear this nail art for special occasions and outfits. Let your style be shined a little and appear more elegant.

16. Marble Nail Art


Marble nail art with matte texture is simply alluring. Choosing the right colours and combinations for marble nail makes it a classy one. The cracked design makes your nails look fashionable. It is something unique and out of the routine designs. This suits your stunning western outfits.

Matte nail art is the new love that you must show on your nails. These wonderful designs add the colour and beauty to your nails. Every woman who is fond of her nails must try out these designs. You also some simple designs to prettify your nails.