Different Outfits for any kind of date


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Different Outfits

Dresses and dates are two important things every girl freaks out about. Why? Because, to wear a good dress on a regular basis, becomes hard and difficult for women, so wearing an outfit for a date is going to be harder. Right? Well, no! Do you know that women spend almost 52% of their time in a day in choosing a perfect dress? But thinking about it, dressing is the only way in which a woman can feel full and impress people around her. You end up planning a month of two when it comes to functions or weddings, isn’t it? Well, to avoid all these confusions and to give you a clearer picture on what to wear on a date, we are going to list down some really good dress ideas for you.

A date gets interesting if you feel confident and beautiful. So, you don’t have to go to a date that doesn’t feel comfortable for you. So, if you have any problem with the choosing style or on thinking what to wear, don’t worry at all, we are here and happy to help. Here are different outfits for different date kinds.

Top Outfits for a Date

1A movie night date

A movie night date

If you are called for a movie night with your date, then it’s a bonus night for you. You don’t have to worry too much about what to wear and what color to choose, because most of the time it’s going to be dark in the theatre there and you might just be cuddling and then having a tub of popcorn. So, most of the times, your dress is not going to be in the limelight. Well, the problem here though is that, you might want to look casual, but not too casual. You might have to look sophisticated and chic, but not over dressed. So, a classic outfit for a night with the movie and popcorn can be a black legging and an oversized t shirt. Or, you could prefer a simple crop top and pull over pants. It is minimal, not messy and pretty fashionable. Open hair, messy bun or a pony tail would do more than good for your movie date!

2Mini Golf date

Mini Golf date

A business type man or a man with contacts would like to sometimes take you to the golf court and have a fun game-playing date with you. It will make you feel like you are in a movie since golf dates are very romantic with lush green background, some hot tea and a hot guy to teach you how to play the golf. It is silent, you can talk all you want and of course you can even have a good learning lesson on golf. When you are going for a sporty date, you might want to consider the chances of running, chasing or casual fast walking. So, you can definitely not wear high heels and posh clothes. Wear a faded shirt and ripped jeans or a tank top tucked inside the ripped jeans. Carry a converse when you go for golf dates.

3Hiking date

Hiking date

Adventure, nature, love in the air and a long trek is something exciting and fun for a couple. If your date is taking you for a trek, then there is something you should watch for. The problem of wanting to dress up well and to be comfortable in your skin is very important in such dates.

You need to really be comfortable with your clothes because you are going to sweat, feel dirty and definitely take help from your guy. So, dress shouldn’t be one of your concerns at all. If you are comfortable wearing shorts, wear a tank top and shorts. Or, go with leggings and a loose t shirt. If nothing works, wear your gym pants and a sports shirt. Don’t forget to carry your hiking shoes with you!

4Dinner date

Dinner date

Well, dinner date is fancy, classic, chic and very mature-like.

If your guy is taking you for dinner, then you should consider wearing something elegant and beautiful. To enjoy the setting, the atmosphere and your date, you need to feel beautiful. So, wear a dress, short or long doesn’t matter. Pick a color that compliments the night. Don’t pick a pant and shirt combination because it is too usual and doesn’t really go well for the dinner set up. Pick black most of the times and avoid too many frills or embroidery sequences in your dress. Keep it simple and dazzle!

5Family date

Family date

When your guy takes you to meet his parents and extended family, it can be very difficult for you to be afraid of how the entire thing is going to work out. Well, don’t worry because all you need to do is just wear any kind of dress that is comfortable and not very provoking.

The first you meet the guy’s parents should be memorable and you want to make a good impression. So, wear a salwar if you want. Or, you can go wear a kurti + jeans. Or, stick to a comfortable casual checked long shirt and leggings. You can also dress yourself in a skirt and a t shirt. That will look good too. Don’t over dress or under dress because both are not very pleasing.

6Beach date

Beach date

Beach dates are easy and casual. You don’t have to worry much about beach dates. Wear a sleazy cut open skirt or see through top. You can also go about wearing a short and casual footwear. Since beach dates are very laid back, you don’t have to bother much when it comes to outfits at all. You can wear whatever you want.

So, here are the different outfits that you can wear on different kinds of dates. We hope you pick the right one for the right kind of date. Have fun!

-Pavithra Ravi

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