Trendy Winter Wear In India


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Winter Wear In India

Winter is here, and all you might want to do is cover up, or be under a blanket. But, whenever you go out on the street the very first thing you think about is how to be fashionable and look fashionable. You might have prepared yourself for this season, like bought mufflers, woolly sweaters, gloves and even woolen socks. But forgot one thing about how to be fashionable with them. So here, are some tricks on how to be trendy and fashionable with winter wear in India.

Ultimate Guide to Winter Wear In India

1Dress in layers

Dress in layers

One of the most important part to remember during winters, is always to dress in layers. Temperatures during winter in India can sometimes range from a balmy thirty degrees, to bone-chilling minus twenty degrees in the mountains!

In northern cities like Punjab, Delhi, Kashmir, etc. It is hot during the day as well as cold during the night, so layering is a very good idea for winter wear in India. For some laid-back option, you can go for a T-shirt and a jumper, and to be comfortable for a whole day”.

For younger, college student, a T-shirt, and the hoody is one of the options. On the other hand, for a more classic look, you can also go by layering a shirt with a sweater and a blazer, which entirely depends on the temperature.

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2Dress for your activity

Dress for your activity

If you are going to be active, i.e, playing, or running, walking around too much then make sure to wear some more amount of technical fabrics. Technical fabrics are man-made fibers, which can wick away the sweat from the body, which makes sure you do not get cold and damp. So, if you are playing tennis, wear a tech T-shirt, not a cotton T-shirt. Cotton can absorb the sweat, which makes it damp and heavy. It is fine for the summers, when you mostly need to be wet to cool down. But in winters, it is uncomfortable at it’s best, and it is also unhealthy and worst.

On the other hand, if you are going to be sitting around or even hanging out with your friends, then anything warm can work like, from wool blazers to fleece pullovers.

3Fleece or wool

Fleece or wool

Do you remember your itchy and old woolen sweaters? There is a reason, why you were uncomfortable and cold in them. Nowadays fabrics include a super-warm, as well as light weight polar fleeces, which can mimic the warmth and softness of a good quality wool, but it also weighs very less. Brands like Patagonia uses recycled PET bottles to make these fleeces, making it a wonderful fabric of choice for a vegan and eco-friendly users.

But is wool not in fashion anymore? The answer is, it is the wool that is very aclassic fabric. India, have local weavers situated in Kullu and Manali, creating great and wonderful fabrics in many muted colors, like in mohair and yak wool. In particular, yak wool is a great alternative because it is more resistant to the water. Also, New Zealand and Australian brands are promoting Merino wool, which a much softer as well as a finer fabric than the old-school wool.

The bottom line is, both the polar fleeces, as well as wool, can keep you warm. But you must be choosier about the type of wool you get. The best fashionable winter wear in India.

4Don’t forget a jacket

Don't forget a jacket

If you are planning to step out for the day, be sure to carry some type of jackets. More than the ambient temperatures, it is the cold wind that can really bite. So, all you need is a wind-blocking garment, which can also be a bomber leather jacket, or even a nylon windcheater, or a lined blazer.

One new type of garment, which is filtering into an everyday life from the trekking and mountaineering world is softshell. A softshell is basically a water-resistant fleece, windproof, which allows the body to breathe well but, can even block the wind and the light rain easily.

Also, if you are heading into the mountains for your winter vacation, you might want something more high-tech, such as waterproof or breatheable hardshell jackets. These jackets completely block all the outside moisture and the wind, while allowing your body to breathe. A very critical factor in a mountain sports. Many types of brands now use the high-tech materials for everyday clothing for winter wear in India.

5Scarves and wraps

Scarves and wraps

Try to jazz up your winter outfit, with lovely silks as well as woolen scarves. To get a formal look, you can go for a simple, and sophisticated silk scarves. For a more relaxed look, you can opt for bright woolen scarves in any funky colors as well as soft fabrics.

For an Indian outfit and skirts, you can use pretty silk wraps in lovely hues with very trendy embellishments as well as designs.

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