8 Home Remedies to Stop Bed Wetting


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Home Remedies to Stop Bed Wetting

Does your child have the problem of bed wetting? Are you not able to handle the situation? Most of the parents feel so embarrass taking their children out particularly of the age group of 6-10 or 12, even 15 years. At times they have problems of bed wetting. So, why it exactly happens? It is because of the weakness of the body, the reflexes, the nervous system is weak inside and so the child faces a problem of bed wetting. He is not able to feel the pressure while in sleep and he happens to just pass the urine on the bed and this becomes rarely at times irritating as well as embarrassing even for the child and even for the parents. When they move out, they go to their relatives house or they are staying out in a hotel or some resort, so they need to carry some diapers just to be ont he safe side. So, what we can do? How can we handle this bed wetting problem at home? Here are some home remedies to stop bed wetting.

Home Remedies to Stop Bed Wetting



It is a very simple remedy. Something from your kitchen, you are using it every day i.e Salt. What you can do with salt takes a pinch of salt and make your child have it just 10- 15 minutes before going to bed. Note that after having salt don’t let your child drink water. This is because the salt itself absorbs moisture from the surroundings. Similarly, salt absorbs water in the body and so the child feels comfortable when he sleeps and he doesn’t pass urine at night and he sleeps well. So, you can try these home remedies to stop bed wetting.



We can take turmeric powder (Haldi). We use this every day and have it in our kitchen. We can just a take half spoon of turmeric powder and add it in half glass of water. Make your child drink this. This will be difficult and the child will make faces. But this is the very effective remedy. And, once your child develops the taste for this you can give your child morning and evening and your child won’t have the problem of bed wetting.

3Dry Dates

Dry Dates

We can take dates or dry dates (khajoor). Boil one or two dates in the milk and make the child drink that milk. You can do it regularly for a month and you will see a great change in your child. The bed wetting problem will definitely go away.

4Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy

So, this is a very exciting and creative remedy even for the child because a child will definitely enjoy this remedy and he will feel excited about it. What you can do is, take a little of turmeric and add the little water to it and mix well. Make a paste of it. Take the paste and apply to the back of your child’s hand. Apply it with both hands. What exactly the colour remedy is, the yellow colour represents the earth. The earth has the power to absorb things, to tolerate things, to retain things. So, this colour helps to retain the urine inside the body and the child gets rid of the bed wetting problem.

5Acupressure Points

Acupressure Points

This is one of the best home remedies to stop bed wetting. What you have to do is before your child goes to sleep, just press the acupressure point on the last little finger. You have a press in between the line. Press it hard may be for 1 minute. Give a good pressure on both the little fingers before your child goes to bed. This will help to stimulate the bladder and it will have an effect on the bladder to control the urine.

6Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Take one cup of warm milk and add 1 tsp of fennel seeds. Fennel Seeds are also known as sauf. Then add 1 tbsp of sugar and mix it well. Make your child drink this everyday and you will see the results.



Cinnamon is a common cooking spice. This will help your child alleviate from bed wetting problem. You can simply give your child cinnamon bark to chew one time a day regularly and see the results. Another way you can make your child have cinnamon is by blending cinnamon bark and make it into a powder. Add sugar and blend it. Take a bread slice and apply butter on it. Then add the powder on the buttered toast. Give this to your child every day for breakfast. You can see immediate results.



Jaggery can be one of the most effective remedies for bedwetting. As jaggery is known for generating a warm effect on the body, so it can be immensely helpful in treating bed wetting problems in children. You can take a tiny piece of jaggery and make your child consume it along with a cup of hot milk. After an hour, mix roasted sesame seeds and celery seeds and add a bit of rock salt. Give the mixture to your child. If you follow this remedy on daily basis, you will surely notice the difference.