Top ranked tattoo designs – Part 2


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Here is the continuation of body art top ranked tattoo designs Part 1

1Rose tattoo designs

Rose tattoo designs

Who said a flower is a feminine touch? Well, a rose is symbolic for love and beauty around the world. The beautiful petals covering the heart of the flower is all about ardor, romance and sexuality. Back then in the olden times, most of the sailors used to get a rose tattoo done as a reminder of their love partners on the shore. There are a lot of varieties in a rose tattoo ranging from love to death. Most of the men get the rose tattoos inked on their arms or their sleeve since it’s big and bold. Rose represents a mixture of joy, love, pain and separation. So, it can be in any color as per your wish. Since they are timeless and versatile, a lot of men around the world prefer a rose tattoo.

You can also mix peace with rose, sailor rose tattoos, cross rose tattoo, serpentine rose tattoos, love and death rose tattoos, colorful rose tattoo designs, freedom rose tattoos, 3D rose tattoos and more. Since rose is a worldwide symbol for a lot of things, you can make it personalized and tailor it according to your taste. Make your rose tattoo worth it!

2Hand tattoo designs

Hand tattoo designs

Getting a hand tattoo is not only sexy, but is also rebellious. Yes, not many would want to get a tattoo on their hands because it is prominent and makes your tattoo very obvious. The only downside of hand tattoo is that you cannot close it at all times, so if you are getting it done, be 100% sure. It isn’t wrong to get personal designs on your hand, but remember that you can’t reverse the tattoo. So, don’t get anything that you may regret at the later stages. Tribal hand tattoos flaunt your amazing personality and your love for whatever design you are getting. Of course, there are a lot of options that you can fish when it comes to hand tattoos.

If you are a rebel and want to do something crazy, get the dragon tattoos or sacred quote tattoos that are very stylish. Harp hand tattoos, devil tattoos, love tattoos, sailor tattoos, initials, skull tattoos, music related tattoos and so many more are super cool and makes you look like a boss. Most often, guys and men prefer hand tattoos of these kinds. If women want to get tribal hand tattoos, they can go for minimalistic ones. Either way, make the right decision.

3Bow tattoo designs

Bow tattoo designs

Bow tattoos are frivolous and very girly and that is why most women prefer a bow design. Bow and ribbons nowadays are used as a symbol for cancer survivors. Bow symbolizes liberty, courage, survival and rising above. Though the fashion aspect is definitely present in the tattoo, it is more related to courage and survival. You can definitely get it done in different shapes and sizes. Most women get bow tattoos done on the feet, arm or their neck only. Since it screams female power and woman equality, a lot these bows come in different colors. Most preferred color is pink and red.

Things like variation in color, type, texture and shape is available in bow tattoos. You can mix one or two elements with the bow design. Feathers, ribbons, Lines, crown, music, jewellery, flower, etc., are very common elements that are mixed with bow to make it look customized and beautiful. Though a bow is a simple tattoo, it gives out a strong meaning on how a person should survive and move on in their life. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are generally pink in color, red is for HIV and black is for melanoma. Get a beautiful bow done and stay strong!

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4Pharaoh Tattoo designs

Pharaoh Tattoo designs

There are a lot of fancy tattoo designs in the tattoo industry, but the Pharaoh tattoo is something that is definitely different, unique and has its own ring to it. These special tattoos are a creation of the Egyptians where tradition and culture are their fore aspects. The culture rich bound place was the first that came out with the concept of tattoos on human bodies. In the Egyptian culture, ladies are given the priority to get tattoos for specific reasons. There are various reasons why women wore it back then and one among them was a spiritual connection. The tattoos back then were worn on their abdomen, breasts, thighs and mostly the bottom part of the body.

There are different types of Pharaoh tattoos like ‘The Ankh’ tattoos that symbolizes life, the eye tattoo that symbolizes that God is seeing everything from above, Bastet tattoo which is a symbol for cat goddess in the culture. Pharaoh was the king of ancient Egypt and is still one of the most famous tattoos among people. You can also mix it with sword designs, kingdom designs, anger designs, fire designs, etc. Pharaoh tattoos go well for people who know the culture, history and the tradition!

-Pavithra Ravi

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