Top 9 Skin Care Myths


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Skin Care Myths

As we grow up and progress with our life, we hear a lot of things that no one ever researched, but everybody finds it logical enough to believe in it. Do you remember things that someone, might have told you or any of your friend that if you don’t drink milk,then you never going to grow taller, or that by using fairness products you can become fair. After, few years you question that how by drinking so much of milk you or your friend is so short, or many years of using fairness products why you are still unlit and many more.

Same like this in the skin care world, there are many things that have been told many years ago and we still use it without any doubt. Here, are top 9 skin care myths, that all of us must know.

Skin Care Myths And Facts

Myth no. 1

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer

Coconut oil is a great moisturizerCoconut oil is great for cooking and for hair, but it actually dries out your skin after a long usage. In the beginning you are going to get amazing result and your skin may look like a velvet. But after a couple of weeks, it is going to be overly dried and your acne starts to grow more and more.


  • Coconut oil is great by being a part of the skin care products, mixed with another ingredients and natural oils.
  • You can use the coconut oil sometimes, on your skin. But overly use can make the skin drier
  • You can also mix it, with essential oils of your choice

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Myth no. 2

Washing face often, can help in acne removal

Washing faceRemember that acne’s are not related to your hygiene, and the more you wash your face the more you actually irritate your skin. So, if you have an acne, just go to the dermatologist because they know the best treatment according to your skin type.

Myth no. 3

Drinking more water can moisturize your skin

Drinking more waterThe myth says that by drinking more water, it can help in healing dry skin. But unfortunately, it is not that easy. The reason why your skin is dry is because the skin cell barrier is getting disrupt, that causes loss of moisture. So, you have to use moisturizing creams and lotions to cure your dry skin. So, of you drink the more than the necessary amount of water, it can only cause you to go to the restrooms more often.

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Myth no. 4

No need of sunscreen on a cloudy day

sunscreen on a cloudy dayThe actual fact is, that on a cloudy day, UV rays are more harmful because your body doesn’t feel it as a treat. It is because you will feel nice, cool and chill. But, you are getting more of it in your skin, so never skip a sunscreen of the cloudy day if you want your skin to stay radiant and young as long as possible.

Myth no. 5

Tanning beds are less harmful than a sun bathing

sun bathingThe truth is tanning beds are much worse, because you are getting the same amount of UV rays on your skin, but much faster than you would do it laying down under the sun. Your skin burns down in two minutes, which is really fast.

Myth no, 6

Fast food causes acne

Fast food causes acneRejoice all the fast food lovers, because irrespective of the myth, food does not cause an acne, but the inflammation or the raise of hormonal level which can lead to acne and other skin problems.

Myth no. 7

Your skin adopts to the products you use

Your skin adoptsIf the product is good and contains a lot of natural ingredients, and your skin cannot adopt to it, then it can not start working. For example; when your body is not getting used to the vegetables or foods you eat, it can never benefit you. So, it is same with the skin care, at first you can see tremendous result when you use good skin care products because that time your skin is tired and exhausted. So, when you use, you will be able to see the results right away, and feel fresh. But soon after using for sometime, it can cause allergies or sometimes nothing.

Myth no. 8

Wearing makeup can lead to acne

Wearing makeupMake cannot cause acne, because make is made up of very light textures that is not meant to clog the pores. It stays on top of your skin. What can cause an acne is if keep your skin care routine and you stop washing as well as take care of your face in the evening and in the morning. It will clog the pore after you put the makeup on.

Myth no. 9

Alcohol is bad for skin

Alcohol is badActually, alcohol is much needed in a skin care to keep the substance in the cream paste and to help the ingredients absorb to your skin. But there are two types of alcohol, first one is simple alcohol,which is very bad for your skin, but it can give you a matte effect very fast. Also, it can dry your skin out very fast too.The second type of alcohol or natural alcohol, that is extracted from the plants. These alcohols, moisturizes your skin as well as help the ingredients to absorb into your skin really good.

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