15 Important Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend about Yourself


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A love relationship can never go well without questions and clashes. You need to know deep about the person and you should also let know about yourself. That is how the bond becomes stronger and that is how it stands longer.

You need to question your boyfriend about yourself in the relationship. We agree that relationship is not just knowing about each other. But a relationship only starts when you know each other and it should never stop. You need to keep learning about the person you are in love with.

The questions may sound silly and insensible. But you still need to ask these questions to your boyfriend. They may create a small conflict but makes you closer when you are back again. Let your love life be practical more and fantasized less. So, don’t be any late and ask these questions to your prince charming!

Questions about Your Attitude and Personality Traits

1. Do I need to Change Myself Anyway?

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Even though your boyfriend finds you perfect, he may feel that you need to change yourself. It can be for your good or help you both in some way. So, this is an apt question when you are in the middle of your relationship. To ask this question about yourself to your boyfriend, you both need to spend a few days and quality time. Then, he will be able to explain and reason out why you to change.

What to do?

If the change can make you a better person, then you can try to get that quality. If it is really needed for your relationship, you can start being it. Before accepting the change, think about how it is good for you personally and for both of you as a couple.

2. Did I hurt you anytime?

You may unknowingly hurt someone but don’t even realize after days. Before hurting the person again with the same reason, you must know if you did some metal harm any time. Until he was deeply hurt, he wouldn’t remember it. If he is giving you an incident in reply, it means he was badly hurt.

What to do next?

Give your part of brief explanation without bugging him with the whole big story. And if it was your fault, tell him sorry in your style with a smile. If it was his fault, then give him the solution to avoid the same issue.

3. Do You Think I Have a good Dressing Sense?

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This may not sound like a useful question for you. But you need it to ask this question at initial stages of your relationship. You both have different preferences and tastes which should not create a difference after few days of your relationship. He may not tell you off about your dressing sense. But you must know what he feels about your dressing sense.

What to do next?

You have your own style and comfort which is counted for your dressing sense. Be confident and say am happy with my dressing sense. If you feel that you must really change your improve your dressing, then you can go with the change. But also see that you are loving the change. The good dressing gives you confidence and its up to you, how to represent yourself.

4. When do You get Annoyed with Me?

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Every person is annoying some or the other way. But there is a limit to annoy people or tolerate to be annoyed. Before exploding the anger and facing the bitter experience, it is better to know which action of yours annoys him the most.

What to do next?

Until you put yourself in someone’s shoes, you will never know how it feels. So, once your boyfriend says you annoy him, you can stop doing it. You would also not annoy him when you that it really annoys with that particular action.

5. What do You Feel When I Show My Mood Swings?

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Girls show bad mood swings to the person they love and beloved. Be it at home or boyfriend, girls show the mood swings without a second thought. Sometimes, you also need to control your emotions and mood swings. You need the boundaries to expect something from the person who loves you. You better don’t expect your boyfriend to give a sweet answer and if he is giving a sweet answer, he is really a gentleman.

What to do next?

Make it clear for him about your mood swings. You may show the mood swings but it is not all from the heart. So, you must let him that to avoid the misunderstandings in future. If you are repeating to show the mood swings, he will understand your pain behind the temporary emotions.

Questions About Your Present Love Relationship

6. What Made You Fall for Me?

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You must know what made him fall for you. Firstly, it makes you blush and it is the sweetest memory that you need to recollect together. With this question, you can also keep that loving quality forever. It is also a check for your boyfriend about his views. You will know if both of your perceptions are matching or not. This is a question to ask after a few months of your relationship.

What to do next?

This is not going to make a big difference but one of the silly questions you cant skip. Even though his answer is about looks and appearance, its all good. At initial stages, you get attracted with looks and it is natural when you are that pretty.

7. Would You Love Me the Same Even if I Get Wrinkles?

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Agree that your beauty is needed for love. But it is not only the outside beauty which is temporary. It is also about inside beauty which is your pure soul. Again, this is a check for your boyfriend. It is a beautiful feeling that he loves your soul more than your physical appearance. Even if the guy is faking that, he would love your wrinkled face, someday he would show it all in his actions. The true feelings come out and you can wait for it.

What to do next?

Firstly, no guy is going to say that he is going to leave you when you have wrinkles. He may pretend well and make you feel beautiful still. In case, if the guy is honest enough to say that, he is not going to love you after wrinkles- then bow him for his honesty and explain to him that relationships don’t work with appearance. Ask him to let the relationship go! It may hurt you for then but you are saving yourself from huge future heartbreak.

8. You like Me Cute or hot?

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This is an interesting question which every girl want an answer from her boyfriend. You may not actually take the turn of being cute or hot. You may also laugh over his answer and love him more for his cute answer. Even though, it doesn’t make any difference, it will give you some fun time asking such silly questions to your boyfriend.

What to do next?

Your action for his answer is all dependent on your nature. You must take it sportively. If you want to impress or surprise him, you can appear as he wants. You can be that cute girl easily with your appearance and talks.

9. Would You Stand By Me When I Need You?

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Again this is a simple question but difficult to answer. You will know if the answer is genuine. You will get the answer for sure about this question from your boyfriend. You need to ask this question, when you both spend a few months in the relationship. It is also good to ask after a few days after your initial stage of a relationship.

What to do next?

If the answer is yes, then you will believe it naturally depending on his nature and behaviour. In case, if the answer is a no or coming with some reasons or exemptions then you can understand it all. If you are not liking the answer or feel unfair about it, discuss about it. Your decision on getting apart depends on the seriousness of the answer.

10. What if You Find a More Attractive Girl than Me?

Don’t go with your illusions about your relationship. It also doesn’t mean that you need to be possessive and control your man. All you need to do is prepare yourself for something unexpected or let it go. So, you must ask this question to your boyfriend, what he would do if he finds an attractive girl than you. Don’t you think, you need to do this check-in relationship? In fact, you will know eventually but it is always better to know. The answer would be genuine but it can also be different when it happens in real.

What to do next?

Here, you need to check how confident he is about being stable and happy with single women in his life. Listen to his words and you may also know the hidden feelings as well. You are suggested to give him space after asking this question. Sometimes, actions and time say it all. Anyways, holding someone is not the aim of a relationship.

Question about your future together

11. Where do you see our relationship in 5 years?

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Every line sounds good until you come up with such questions in relationship. It is not about commitment but about efforts. You will at least know if your boyfriend is willing to make an effort to keep your relationship forever.You at least need an answer which shows his interest to keep the relationship alive or to take it to next level. So, you can shoot this sensible question to your boyfriend after few months of your relationship. Such questions are useful to save your valuable time, energy and peace.

What to do next?

The question is direct and the answer in return should be direct as well. If you are getting a vague answer, you can make your point clear about your dream of long lasting relationship. If your boyfriend is not even willing to make any efforts, you can better let the relationship go. It may hurt you but it is needed. If you really want to give him some time to think about and answer, you can wait and see. Let the wait be worth!

12. Would you help me in household chores?

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You need to ask this question when you want to take your relationship to next level. It is really hard to deal with a lazy husband. A woman may not expect her husband to manage all the household works but she definitely need some help. Many of the men are away from work and women struggle all the day. Let it not be a serious problem in future.

What to do next?

If your boyfriend says he would help you in household works, you are going to be a best couple. Any ways, that will be known better in reality than in just words. If he is against your expectation for this question, you must make him understand. If you are happy to do all alone, then you would not ask this question at first.

13. Can I wear outfits of my wish?

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Your outfit reflects and represents yourself. If the man is not letting you be yourself, it is uneasy to share life with him. You are a grown and independent woman who cannot be restricted for your dressing and appearance. When you are in a relationship it is a different thing but after marriage, expectations may change. So, you need to know what your boyfriend is expecting you to be.

What to do next?

Firstly, you need to make it clear about your comforts and style. If he still objects or expects you to be in specific outfits, you cannot accept it until you like to adopt it. Be strong and be yourself at any cost. You cannot break the relationship for this simple thing. But you need to be clear enough!

14. Would you give me my space?

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To give you enough space, your boyfriend must be broad minded guy. Everyone has an insecure feeling and possessiveness in for loved ones. But let it be in limits and it should not hurt you in any way. You also feel suffocated and dominated when you are restricted too much. Agree that this question is about the future but still better to know in initial stages of a relationship.

What to do next?

It depends on a person to give space and let you have your personal life. If you are finding that you are being restricted, you can make it clear that you need space. He may understand and let be yourself in present or future. Even after your discussion, if the same is continuing or hurting you, you need to take a serious decision. You can also extract the answer and take a decision to let the relationship go. Restrictions and over possessiveness can ruin relationships.

15. Do you have any issues with my family?

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You need to know if your boyfriend has any issues with your family. These things can make the situation difficult for you to face. It is also disturbing to know about your boyfriend being unhappy with your own family members. You need to ask this question in middle of your relationship. After spending enough time together, you will need to raise such questions.

What to do next?

You need to sort it out and make it all good. Let this work not delay and you are alone responsible set it right. You can also be prepared with the consequences. You can also manage both the sides and keep it all friendly without making the situation difficult for you, your boyfriend and family.

You can only make the right choice when some questions are answered. These important questions in the relationship can save you from heartbreak. The questions can let you understand your boyfriend in a better way. Never a relationship should survive on just assumptions and expectations. The assumptions and expectations can hurt both of them. It is all fine to accept a few things, adjust for something and object the impossible things. You have the questions that you need to ask your boyfriend at every phase of your relationship. Some of the questions are also for fun and they sound silly, but extract the answers.

Hope you take the best and right decision.

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