5 Ways to Wake Up Happy


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Happy Wake Up

Keep reminding yourself of why it is, you are getting up, whether it is an unavoidable need or a personal goal uses it to motivate yourself on those really tough mornings. Here are a few ways to wake up happy. Also, experiment to find what works for you and you will definitely find yourself waking up happy.

Wake Up with a Smile



Laughter isn’t just a medicine, it’s also the best wakeup call. Switch on your computer and stream some YouTube videos of your favorite standup comedy. As you get ready, the jokes that you hear would invariably provoke a chortle, then chuckle you and then peals of laughter before even you realize the endorphins start racing through your system and you are good to go. If you can’t meet the strength to laugh, then try thinking of something which makes you smile.

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2Light and fresh air

Light and fresh air

Exposing yourself to light as soon as you get out of bed will activate your body’s natural tendency to relate daylight with being awake and alert. If you are feeling sleepy, then it’s nothing like breathing a fresh air to clear your lungs and head. If you can go for a walk, make sure you are not too covered up. The cold temperatures are better for keeping you awake as they force you to warm up your body. If you can’t go out, then at least open your windows to let fresh air come in.

3Reward yourself

Reward yourself

One of the best ways to do is doing something, which you don’t feel like doing is gratifying incentives. If you are dreading the sound of the alarm clock every morning, then plan exciting rewards for getting out of the bed. As food can be everybody’s favorite reward, so arrange your breakfast table with your much loved vase and plan a breakfast of oatmeal, pancakes or classic pastas. Choose other ideas like a bubble bath or work out if you’re an exercise nut and whatever that works for you.

4Get talking

Get talking

Talk to anyone, it’s one of the easiest ways to jumpstart the little grey cells by engaging in conversations. Ideally, with a responsive parter could be a pet or a plant if you have got enough to say. Talking gets you listening, interpreting and responding, which naturally gets your brain into gear for the upcoming day.

5Consume more water

Consume more water

This is one of the definite ways to get yourself out of the bed. You feel the comforter has taken your convict to let nature play its hand. You should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, and try to drink a large glass of water before to hit the bed. If you are in a good health, you will find nature’s call to be your alarm clock that you need.

-Nikisha Uddagiri