How To Wear A Blanket Scarf


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How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Monsoons are here, and you believe it or not it do becomes a little cold in the weather! You need a small or comfortable warm cloth that you can flaunt over your summer dresses or mini-skirts. So what to do to look chic as well as trendy this season of mild cold? Well just because it is cold does not mean you cannot have fun in dressing up or look stylish. This is basically the season wear the boots, long coats, leather jackets or even blanket scarves come in fashion. The rest is easy to dress up, but however wearing a blanket scarf in a proper manner can be difficult to figure out.

Blanket scarves are the bigger adaptation of the regular scarves. They are so big that they may even be utilized as a blanket. They are also super cozy, warm and can even be tied with a ton of techniques. They can easily be used as the shawls, capes, ponchos or whatever the scarf style that you might desire; via with a few turns and loop of fabric. To help you in grasping the coziest trend of this season read on to learn how to wear a blanket scarf and the art of tying immaculately and wearing the scarf.

How To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Here are some of the techniques to wear a blanket scarf in many different styles and ways:

1. The Loop & Pull

The Loop & PullSimple as well as easy, this one is the splendid style to embrace the cold chills of winter with the blanket scarf. Follow these steps to achieve a warm snuggle feel with scarf.

  • Fold the scarf lengthwise and gather them all together.
  • Putting it around the back of the neck, keep one of the side longer.
  • Then loop up the longer side around the neck from the back to the front.
  • Now put the longer side through the loop and pull loosely. Then adjust to your comfort and there you go!
  • It is one of an amazing way to protect the neck and chest from cold.

2. The Shawl

The ShawlWhen the cold breeze drifts away and you still can not stop feeling cold, then you can easily go to the classic style. That is, the Shawl pattern. It is one of the less complicated choice, that render a very elegant feel and cater the needs of cold.

  • Hold the blanket scarf it like a cape.
  • Put this scarf around both the shoulders.
  • Then throw one of the longer side over one of the shoulder.
  • It is warm and it is easy too! It can help to shelter the top half of the body from the cold.

3. The Wrap Around

The Wrap AroundDo you need a more warmer as well as more comforting style with this blanket scarf? Then you did hit the right spot. If you are not that very skilled at trying out the complicated styles, then switch to the simple wrap style which can make your theme interesting.

  • Hold the scarf lengthwise, wrap it three to four times around the neck
  • Now tie this left-over length with knot in the front. That’s it!
  • It is even too easy to be written down. Plus, you can easily tuck the hair and cover your mouth.

4. The Kerchief

The KerchiefLoosely wrapped and yet cozy as well as comfortable is what the style of this blanket scarf do offer. Set out in the style this chilled weather and flaunt the style with a rocking attitude. Here is how to wrap it up:

  • Fold the scarf in a triangle.
  • Then take two far ends of this triangle in each hands and cross them at back of the head.
  • Pulling them bring it to the front.
  • Leave the drooping at each side in this front.
  • It do work brilliantly, and is also the most common way ladies wear the blanket scarf.


5. The Western

The WesternChic as well as trendy is the new western style to wear a blanket scarf. If you do not like the loose ends peep from the scarf, then this is one of the best style to opt for.

  • Fold scarf in a triangle.
  • Hang the scarf around the neck, with middle part touch the back of the neck.
  • Wrap this scarf around the neck in such a manner that the triangle is directly towards the feet.
  • At the front, grab each of the end and tie them up into a knot.
  • After checking it all correctly, pull out from over the knot.
  • This can give a puffy as well as snug appeal to the scarf. As the name go, this is how a blanket scarf to be worn in the western countries.

6. The Cape Style

The Cape StyleTo make your boring tee shirt quite interesting, drape a blanket scarf just like a cape. Are you wondering how? Then follow the easy steps to achieve this ultimate look:

  • First fold the scarf in half; to get a triangular shape.
  • Then put it in a centre part of it behind the neck and drape over the shoulders bringing the scarf to the front.
  • Tie out belt loosely around the waist and make them in a two halves of the scarf at the overlap in the front. It basically appears to be into a wrap dress.
  • It looks just like brilliantly belted around the hip.
  • This can even be done without folding the scarf and then draping over the shoulders directly.
  • A little tricky, but it is as warm as wearing sweater!

7. The Braid

The BraidTighter as well as cozier is one of the braid style of the wrapping blanket scarf. It is a bit tricky but it can keep the chest and the neck warm as well as comfortable on the chill days out.

  • Fold a scarf in a triangle.
  • Then wrap it around the neck in such a way that the triangle point downwards.
  • Hold this triangle and twisting make a hole.
  • Hold from one end and pull it through the other hole from back.
  • From the other end, push it through the hole that is behind and pull from the front, tucking the ends.
  • You then ultimately get a braid like look on the scarf.