7 Immunity Boosting Foods To Prevent COVID-19


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Immunity is to defend your body from attacking viruses and their infections. A healthy diet that is nutrient rich is one of the prime care you must follow. When you see a piece of information about the viral infection, the one thing that reminds you is COVID-19. Coronavirus outbreak is alert to take care of yourself in every way like diet, hygiene, and lifestyle habits. Now, we are covering one of the points- immunity boosting foods from coronavirus.

The foods that boost your immunity are not too expensive. It is the common food available for you. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to take a good amount.

Here we are also including the foods that promote immunity and the quantity you need to take to gain immunity.

Can Immunity Protect You From COVID-19?

This is a valid question that you must know. The bigger threat, the more information you must seek and check.

A healthy diet and nutrition can contribute to immunity. We first caution you to maintain social distance and hygiene along with diet. To prevent coronavirus, you need to protect yourself in multiple ways. The health protocol and diet both have equal weightage to safeguard from coronavirus. It is also found that you can prevent coronavirus consuming nutritious food.

Foods For Immunity Boosting

You need to take vitamin oriented foods. There are some of the essential vitamins that you shouldn’t miss to make part of your diet. This list of foods consists of vitamins and nutrients that make you immune. There are also other properties that are required that boost your immunity. Have a look and keep taking ]these foods without fail.

1. Yogurt

YogurtYogurt has the components which promote immunity. It is a nutritious food with proteins and vitamins. Not only that but it also consists of lactobacillus which is a part of lactic acid. This is a bacteria group which can fight the bad bacteria and virus. Another component also has probiotic good bacteria that also prevent infections.

If you were not aware of the benefits of yogurt for immunity, then you are losing a bit of health. You can take yogurt making buttermilk and add it to rice or chapatis which makes your meal healthy.

2. Turmeric

TurmericTurmeric is the spice that is a staple in Indian households. It has medicinal properties which makes it an anti inflammatory agent.

It consists of a chemical termed curcumin which turns turmeric into a bright yellow colour. Turmeric consists of this chemical which has the potent of battling the inflammation causing molecules. This also helps in defending your body with immunity.

You must add turmeric in your daily diet. Continuous use of turmeric can reduce virus attack symptoms and provide relief. There are various types of turmeric remedies for immunity boosting.

3. Garlic

GarlicGarlic is another ingredient that completes your diet to be healthy and tasty. The compound that makes the garlic healthy is alliin which is produced after crushing or chopping it. Alliin reduces the inflammation which is caused due to the virus. It has antioxidants that boost up immunity.

The ability to fight viruses increases when the T-cells are increased in your bloodstream. T-cells are the white blood cells which are a crucial part of the immune system. Hereby, you know why you should eat garlic or eat it on your diet without a miss.

Many Indian food recipes are made with garlic as a key ingredient. You can also find some immunity boosting remedies with garlic and intake it every day.

4. Ginger

GingerCoronavirus is an infection that captures the lungs and reduces the ability to breathe normally. So, you need to gain immunity for a healthy respiratory system. Ginger breaks down the mucus and makes it earlier for you to breathe. You can gain resistance to viruses when your body is immune.

One of the easy ways to eat ginger for immunity is to boil it in water. Strain the water and add a teaspoon of organic honey. Consume ginger water early in the morning or after lunch which also improves the digestive system.

5. Tulsi


We know tulsi as holy basil with medical properties. It is also the main ingredient used for ayurvedic treatment for various health issues and diseases. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties. A modern study found several health benefits of tulsi.

Tulsi has the phytochemical oleanolic acid, ursolic acid. Oleanolic acid is the one which has high anti inflammatories. Ursolic acid is good for promoting immunity of the cellular system. You can consume tulsi water on a daily basis which feeds your body immunity.

6. Green Leafy Vegetable

Green-leafy-vegetableGreen leaf vegetables are the cheap and best food that you have to boost immunity to prevent COVID-19. Also, you have various Indian green leafy vegetables like spinach, mustard, fenugreek.

Green leafy veggies are loaded with antioxidants and beta carotene which is much needed to fight against infections. It gives the ability for your immune system to resist the inflammation. If you want to build and boost your immunity, then leafy vegetables are a must add to your diet. You can make salads, curries, and green smoothies in good quantities on a daily basis.

7. Carom Seeds


Caroma seeds are well known as ajwain in India. The seeds are always a treat for the common cold. It also gives instant and effective relief from respiratory problems. For ages, it has been used to treat health problems like asthma and bronchitis.

Carom seeds consist of thymol which is known for treating respiratory infections. Hence, keep taking the seeds adding buttermilk and other foods. You can also chew a spoon of seeds with salt every day for immunity boosting.

A Few Diet Tips For Immunity

● Have lukewarm water

Staying hydrated is crucial to prevent coronavirus. You must keep drinking enough water every day. It is much better to have lukewarm water which saves your body from the attack of viruses. It washes out the virus from your body if you can have water in good quantities.

The required quantity of the water your body generally needs is 8 glasses per day. Continue the same but now it is better to have lukewarm water.

● Avoid junk and prefer homemade

It is the most important measure to avoid junk food when coming to prevention from coronavirus. You never know who is infected with a virus problem. So, it is advised to avoid eating junk food which may come with viruses. Include the above foods to your diet to boost your immunity.

The immunity boosting foods are loaded more with powerful properties. We have mentioned the benefits and how a particular food is beneficial for immunity. You can avoid virus infection to an extent following social distance and hygiene as the foremost measures before anything.

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