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Being Single

Well, being single doesn’t mean that you have to only cry and feel sorry for yourself. It is definitely not associated only with tears and chocolate. There is much more to being single than to cry and think about the lost love. The best part of your life comes when you are single and when you don’t have to answer anyone about anything. While most girls are terrified to confide and confront their guys, you can be the happy one who doesn’t give a shit and enjoys life the way it is. A lot of women think that being single is the hardship and being single is something to fear about. Well, we are here to tell you that being single is freedom, being single is fun and more than anything being single is what you need after a tiring long relationship.

If you think that being single is scary and you are afraid of the world, then you will be spending a lot of time thinking about this in your bed and you may start crying over it. Well, we are not going to let you do that! Well, if you are single and you have just broken up, then you start to binge watch your favorite series and end up thinking how horrible ending up single is. There are more aspects that you can explore than thinking how being single is horrible. Believe in us and take your single hat off your shoulder. We are going to show you the perks of being single and happy.

Reasons Why Being Single is the Best Decision in Your Life

1Bed time

Bed time

Well, although not many Indian couples live in together, think of all the bedtime you can get when you are single and happening. You don’t have to worry about the extra pillows or the position you want to sleep in. The entire bed is yours and you can just sleep there all day long without having to sleep on one side. You can sleep across the bed, diagonally, upside down or any other new invented position. You can crawl in comfortably and eat and do whatever you want on the bed. Bed of course is not only for sleeping. You might want to sleep, eat, watch tv, your favorite series, click pictures and a lot more is done on the bed. You can do all that without having the discomfort of being judged by someone. Your relationship with bed can be exclusive and amazing. You really don’t have to give that up because of a guy.

2Lipstick love

Lipstick love

You can’t really wear a lot of red lipstick when you are dating a guy because of the lipstick marks that will leave on his face or his shirt. This could have been an annoying thing and you could have lost the interest of wearing lipstick because of the guy. But hey, now is the time to repay for all that. You can wear any color now and there is no one to tell you not to wear dark colors. Try the trend lipsticks on the market and go gaga about the new collection you have with your friends!

3Chick flicks, all the way

Chick flicks, all the way

You might have skipped watching chick flicks because of the guy, isn’t it? You would have wanted to watch sex and the city, but your guy would have asked to accompany to transformers! Well, don’t worry about that. Perks of being single also includes watching your favorite chick flick over and over again. You can start watching those romantic comedies or just the chick flick fashionable ones and wait for another season to come by. Welcome Netflix and binge watching!

4Yeayy, shaving isn’t required

Yeayy, shaving isn’t required

Finally, you don’t have to be on a constant watch on when you should shave and when you shouldn’t. Well, wearing a short skirt or a shorts needs some shaving on the legs, otherwise you will look scary and hairy. Shaving is definitely a huge pain considering the fact that it requires and takes a lot of time from you and the patience is just lost by the end of it. Unless you are required to wear something really short or if you feel like dressing up, shaving could be done. Otherwise, isn’t this one enough reason for you to stay single and never go back to a relationship where you have to be dressed and clean, all the time? No more razor burns, no more cuts, no more spending extra money on waxing and no more having to wear sleazy dresses to impress the guy!

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Finally, you can devote all the time you have with your friends and not feel guilty about avoiding them. You can make as many plans as possible, you can go out and spend money and time, you can enjoy with them, go on a road trip, gossip, have girls night out, group flirt and for once not feel that you are cheating on someone!

-Pavithra Ravi

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