Why buying toys helps in increasing creativity in children


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Toys For Kids

Having a kid at home sounds sweet and nice. However, there is another fact attached to the line and that would be “having a kid at home can be quite a task”. The task is to nurture them and help them grow and develop a positive manner. To do that, one should have a bit knowledge about the child’s brain development that will help you as a parent in nourishing your child’s creativity skills.

Children learn everything very quickly from the time they are born. As a parent, you can take advantage of this actually. You can utilize this knowledge to work on the development aspect of your child by providing them with the right set of tools. When it comes to a Toffler, you have to put in a lot of energy and pains to get him/her toys.

Toys actually play a major role in helping your kids recognize and sync with the environment around them. Toys help kids recognize sounds, people around them, they also learn to identify the objects that they are playing with. They also in fact help in the hand and eye coordination.

As per the researchers, the first five years are important in a child’s life and their development. However, it is the first three years that are really critical when it comes to shaping your kid’s thinking and reasoning process.

Hence stimulating the child to play for progress is something you should be looking at during the initial stages in your kid’s life. In other words, while playing becomes the job of the kid, toys become their tools for creative learning. Thus, you need to be careful while choosing those toys for your child.

1About Kids and Toys

Kids and Toys

There are various kinds and types of toys. It would do good if you can pick and choose your toys for kids. One good way to do that would be by looking at the specifications while buying a toy, usually the companies include age limits on them.

You could search for the fun element in toys keeping in mind your child’s interests as well.. The one great way of bonding with your kid and also making sure that they are having their share of fun would be to play with them. Hence, looking for a toy that is fun to play with both for the child and the parent could be another aspect to look at when it comes to buying a toy.

The third point to remember while you are on a toy-shopping spree would be to check the educational benefits of a toy. One might think that only brain games can be categorized as educational toys, however that is not true. Even dolls for that matter teach a lot about caring. Kids usually love taking care of, the dolls just the way they are taken care of by the parents. Even for that matter building blocks can teach your kids a lot about hand and eye coordination, and also about creativity and problem solving skills.

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2Toys That Enhance Creativity Skills

Creativity Skills

Though it is important that one should look at an overall development of their children, there is one major aspect that should be given special consideration when it comes to looking for toys. For that matter buying toys for kids and that would be to look for toys that help in enhancing the creative skills of the kids.

It is a proven fact that the more creative a person is the more they are believed to be intelligent, hence nurturing the creativity skills of a kid will ultimately lead to their overall development and that too in a positive manner.

There many types of toys that actually helps in enhancing the creativity skills of a kid, like:

  • Toys that can be considered as open ended are great when it comes to enhancing the creativity skills of the kids. Good examples of such open ended toys would be crayons and musical instruments. Another good example would be play dough that kind of opens a lot many avenues of creativity for the children.
  • Role-play toys can also instill a lot of creativity in the tiny humans as they would also do the play their way.
  • Dollhouses and kitchen centres though may sound cliche, however are really great options when it comes to enhancing the creativity bit in a kid. They actually help in making the kids think out of the box especially when they are managing their them.

The ultimate fact is to make sure that one is able to capture the kid’s attention with the help of the toy and the rest could be taken care of, it is because the more engrossed the kid gets with the toy the more interested he or she would be to think. Explore and come up with new ideas thus enhancing their creativity skills.

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-Pavithra Ravi